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Less stuff—more joy

This is the motto of an organisation that’s new to me: Take the Jump. The jump is from the consumerism that has consumed the planet to… the lifestyle my wife Jolanda and I have been living since 1978. Do check … Continue reading

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Night sky guided imagery

Make sure you are comfortable, and close your eyes. To get started, we’ll relax our bodies. Take a nice deep breath, and let it settle in your feet. As you breathe out, breathe out all the tension there. Now breathe … Continue reading

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5-session online positive psychology course

On 16th January, my friend Merran Blair and I will run the first of five weekly sessions on how to cope with our crazy world in which the most powerful people on the planet are doing everything to wreck their … Continue reading

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Pop likes to see the gloom lifted

I say I am a Professional Grandfather. Michael Thal refers to himself as Pop. So, we are two of a kind, doing what we can to make the world a better place for the young people of today. In this … Continue reading

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Lifting the Gloom is officially for sale

My newest book, Lifting the Gloom: Antidepressant writings is available for free at Bobbing Around. However, one of my reasons for publishing it was to have ammunition for giveaways, and for that it needs to be listed for sale, for … Continue reading

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Help my mob to go Green

The Australian Federal elections could happen anytime from August 2021 to May 2022. The date is the Prime Monster’s call. So, we need to be prepared for anywhen. I am very active in my electorate for the Australian Greens. We … Continue reading

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You can NOW read Lifting the Gloom

My latest book is completed, and as good as I can make it. Now I am looking for beta readers to help me to improve it even more. What’s the qualification for being a beta reader? Reading the book. You … Continue reading

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My first little podcast!

Earlier this month, I posted a A script for insomnia. A thing like that is more useful if you can close your eyes and listen to it, so I wanted an audio version. The link to the podcast is needed … Continue reading

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Amazon reviews: Paupers and foreigners need not apply

I wrote the following in April, 2018. My target audience was the decision-makers at Amazon, so it is in gentler language than it would be otherwise. I have sent it to them several times, in a number of versions. It … Continue reading

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Recruiting youngster power

I’ve just come home from the Climate Strike. I hated the crowds and the noise, and my old body is now in pain from having stood around for hours — but I loved the event. Usually, I emphasise that I … Continue reading

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