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Everybody has to eat

My long term friend, Kim Robinson, is a keen cook, and also a keen writer. For years now, she has put these two together, writing about cooking. Check out her new website, Food for the Soul Recipes. She has kindly … Continue reading

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Cash in that empty

South Australia has had a 10c for empty plastic bottles and aluminium cans scheme for many years. When I was there in 2011 for my granddaughter’s wedding, I noted quite an industry of poor people making more than pocket money … Continue reading

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Keep big oil out of the Bight

The Great Australian Bight is one of the wonders of the marine world. Whales breed there, and it has an incredible wealth of species. Also, it is very deep. The oil industry’s own assessment is that there is a distinct … Continue reading

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Suicides and drug overdoses rise

A recent CDC report says so. Sadly, this is more evidence, if any was needed, that John B. Calhoun was right. His work with rodents showed that when you stress a population beyond a certain limit, many individuals give up. … Continue reading

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Good tips on reducing energy use

This infographic from Environment America will save you money and reduce your environmental footprint wherever you live. Harvard University Office for Sustainability, the source of the pic, also has excellent advice.

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A plan to stop global extinction

Avaaz is raising money to enable them to have an input into the Global Deal for Nature at the crucial Biodiversity Summit of 2020. This is the most important issue facing humanity. Climate change is only part of it. We … Continue reading

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Toolkit for making a climate change difference

You can download a detailed guide for personal actions you can take, never mind the idiocy of certain politicians. It was prepared for Australia, but minor modifications allow it to be applied anywhere. This is from the Climate Council, one … Continue reading

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How to reduce extinctions

A few months ago, I made a submission to an Australian Senate enquiry into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis. They have just notified me that I may now make my submission public, so I have uploaded it as a PDF file. … Continue reading

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Prosecute this international criminal

From Avaaz: Dear friends, US investigators are closing in on Trump’s trail of corruption — indicting his personal lawyer, his campaign chief, and many more. But Trump says he’s above the law, and he’s considering drastic steps to shut down … Continue reading

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Great music for a great cause

G’day Bob, Iain Gillespie, the inspiration behind our RAR Healesville group, has been working on a wonderful CD, to raise funds for our work for refugees and people seeking asylum. We have decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to help … Continue reading

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