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Mike Muntisov reviews Maraglindi

The title of this novel is drawn from the name of a half-caste aboriginal girl, Maraglindi, whose life we follow from just before her birth. Set in 1850s Australia, the story progresses from several alternating points of view, but only … Continue reading

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Maraglindi: Guardian spirit reviewed by D.M. Langdon

Maraglindi: Guardian Spirit by Bob Rich is a beautifully written story set in colonial Australia, where the horrors of racial inequality are harshly depicted. The author has clearly done lots of research to ensure details of those times are as … Continue reading

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Lifting the Gloom, reviewed by Mary Kay Morrison

It was inspiring to read Lifting the Gloom. It has many compelling short stories to support those who need to heal from trauma. As someone who has been in education for over 45 years, I am happy to recommend this … Continue reading

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Review of Death Becomes You, by DM Langdon

Diane is a medium: she is in contact with otherworldly beings who dictate messages to her. Either this is true, or her true if mistaken belief. Either way, the messages are remarkably similar to the model of reality I have … Continue reading

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Two invaluable children’s books from Laurie Zelinger

I have reviewed previous books by Laurie, and now she has let me know of two new ones following the same excellent formula: an amusing but instructional info part for kids, with age-appropriate language, and instructions for parents on how … Continue reading

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Where good books are reviewed

That’s Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s “New Book Review” blog. You will find reviews there of books by authors new to you, enlarging your reading horizon. This past month, Carolyn has had obligations beyond her usual frantic pace, because she has had to … Continue reading

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Anikó: The stranger who loved me, reviewed by Holli Kenley

A Generational Story of Love and Loyalty and the Losses Within Each When I began reading Ankió: The Stranger Who Loved Me, I was eager to devour a biography. Knowing it was a generational story of a Jewish family set … Continue reading

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Review of Daughters betrayed by their mothers by Holli Kenley

This book is the report of a qualitative research project, exploring the lives of seven women, each of whom grew up with a damaging mother, and each of whom achieved a wonderful, remarkable recovery. Whatever your source of damage, if … Continue reading

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Pop likes to see the gloom lifted

I say I am a Professional Grandfather. Michael Thal refers to himself as Pop. So, we are two of a kind, doing what we can to make the world a better place for the young people of today. In this … Continue reading

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Review of Beyond Carbon Neutral: How we fix the climate crisis now by Samuel Goodman

Discourse on climate change is fraught with emotion, which generates more heat than light. In contrast, Samuel Goodman calmly examines the evidence, and presents it in a book that logically describes the problem, and what we can do about it. … Continue reading

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