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Even villains are apprentice Buddhas

Rhobin Courtright’s homework for her faithful followers is: “Have any of your villainous characters reached redemption for their actions? How did you go about it?” Last century, my answer would have had to be no. Rather, naughty people got punished … Continue reading

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I am currently editing a lovely book for Loving Healing Press, in which a mother and a gifted music teacher give their account of a Down syndrome boy who puts the gift of love in everyone’s heart. Synchronicity? I have … Continue reading

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Rescue with side benefits

“Greg, welcome to the family,” Mum said. “I’m looking forward to becoming a grandmother!” His glance at me said, “You tell her!” “Um… Mum, we decided we won’t have kids.” “What? Marcie, that’s… Why on earth?” “That’s why.” Greg rubbed … Continue reading

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“I can’t breathe!” It was the merest gasp. I looked at Jake. His lips were blue. Only three days ago, he’d dismissed it as “Just a flu, mate.” For two years now, his opinion was, “That COVID thing is a … Continue reading

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My formidable neighbour

My neighbour couple lives under my eaves. She is ten times his size. Both decorate their living space with little balls: memorials to past meals. She acknowledges me with a look each time I say hallo, as she awaits the … Continue reading

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The opening scene of Maraglindi

This is the opening scene of Maraglindi: Guardian spirit. I am posting it as an illustration of how you can have a prologue without calling it a prologue. You see, research shows that nearly half of otherwise intelligent readers skip … Continue reading

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The more you give, the more you grow

This is a chapter from Lifting the Gloom. I thought I’d share it with you because I find it inspiring. If you don’t, get a life! When I was born, the doctor told my parents, “She is unlikely to live … Continue reading

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The power of NOW

I am currently running my online positive psychology course, “Coping with Climate and COVID Anxiety,” and my wonderful co-leader Merran has asked for help with mindfulness meditation. So, here is the relevant chapter from one of my writing projects, which … Continue reading

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Walking, boring?

A friend on a writing list is trying to lose weight, but complained that walking is so BORING. I was cheeky enough to respond thus: Walking can be a form of meditation. Look around. There is a sky above. Never … Continue reading

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Two Women, Aged Fifty-five

This award-winning story is one of the 29 in Through Other Eyes. I am posting it now as a discussion topic for one of the free online sessions I am planning on positive psychology. The youngsters in front of her … Continue reading

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