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Mourning the Queen? Here is another take

Stan Grant is an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) journalist. He is also the son of an Aboriginal woman who grew up in poverty. Please read his passionate comparison of the death of one old woman with the ongoing deaths of … Continue reading

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The torturer: consulting with you

One of my current writing projects is an anthology: REAL Human Nature. Its theme is to show the good in everyone and everything. Only, I need to cover the full range of human behaviour, and have challenged myself: to invent … Continue reading

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China is cooking

No, I am not referring to some delicious food preparation, but to an article in New Scientist reporting on the current heatwave in China. Like all the fruits of catastrophic climate change, this is a tragedy in the lives of … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Your Holiness

This week, the inspirations come in a deluge. The Dalai Lama, that shining light to us all (except to the Chinese leadership, and their loss), has turned 87. Please read a lovely essay by Joan Halifax honouring this great man. … Continue reading

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The right choice: an inspiring story of a woman’s wisdom

They call it “right to life,” but it is the right to control, the right to impose immense suffering. Please read this beautiful, compassionate account by a woman who needed to terminate her unborn baby at 23 weeks. What would … Continue reading

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“I can’t breathe!” It was the merest gasp. I looked at Jake. His lips were blue. Only three days ago, he’d dismissed it as “Just a flu, mate.” For two years now, his opinion was, “That COVID thing is a … Continue reading

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Mass murder

The world is reeling from yet another school shooting in the USA. The results? An outpouring of outrage, love and emotional support for the families involved, a soul-searching for the causes. All of this is completely appropriate. The usual insane … Continue reading

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Positive psychology: chatting with Nina

4 a.m. my time, Thursday 25 May (hey, that’s today!), I was in Los Angles, where Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin enjoyed 11 am. She and I had an hour’s talk via LA Talk Radio, but oddly for a radio station, you … Continue reading

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Doctors without borders online conference

Across the aid world, humanitarian organizations are facing urgent calls to action to address systemic racism and dismantle colonial power structures. MSF and other organizations have pledged to reform and do more to uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion. But what … Continue reading

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AFSC: a wonderful mob

I am Buddhist, and have no interest in also being a Christian (which is perfectly possible). However, if ever I changed my mind, the practice and philosophy of the Quakers appeals to me the most. Having studied many versions of … Continue reading

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