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Killing animals

One of my interests is finding out about the psychological characteristics of all sorts of life, (including humans). Since I have thoroughly retired from academia, I won’t bother to list the evidence, but merely state my conclusions: Other animals act … Continue reading

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Thank you, Your Majesty

Unlike many people in my country, I have admired Charles for many years. He is intelligent, articulate, has a sense of humour (like wearing a “Pommy Bastard” t-shirt), and a passionate, well-informed environmental campaigner. He cares. Please read this inspiring … Continue reading

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No, they can’t run away

We have all heard about billionaires buying properties where they hope to be safe from the calamity they know is coming; the future their activities caused. And why are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos so interested in off-Earth ventures? Here … Continue reading

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Paul Watson is Global Sea Shepherd

Paul Watson started Sea Shepherd in 1977, and has long been one of the people providing me with inspiration. He and I both still support Sea Shepherd — Sea Shepherd Global, not Sea Shepherd USA. Yes, there is a huge … Continue reading

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Climate grief

Cam Walker is an old mate. He was instrumental in founding Friends of the Earth Melbourne, and I was among the first members. We are still both at it. His blog is the Mountain Journal, and I just had to … Continue reading

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China is cooking

No, I am not referring to some delicious food preparation, but to an article in New Scientist reporting on the current heatwave in China. Like all the fruits of catastrophic climate change, this is a tragedy in the lives of … Continue reading

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A LONG distance run to stop extinctions

I’m Erchana. I’m a 32-year-old female marathon runner who just missed out on the last Olympics. So instead I’m on a wild mission. This weekend, I’m setting off on the adventure of a lifetime—I’m going to run from the top … Continue reading

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Fracking kills children

Here is yet another damning item of evidence about the harm of “unconventional” fossil fuel extraction. Kids born near fracking wells have THREE TIMES the probability of developing the most common childhood cancer. And you can be sure, the fracking … Continue reading

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Setting land for nature aside does not reduce farm productivity

This is obvious to anyone who understands ecology; the beneficial interplay of many species. It is the cornerstone of various forms of regenerative agriculture. All the same, the more evidence the better. Here is a report on an intensive 10-year … Continue reading

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The aikido of food growing

Elizabeth Waddington has written a lovely essay about organic gardening in Treehugger. Really, I wasn’t sure whether I should classify it as Philosophy or Inspiration rather than Environment, but then labels have never bothered me much. Aikido is the ultimate … Continue reading

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