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Joey Garcia: a lady who inspires me

If you read this essay, you’ll know why. Or OK, to save you the time, here is a summary: She was born in Belize, a small Caribbean country that used to be a British colony, but she grew up in … Continue reading

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The winner

Joan Edwards won the free book for commenting on my appearance at Melanie Robertson-King’s blog, Celtic Connexions. She chose Striking Back from Down Under, which should give her 26 enjoyable reading sessions. While I am writing to you, do take … Continue reading

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“Write to Influence!” and Open Doors to Opportunity

A guest post on writing by Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret) The Challenge: Every author, fiction or nonfiction, is constrained by two factors: time and space — the reader’s time (measured in seconds) and physical space in which to … Continue reading

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Interview with Keith Manos, winner of my free edit contest

Keith’s book, W is for Wrestling, won my Free Book Edit contest. This involved having two independent judges considering it to be one of the 10 best entries. Then he was required to line up more votes than the other … Continue reading

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The best education: an interview with Jan Trezise

I have previously reviewed From Timor Leste to Australia, which was written by schoolkids, and edited by Jan. It was so inspiring that I invited Jan to have a public chat with me. Jan, you’ve just had a book published, … Continue reading

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Bob Rich interviewing Skye Taylor

Bob Skye, thank you for visiting Bobbing Around for a public chat. During our recent email exchanges, I discovered how similar our thinking is in many ways, despite the differences in our writing. Instead of sending you a list of … Continue reading

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Interviewing Cheryl Holloway

Cheryl Holloway is an award-winning writer, talk show host, journalist and retired writer-editor for the Federal Government and military. She has been the Editor of numerous magazines and newsletters, and was an intern at the Smithsonian Institution Press. She has … Continue reading

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Interview with Rajat Mitra

Rajat Mitra is a clinical psychologist who has worked with Islamic militants and radicalized youth on the one hand, and survivors of mass violence and genocide on the other. He holds a PhD in psychology, is a social entrepreneur, and … Continue reading

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Interview about the review with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

1. Carolyn, I have just published the next issue of my Bobbing Around, and suddenly realized that I haven’t received notification of your newsletter for a few months. I hope this doesn’t mean something dire. Please let me know how … Continue reading

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Interview about the review with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

I sent this email to Carolyn in early September. She replied, and we ended up with an interview all writers will find illuminating. And please note: one person who leaves a comment will be randomly chosen to receive a FREE … Continue reading

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