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An archeological find: Fiona McVie interviewed Bob Rich in 2014

I was looking for something in my computer (none of your business, stop asking!) and came across this long-buried interview, which took flight soon after Ascending Spiral was published. Looking at it “cold,” I find it entertaining, and just as … Continue reading

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Prattling on the Purple Political Podcast

Radell, an admirable young man, chooses to assess American politics by critically examining both Red and Blue. That’s why he is Purple. Needing yet another colour, he invited me, a Green, onto his podcast. You can listen to our conversation … Continue reading

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Bob Rich raves at Sleepy Lion on Irreconcilable Differences

Sleepy Lion Publishing is a source of inspirational books that see the world as larger than the all-too-common reductionist view. I am a scientist and go with the evidence, and that’s why I accept many of the remarkable truths Sleepy … Continue reading

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Find out about this funny old fella

TA Sullivan’s job is escorting the dead. She means this literally: in this life, she was born to help the spirits of just-dead people to go where they need to go. If you don’t believe me, visit her blog, which … Continue reading

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The seven magic bullets

Recovering the Self is serialising my From Depression to Contentment. The second instalment is now live. You can read what you need to do to protect yourself from monsters like depression, anxiety, addictions, burnout.

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Cuddling up to a sleepy lion again

Michael Amos, publisher at Sleepy Lion Publishing, has a blog he keeps interesting through guest posts from his various authors. I have the problem that the idiot Facebook AI thinks Bobbing Around is a terrible place, and refuses to allow … Continue reading

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Quoting thoughts

I like being of service. Michael Amos, the publisher of Maraglindi, likes being of service. The more you give, the more you grow. But also, the more you give, the more you get. Michael has a blog with guest posts … Continue reading

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Who is winning the war in Ukraine?

I sent a guest post to my friend Pendantry, titled Who is winning this war? He modified the title because his version ranks higher on a headline analyser. How admirably scientific! Either way, you can read my brief rave at … Continue reading

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Positive psychology: chatting with Nina

4 a.m. my time, Thursday 25 May (hey, that’s today!), I was in Los Angles, where Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin enjoyed 11 am. She and I had an hour’s talk via LA Talk Radio, but oddly for a radio station, you … Continue reading

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Too hot? Too cold?

You can reduce your impact on the environment by controlling your temperature in different ways. I tell you how in a guest post at Wibble.

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