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A few dollars may save his home…

I have written previously about Ben Pennings. The worst company in the world have taken him to court because he peacefully protested in order to save a future for his kids; for all the kids of Earth. The company is … Continue reading

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A Somali son of my heart

I recently posted about a remarkable young man who, in his crime victim statement to a criminal court, begged the judge to exercise compassion for his attacker. Here is a report of the actual court hearing. I don’t do Christmas, … Continue reading

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A true sign of enlightenment

Imagine this: you are a man with dark skin, riding a bike and minding your own business. A white woman driving a big 4-wheel-drive screams racist abuse and drives at you. Even when you try to escape by getting off … Continue reading

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Land clearing history

All land clearing moves us further into climate catastrophe, and into extinctions. But when that land is sacred to the original caretakers of the land, the crime is doubled. A group of local Aboriginal people have been defending their history … Continue reading

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Living with borderline personality disorder

BPD is not borderline between any two conditions, and is an often misunderstood personal tragedy. My understanding is that it’s when a child is in circumstances where the concept of love becomes incomprehensible, so the child invents versions such as … Continue reading

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Australia’s kindest person sought

Did you know that 13 November is World Kindness Day? Not being into fashion, I’ve never heard of the clothing brand Black Pepper, but they are being kind to kind people. If you are successful in nominating Australia’s Kindest Person, … Continue reading

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Mourning the Queen? Here is another take

Stan Grant is an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) journalist. He is also the son of an Aboriginal woman who grew up in poverty. Please read his passionate comparison of the death of one old woman with the ongoing deaths of … Continue reading

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The torturer: consulting with you

One of my current writing projects is an anthology: REAL Human Nature. Its theme is to show the good in everyone and everything. Only, I need to cover the full range of human behaviour, and have challenged myself: to invent … Continue reading

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China is cooking

No, I am not referring to some delicious food preparation, but to an article in New Scientist reporting on the current heatwave in China. Like all the fruits of catastrophic climate change, this is a tragedy in the lives of … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Your Holiness

This week, the inspirations come in a deluge. The Dalai Lama, that shining light to us all (except to the Chinese leadership, and their loss), has turned 87. Please read a lovely essay by Joan Halifax honouring this great man. … Continue reading

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