About writing

Rhobin Courtright organises a monthly round robin with a topic she sets. This always concerns some aspect of the craft of writing. Since her requests are intriguing, I have been joining in.

Here are my contributions to date, newest first:

Writing nonfiction

Well, I don’t know: repetitions

Gathering dust: excised adventures

Plot gone to pot

Writing as Growth?

Name game: where do my characters’ names come from?

Developing tension. No, it’s not about knitting.

A muse: February Rhobin’s round about where my ideas come from.

2021 in Bob’s computer: Buddhist philosophy for Rhobin.

Forgiveness: an extract from my work in progress, Lifting the Gloom, as my contribution to Rhobin’s Rounds in December, 2020.

My best read of the past 10 years

Behind the story

Elementary, my dear Rhobin: the use of elements in writing

The unique people in my computer

My favourite villain


How easy or difficult do you find including humour in your writing?

What draws you into a story?

No, I won’t jump off the planet

The Obsolete Present is about our breakneck rate of change, and how to cope with it when writing contemporary fiction.

Labels Rhobin wanted a short story. Shelly had been bullied for 10 of her 15 years, to the point of wanting to kill herself. Then Jake appeared…

Oddballs from an oddball

Hey, what?

Thickening the plot

This page won an award

Real life in stories

What would you like to your readers to know about your novels and their purpose?


How do you self-edit your books before submitting or publishing?

Sex in writing

How do you develop secondary characters? Do you have a favourite secondary character?


How has writing rewarded you? What has it cost you?


Encouraging youngsters to read

What started you to write?

Writing rough stuff

Chocolate icing on the cake of life

My very first story

A daisy chain of scenes

Where do your story ideas come from?

My fictional teachers

A magic trick for writing

What makes a character memorable?



Story is stalled?

Why I don’t write romance

Where do my characters come from?

A bang not a whimper?

How to get reviews

A writer’s reward

Description: When is it too much? How to use it in reality-building?

Writing is an addiction

Logues, pro and epi

Clever turns of phrase

By any other name

Is my writing right for you?

The wounded healer

What makes your writing memorable?

Emotion in writing

Oh, the weather!

Extra comes to life

Writing as if there was a future

My thoughts on Christmas

One of my angels

Things that go bump in the night

What matters in today’s world?