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Should we use Mars as a lifeboat for humanity?

A person whose first language is not English asked a question with this meaning. His opinion is that the problems we face on Earth will only follow us to Mars. I’m interested in your reaction to my reply to him … Continue reading

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Hermit crabs are essential parts of coastal ecosystems. They carry seeds around, eat and are eaten by a wide variety of other sea people, and, well, have as much a right to life as we do. Their loss would endanger … Continue reading

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Yet another way coal is a killer

That reason is mercury. I didn’t know until reading this report, but coal burning releases mercury into the atmosphere. Eventually, that ends up in the sea, and evaporating water can have it suspended in coastal fog. Humans and other animals … Continue reading

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Interviewed from the male perspective

Only… the interviewer was a nice young lady, Lana Turner. I don’t know why she does things from the male perspective, but don’t mind either. Almost everyone seems to like my interviews, but there is at least one exception — … Continue reading

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Exxon knew — but coal knew too

The oil industry knowingly destroyed our future — including their own future — by hiding their own research of the coming catastrophic activities of their mainline activity. They are currently being sued in a number of locations. An article in … Continue reading

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A person from India is worried. Please read my answer.

Are we near the apocalypse? I set out the case, and offer a course of action. My old friends will have heard it all, in various versions, but perhaps a new summary is still worthwhile. And you may see fit … Continue reading

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Completing the cycle of nature

King County in Washington State, USA, has been doing the natural, logical thing with sewage: turning it into soil since the 1970s. This is in great contrast to most sewage processing facilities, which kill bacteria, then release the nutrients into … Continue reading

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Insect apocalypse

The greatest threat to the life of this planet is chemical warfare by the agrochemical industry against the little people: insects, birds, and through them everyone else, you and me included. I recently posted about this, but want to share … Continue reading

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How to protest: empathy beats confrontation

The specific example is reducing the cruelty of mass producing chickens. It turns out that, in the USA at least, the factory farmer is as trapped as the birds destined for early slaughter. Please read this inspiring account in EcoWatch.

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Consequences — the best teacher

The Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales are suffering their worst fires, ever. Once more, we hear that word, UNPRECEDENTED. Firefighting experts, farmers, country people are saying, “This is what climate change does!” The politicians are horrified that … Continue reading

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