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Killing Gaia from the bottom up

When considering the damage from climate change, we think of wildfire, flood, drought, superstorms, rising sea level, the wiping out of ecosystems like coral reefs and rainforest. However, there is a more subtle, and more deadly effect. A study in … Continue reading

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A beautiful must-read

This essay by Dahr Jamail blew me away. It starts with a near-death experience that had me there, with him, and is a passionate, well-informed and informative description of what is happening in the frozen parts of our planet. Please … Continue reading

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True Islam is service

Despite all the hate and hype, Islam is one of the Great Religions. It incorporates Jesus’ message of universal Love. Service to others is explicitly stated within the Qur’an. There is an international organisation for Muslim young men that has … Continue reading

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Cash in that empty

South Australia has had a 10c for empty plastic bottles and aluminium cans scheme for many years. When I was there in 2011 for my granddaughter’s wedding, I noted quite an industry of poor people making more than pocket money … Continue reading

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On being childfree

Please read my answer to a man who considers being childfree. The graph shows Earth Overshoot Day, 1st August in 2018.

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Replace the avalanche of wrapping paper

This time of the year, entire forests get destroyed in order to provide wrapping paper for millions of presents. A small quantity may be recycled, or reused a few more times before being thrown away, but that’s a poor second … Continue reading

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Trees to save the world

A middle-aged Australian farmer who has spent decades in Africa has been given the Right Livelihood Award, which is an alternative Nobel Prize. He is directly responsible for reforestation over a huge area, involving 240 million trees. He is “The … Continue reading

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Reduce your shopping footprint

This holiday season, you might consider giving the planet a lovely gift: ordering multiple items per shipment (instead of just one at a time), double-checking sizes and colors before clicking “send,” and opting for five-day delivery. This gift may seem … Continue reading

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Keep big oil out of the Bight

The Great Australian Bight is one of the wonders of the marine world. Whales breed there, and it has an incredible wealth of species. Also, it is very deep. The oil industry’s own assessment is that there is a distinct … Continue reading

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Advice needed, please

I’ve been working on and off on my science fiction series, “The Doom Healer,” since early 2015. Four volumes are ready to roll, and I am going well on the final one, so I am thinking of submitting it to … Continue reading

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