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Three heroes for the environment

One of them is Kathleen O’Donnell, who since infancy has gone by the name Katta. She spent her childhood in my community, Moora Moora. Now she is a law student, and already a major challenge to the dinosaurs who are … Continue reading

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Killing our insides?

A research report from Finland is the latest providing evidence that glyphosate is harmful to human health. It shows that it kills many species of the little inhabitants of the human gut. You may or may not know, but the … Continue reading

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No cars is better than electric cars

The government of my state has slapped a road tax on electric cars, and I was happy to sign a petition opposing this move. It is an impost on NOT polluting. Electric cars are infinitely better than CO2-farting transport. Fellow … Continue reading

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Undoing some palm oil ecocide

The Rhino and Forest Fund (RFF) is a small NGO that has invested in a big result. They have purchased a palm oil plantation on the Indonesian island of Sabah, and will replant it with local natives. This will provide … Continue reading

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Europe’s smoggiest city has decided to un-car itself

The city is Barcelona. In the early 20th century, it was redesigned to make it a convenient buzzalong for cars, in the name of progress. Now, it is to be re-redesigned to reverse this concept. Carrying the plan through will … Continue reading

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Switch it off!

I have often annoyed people by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, whether in my house or elsewhere, regardless of who pays the electricity bills. Even with LED lights, zero is less consumption than a little, and no step toward … Continue reading

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Economics for People: a wonderful essay by Dirk Philipsen

It’s a long read, but today is Saturday, so here is a bit of weekend reading for you. I was cheering all the way through this incisive analysis of what is wrong with our world and why, and what we … Continue reading

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Two teenagers challenge the coal industry

And more power to them. They have found a new legal argument demonstrating that the environmental permission the Adani coal mine was given in 2015 was faulty, and must be repealed. You can read the report here. It is from … Continue reading

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Another reason not to poison your brain

Personally, I choose to avoid any substance that affects my brain (chocolate excepted, of course). Alcohol, cancer sticks, marijuana, and all the many other things that do nasty things to neurotransmitters hold no attraction, though, having worked with many people … Continue reading

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Attacks on our finned cousins halted

Where do whales and dolphins spend much of their time, including while breeding? Within the wonderful, rich ecosystems of the continental shelves. Where are oil companies most likely to find new locations to drill for? I’ll give you 2.75 guesses. … Continue reading

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