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A first for Scientific American: endorsing a political candidate.

“We’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history — until now” This editorial from one of the world’s most respected journals is worth reading. Regardless of other matters that may influence your vote, and whether you choose to … Continue reading

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If we all shared this lady’s vision…

…we would have a harmonious world worth living in. Dr Anne Poelina is a caretaker for a great river. Please take 2 minutes to read her inspiring words.

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Six champions for survival

With the help of the Global Action Network, these six wonderful Portuguese youngsters are suing 33 countries — the EU and other European countries — to protect their future, and the future of the children they may have one day. … Continue reading

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My recommendation: move inland, to higher ground

Scientists are not prophets, and don’t make predictions. Rather, they look at where current trends will take us, given certain assumptions. “If you do this, the probability of that will be x.” This is very useful, and leads to practical … Continue reading

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The story of plastic

Did you know that the current global disaster of plastic in the oceans, and in animals including humans, was accurately predicted in the 1970s? I learned this from an excellent article by Erica Cirino in The Revelator. It’s a must-read.

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Japanese town cut waste by 80%, but…

In 2003, the Japanese town, Kamikatsu, resolved to go waste-free by 2020. They did incredibly well, but couldn’t manage it. Why? The packaging industry makes it impossible. Please read this incisive short essay by Olivia Sullivan. She describes what got … Continue reading

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Mont Blanc is a dangerous place

This new report from the United Nations University shows that Nature is conspiring against humanity: Major glaciers are melting nearly twice as fast as only a year ago. Of course it cannot be human-induced climate change! It must be 5G, … Continue reading

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Thought-provoking, informative and educational: the 48 free books by John Scales Avery

BOOKS ON SERIOUS GLOBAL PROBLEMS, by John Scales Avery I electronically met John years ago, and we quickly discovered a huge overlap in our philosophy, interests and motivations, only he has a far more distinguished record of achievements. If you … Continue reading

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Carolyn and Carolyn and Bob… a mighty trio

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, my fellow conspirator in working for a better world, encouraged her friend Carolyn Wilhelm to apply for my LiFE Award: Literature For Environment. As I reported in my August issue of Bobbing Around, her little book for classroom … Continue reading

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World first: University of Queensland produces more green electricity than it uses

Universities are in financial trouble because of the pandemic. This hasn’t stopped the University of Queensland from following past action, by establishing a new solar farm, and installing a huge battery. The battery has already saved $A75,000, in only three … Continue reading

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