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The Story of Plastic: a movie reviewed in The Revelator

This is a movie all of us need to see. Before you have the opportunity, the review by Tara Lohan is a must-read. Full of pithy, quotable one-sentence hammer-blows, this review is great writing. The content of the movie is … Continue reading

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CO2-sucking concrete?

Lloyd Alter reports in TreeHugger that the world’s largest cement company has put a new product on the market. It is precast concrete with 70% of the carbon content of manufacture of the standard stuff, and which sucks carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Why have some US states banned plastic bags?

This was a question at Quora. When I visited, there were two ignorant, stupid answers, so I just had to do something about it. This is what I wrote. Photo from Papa Bois Conservation

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Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative

A few days ago, I posted about the climate emergency declaration by over 7000 mobs associated with higher education, and said I had pestered the two universities where I’d studied. Monash University got back to me. “I will pass your … Continue reading

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You can invest in recycling space suits

My friend Petrea King has written, “Your body is a space suit for surviving on this planet.” She is right. When you no longer need a house, you can bury the leftovers, or burn them — or recycle them. Until … Continue reading

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Recycling people

Cremation is a way of using irreplaceable fossil fuels to turn perfectly good organic fertiliser into greenhouse gases. Burial usually involves toxic embalming chemicals that interrupt the cycle of nature. In many places, shortage of space means that you get … Continue reading

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Bagging the plastic

The worst thing plastic waste does is to kill birds and marine life. An Australian town has implemented a solution: they bag the outflows, then deal with what they catch. This is expensive, but they reckon it’s worth it. The … Continue reading

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Hydrogen is not a fuel

There is talk of a “hydrogen economy.” Australia’s prime minister, desperate to distract from his government’s failures, has promised to put lots of money into it in the (completely unlikely) event of being re-elected. It’s a mirage. Hydrogen is not … Continue reading

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Electricity-free refrigeration

The technique is thousands of years old. The Australian version is the Coolgardie safe: It’s a wire mesh cage with damp cloth on its outside. As long as you keep the cloth damp, and the air is not 100% humid, … Continue reading

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EV epic to admire

Dutch young man Wiebe Wakker has driven his small 2009 electric car across 33 countries, and is now doing huge distances in Australia. Unlike in most other countries, there is little in the way of charging opportunities, and distances are … Continue reading

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