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Does bike riding have a carbon footprint?

I enjoy Lloyd Alter’s writing. It’s a combination of understated humour and serious environmental action. Here, he examines a claim that bike riding does have a carbon footprint. My immediate thought was, the extra food the rider burns up is … Continue reading

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A better way to feed a city

Cuba was in danger of starvation when the Soviet Union collapsed. Read the inspiring way they solved the problem. Better still, apply it to where you live.

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Are you still buying bottled water?

For one thing, it is more expensive per volume than gasoline. It’s a great profit maker: you go to a location that may already be desperately short of water (a quarter of the world’s population lives with water stress), pump … Continue reading

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Should we use Mars as a lifeboat for humanity?

A person whose first language is not English asked a question with this meaning. His opinion is that the problems we face on Earth will only follow us to Mars. I’m interested in your reaction to my reply to him … Continue reading

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Completing the cycle of nature

King County in Washington State, USA, has been doing the natural, logical thing with sewage: turning it into soil since the 1970s. This is in great contrast to most sewage processing facilities, which kill bacteria, then release the nutrients into … Continue reading

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Plastic stopper

A simple but effective device is now being trialled in a canal in Amsterdam. A pipe in the water blows bubbles, which stop plastic from flowing downstream, and pushes it to the side. There, it can be collected, saving fish … Continue reading

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The people’s architect

Poor people in Kerala State, India, have no doubt about climate change. They have suffered devastating floods twice in recent years, with 5.4 million people badly affected. The state government is doing something about it: redesigning houses and settlements to … Continue reading

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The Story of Plastic: a movie reviewed in The Revelator

This is a movie all of us need to see. Before you have the opportunity, the review by Tara Lohan is a must-read. Full of pithy, quotable one-sentence hammer-blows, this review is great writing. The content of the movie is … Continue reading

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CO2-sucking concrete?

Lloyd Alter reports in TreeHugger that the world’s largest cement company has put a new product on the market. It is precast concrete with 70% of the carbon content of manufacture of the standard stuff, and which sucks carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Why have some US states banned plastic bags?

This was a question at Quora. When I visited, there were two ignorant, stupid answers, so I just had to do something about it. This is what I wrote. Photo from Papa Bois Conservation

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