Rhobin’s round robin

Rhobin Courtright organises a monthly round robin with a topic she sets. Since her requests are intriguing, I have been joining in.

Here are my contributions to date:

What matters in today’s world?

Things that go bump in the night

One of my angels

My thoughts on Christmas

Writing as if there was a future

Extra comes to life

Oh, the weather!

Emotion in writing

What makes your writing memorable?

The wounded healer

Is my writing right for you?

By any other name

Clever turns of phrase

Logues, pro and epi

Writing is an addiction

Description: When is it too much? How to use it in reality-building?

A writer’s reward

How to get reviews

A bang not a whimper?

Where do my characters come from?

Why I don’t write romance

Story is stalled?



What makes a character memorable?

A magic trick for writing

My fictional teachers

Where do your story ideas come from? Due 24th March, 2018