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Long COVID: a question and answer

From Hilton Hiley: Hi Bob, I am glad you survived your opportunity to die, and amazed you could make me laugh about your experience. [Hilton is referring to my post, My bunyips are safe: 12th life] I wish I had … Continue reading

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Accepting the Unacceptable, by Penny Fenner

Penny Fenner is a Buddhist psychologist, and one of my friends from before my retirement. She has just posted this, and has given me permission to share it with you. This year we’re being constantly challenged to “accept the unacceptable,” … Continue reading

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An opportunity to make a difference

Scott Dauman is one of the subscribers to Bobbing Around, which practically guarantees that he is a good person. Only, now he is in serious trouble, and a small action from you could make a big difference for him. His … Continue reading

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You can visit the city of the kindness revolution

This is Leeds in Britain. Thanks to a Buddhist initiative two years ago, they are holding a week-long online event starting 6th September. It is typical that the need to go online because of COVID19 is an advantage: “We can … Continue reading

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COVID survivor saves lives

He is a Kadar Shaikh, a wealthy property developer in India. When he recovered from the virus, he converted a large office space into an 85-bed treatment facility for poor people. Any infected person is admitted, regardless of caste, creed … Continue reading

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Matthew Trotter stared at the handcuffed man in the dock — the murderer of his wife and daughter. Trodg stood nearly seven feet tall, with a broad, powerful body. He was one of Matt’s caseload, so he knew the man’s … Continue reading

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Courage and inspiration: infectious disease response in South Sudan

If you want to feel a little better about being human, please read this short, inspiring essay by Sulaiman Sesay. His main job is dealing with starvation, but he was in the frontline of addressing Ebola, and he is there … Continue reading

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Avaaz: 10 beautiful acts of Love

I had tears in my eyes when I read an email from Avaaz. Usually, they request support on desperately urgent issues. This time, they sent me 10 amazing pictures about 10 amazing stories. Unfortunately, the only link was sending feedback, … Continue reading

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Support court case against Apple etc. for using cobalt from child-killing mines

Sumofus is raising money for a court case in the USA: families of children killed in an African cobalt mine are suing the ultimate users: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla. If these companies were decent, they’d settle out of … Continue reading

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Amazon reviews: Paupers and foreigners need not apply

I wrote the following in April, 2018. My target audience was the decision-makers at Amazon, so it is in gentler language than it would be otherwise. I have sent it to them several times, in a number of versions. It … Continue reading

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