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What money is for

He was a banker, then retrained as a social worker, caring for the troubled children of Washington State. He was frugal to the point of extending the life of his shoes with duct tape, because he was secretly saving every … Continue reading

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Radio host saves a life

This is the kind of story that makes me OK with being a human. A deeply depressed man took a drug overdose, then phoned a radio talkback show. The host, Iain Lee, kept him talking for half an hour, directing … Continue reading

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Other essays in Rhobin’s Rounds I am more tolerant toward Christmas than I used to be. Until quite recently, I wanted to get off the planet at the early warning signs of holiday frenzy. Now, I smilingly tune out, and … Continue reading

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How to grow from a terrible act

Robert Veeder was a drunk. One day, he accidentally drove into a group of people, killing six. Please read his inspiring story of how he turned bad into good. After many years in prison, he still feels the guilt, every … Continue reading

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Advice needed, please

I’ve been working on and off on my science fiction series, “The Doom Healer,” since early 2015. Four volumes are ready to roll, and I am going well on the final one, so I am thinking of submitting it to … Continue reading

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Suicides and drug overdoses rise

A recent CDC report says so. Sadly, this is more evidence, if any was needed, that John B. Calhoun was right. His work with rodents showed that when you stress a population beyond a certain limit, many individuals give up. … Continue reading

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Defenders against inhumanity

That’s the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Within my limited means, I am one of their supporters. This time of the year, like all of us, I am inundated with begging emails for all sorts of causes I approve of. It’s … Continue reading

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7 Things Homeless Shelters Need Most in Winter

SE Smith’s suggestions in are compassion in action. I’d never have thought of some of them, like toothpaste, but they make perfect sense. You can improve someone’s life at a time of the year when being down and out … Continue reading

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We can defeat hate

Most news items indicate that hate is winning. People target those with slight differences like skin colour, religion, ethnicity. In my country, Australia, the government tortures people because they tried to seek asylum here via a leaky boat rather than … Continue reading

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Good news for tigers and rhinos — for now

Chinese medicine has superstitious aspects, like rhino horn and tiger bits enhancing male potency. While Chinese authorities are all for wildlife conservation, traditionally they’d allowed bits of these animals as long as they were captive, and bred for the purpose. … Continue reading

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