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You can’t turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear

My very new wife and I arrived at a barbecue. Sitting in place of honour was a toilet bowl on the grass, with wonderful floral drawings on the outside. When I had a look, the decorations were inside as well, … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard of Bodhi Day?

Me neither, until I read this post by Andrea. If you read her post, you will find out that it’s the anniversary of the day Gautama gained enlightenment. Oops, I told you, but do read her delightful account anyway.

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It’s fun, being a serial

And I don’t even need to be edible cardboard in a box. Cereal, get it? And before you groan about the pun, remember, it is the highest form of wit. I am a serial on Ernest Dempsey’s blog, Recovering the … Continue reading

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Fun garden path misleading

I do love playing with words, but this concept is new to me. Here is a list of apparently nonsense statements, each of which is actually a meaningful, grammatical sentence. And hey, have you noticed, I managed to make my … Continue reading

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Hatching People

The August, 2022 topic from Rhobin Courtright is, “How do you create your characters–their quirks, habits, values, and what part they will play in the story, etc.? Do you have a process or do they come to you instinctively?” My … Continue reading

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Funraising fundraising

Earlier this year, my part of the world had a federal election. Now we are racing toward a state race. Sigh. Before the previous fun and games, I had a t-shirt made with PROFESSIONAL GRANDFATHER printed on it. It was … Continue reading

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Every kid’s uncle is my mob

Indeed, I can see him graduating to Professional Grandfather. “Above all, do no harm. When you can, do good. When you can’t do good, change the situation until you can.” This is the rule I do my best to live … Continue reading

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A Frog Story

One of my clients, way back in 2010, was a very damaged little boy. He’d been bullying other kids at school, and was defiant and angry at home. I wrote this healing story him. Once there was a happy little … Continue reading

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Positive psychology: chatting with Nina

4 a.m. my time, Thursday 25 May (hey, that’s today!), I was in Los Angles, where Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin enjoyed 11 am. She and I had an hour’s talk via LA Talk Radio, but oddly for a radio station, you … Continue reading

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Good riddance, Scott and crew, by Jon Cocks

Jon is a fellow Australian Green, from South Australia, and is the author of a learnedly hilarious entry in the Greens Essay Contest. In response to the just-published May Bobbing Around, he sent me a poem. You do need to … Continue reading

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