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Hallo! Ween?

Who is Ween? Why should I greet this entity? I assume Ween is a gremlin or goblin or gargoyle or perhaps a gnome. Rhobin Courtright’s October topic for her faithful followers is Hallo Ween, though she left out the space … Continue reading

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“Be a whale” guided imagery

Please close your eyes. Take deep breath, and deliberately relax your body. Now, think of a humpback whale. The surface is a bright roof way up above. His great tail is going up and down, driving him forward. Huge, mighty … Continue reading

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My email gifts

I am currently running a pilot group of my planned Climate and COVID anxiety online course. In the first session, one of the positive psychology tools we discussed was giving. The cards I send out with most of my emails … Continue reading

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Scovid19 by Jon Cocks

This was Jon’s entry in the Greens essay contest I organised in 2020. Australian readers will recognise all the news items he indirectly cites. For people from other lands, “Scomo” is what Scott Morrison, Australia’s hopefully temporary Prime Minister, wants … Continue reading

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Housework is worth money at last!

Genius is one of my 100-word stories, in which Emma Smith put a monetary value on a woman’s typical unpaid contribution to a household. China has taken first step toward this lofty goal. Read the BBC report.

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Sandra Warren has asked me a few questions

And guess what, I have provided a few answers. This happened because she reviewed Hit and Run, and wanted to find out where that story came from. She seems to have approved of my answers, but needs checking on. Please … Continue reading

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Incontinent container ship

Just for interest, I do a “Google alert” for “Bobbing Around.” If enough people search for my blog, it will eventually appear (hint, hint). I guess the lovely people who know about it don’t need to search, so each day … Continue reading

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A cartoon of love: the more you give the more you get

Caitlyn Jans drew my attention to this lovely story in cartoons. You just have to look.

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Simple drawings, wonderful message

If you are down, if the world out there is too crazy to bear, take a trip to Lunarbaboon.

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Entertaining you: cuppa with Carolyn

Brits and Aussies will know what a cuppa is. For the ignorant of the world, it’s a pleasant hot drink in a cup. I have been reorganising the lists of reviews for my three most recent books, which meant a … Continue reading

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