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Simple drawings, wonderful message

If you are down, if the world out there is too crazy to bear, take a trip to Lunarbaboon.

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Entertaining you: cuppa with Carolyn

Brits and Aussies will know what a cuppa is. For the ignorant of the world, it’s a pleasant hot drink in a cup. I have been reorganising the lists of reviews for my three most recent books, which meant a … Continue reading

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You meet the nicest people in the oddest places

Last night, I had a very odd dream. Here it is, in exactly 100 words. Molly looked at the clock. Heavens, last night when she’d checked in at 2 a.m., a sign stated, they served breakfast only till 10 o’clock. … Continue reading

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The unique people in my computer

Rhobin asked: “How do you develop a character who is different in personality from all the other characters you have developed, or from yourself?” The simple answer is: I DON’T KNOW. It’s not as if I were in charge. Here … Continue reading

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The Pun

The pun is the highest form of wit. It takes intelligence, doesn’t it? The twisting of words is from the left brain, It is rational and very sane. But creativity is from the right, Intuitively so very light. Now, just … Continue reading

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The 2020 awards for the very worst people of coronavirus

Van Badham has proven herself a genius in sarcasm combined with factual accuracy. You just have to read her brilliant assessment of the worst idiots of the planet. But also, many of them are in fact murderers. May they — … Continue reading

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Featured on popular blog

For quite some time, I have enjoyed posts on the Luck-It Network, which has a versatile, interesting set of posts. It is run by Sara, a lady in Singapore. She has interviewed me on three different topics. The first one … Continue reading

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How to Serve Your Fellow Man

A humorous story to take you a little aback, by Don Lubov The virus had the entire community quarantined for so long, relationships were strained, to say the least. Couples married for 50 years and more were finding out that … Continue reading

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What draws you into a story?

I wish I didn’t have quite such a quirky a mind. My immediate reaction is a cartoonist, drawing a funny-looking Bob. This Bob is resisting with all his strength, but has no hope. A rope around his neck is inexorably … Continue reading

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Does bike riding have a carbon footprint?

I enjoy Lloyd Alter’s writing. It’s a combination of understated humour and serious environmental action. Here, he examines a claim that bike riding does have a carbon footprint. My immediate thought was, the extra food the rider burns up is … Continue reading

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