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He closed his restaurants, and is feeding people anyway

This is chef Jose Andres, who is known for a long list of humanitarian actions. To help slow the spread of the dreaded virus in Washington, DC, he has closed his restaurants, but he supplies food to people in isolation. … Continue reading

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Do evil people deserve to be reincarnated?

This was a question at Quora. You may be interested in reading my answer.

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What money is really for: Quaden Bayles’ family shows the world how to be a human

Recently, I posted about a short boy who found people with big hearts. This boy’s family are truly enlightened people. In response to Yarraka Bayles’ video of the effects of bullying on her son, a crowdfunding program has raised $474,000. … Continue reading

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Hit and Run is now available as a paperback

Sandy Cumming, the publisher of Hit and Run, has just let me know that what many of my fans consider my best novel to date is now available as a paper book. I prefer to read onscreen, for several reasons, … Continue reading

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Short boy finds people with big hearts

There is this 9 year old boy who happens to be very short, since he has the medical condition of dwarfism. He is also an Australian Aborigine, which has nothing to do with his physical disorder. “Naturally,” in a crazy … Continue reading

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No, I won’t jump off the planet

Heaven knows, I have plenty of inducement. But there is a reason for being, and continuing, and striving for sanity. Every day, I feel the need to check the news. Every day, I wish I hadn’t. Worldwide, politics has gone … Continue reading

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Suicide attempts can make things worse

I have just posted the last chapter of my psychology book, Personally Speaking at the Suicide Prevention blog, in the hope that it will save some lives. Here is the link.

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On trans

There is both a lot of discrimination against trans people, and also a lot of political correctness, meaning that people keep their prejudices hidden. My attitude is shaped by my general belief system. (Surprise!) First, “Above all, do no harm.” … Continue reading

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What point is there in living if humans have destroyed the planet and there’s nothing good left in it?

This was a question on Quora. Please read my answer.

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Being of benefit is better than having more money

Please read this wonderful story. Twenty years ago, Rick Stevens invested spare money as a form of superannuation. Now, he has given it away to help young women and children who would otherwise be homeless.

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