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I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.

What are the most important aspects to pay attention to that relate to sustainability?

This was a question on Quora “Sustainable” means something can keep going indefinitely. That is, what a process uses up should equal or be less than what it produces, so there is an ongoing cycle. So, a business is sustainable … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life and Death

This fictional story is the first chapter of Cancer: A personal challenge. Other free stories It’s a bastard, facing a death sentence at nineteen. My eyelids are a blessedly black barrier between me and the world. A light breeze is … Continue reading

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The reason for all the craziness in our world: the work of John B. Calhoun

This is an extract from my coming book, Depression: A user’s guide. Population pressure Depression is a rapidly increasing epidemic. Understanding the reasons will allow you the choice of refusing to buy into the craziness, and I hope, turn you … Continue reading

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With the constant growth of the human population on Earth, where do all those new souls come from, assuming that reincarnation exists?

This question was asked at Quora. I don’t believe in anything, but do my best to interpret whatever evidence is available to form a tentative model of reality. This can be improved as new information comes. People are at liberty … Continue reading

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A useful form of exercise

For years now, my wife Jolanda has enjoyed a form of exercise that’s a public service. She and her friend Marney regularly hunt rubbish/trash/garbage in the streets and parks of Healesville. They call themselves the Garbage Grannies of Healesville. I’ve … Continue reading

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We can’t remove enough CO2

A new report has confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: you can’t fix the system that makes too much of what’s killing us. I am impressed by the thoroughness and accuracy of this report, and that it looks at … Continue reading

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Bobbing Around Volume 17 Number 8

To bring a child into a dying world is an act of negligent homicide to the child and our shared Planet. Dr. Glen Barry Writing is the chocolate icing on the cake of life. Dr Bob Rich Bobbing Around Volume … Continue reading

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Answers to self-assessed sexual abusers

Over the years, I’ve answered many cries for help. Some are recurring issues, and I intend to collect related ones with an explanation, so they are readily available for people suffering from that issue. The first one is Answers to … Continue reading

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Bob Rich interviewing Skye Taylor

Bob Skye, thank you for visiting Bobbing Around for a public chat. During our recent email exchanges, I discovered how similar our thinking is in many ways, despite the differences in our writing. Instead of sending you a list of … Continue reading

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A random act of kindness

As part of the preparation for my coming hip chop op (formally known as total hip replacement), I do regular bike rides. I charge down a hill and struggle up the next one, turn, and do the reverse. This morning, … Continue reading

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