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Interviewed from the male perspective

Only… the interviewer was a nice young lady, Lana Turner. I don’t know why she does things from the male perspective, but don’t mind either. Almost everyone seems to like my interviews, but there is at least one exception — … Continue reading

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Dealing with difficult kids: a podcast

A week ago, Aimee Cabo interviewed me on “The Cure” radio show. She, her husband Dr. Boris Nikolov and I had fun talking about a range of issues more or less connected to difficult kids, which is of course the … Continue reading

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Featured in a podcast

“As We Get Older” is featuring me in a podcast. Bob Pessemier asked excellent questions, and I hope I’ve given excellent answers. The topic is depression, which is a growing global epidemic. You can listen by following this link

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Interview on The Authors Show

Don McCauley interviewed me for a 15 minute podcast, which was only available for 24 hours, on 23rd July, 2019. So, I have reproduced the questions, and my script for the answers, here. You start your book by saying, “Diagnosed … Continue reading

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Happiness vs. contentment

I’ve just finished my interview with Bob Pessemier for As We Get Older. He will now edit our conversation. I’ll announce the link to the podcast as soon as it’s ready. I absolutely refuse to do so until he sends … Continue reading

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For my new friends since 2017

So many new people have decided to follow Bobbing Around that I’ve decided to introduce myself, all over again. In 2017, I was busily generating advance publicity for Hit and Run. As part of this, I was guest author for … Continue reading

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Please listen: TWO radio interviews

1. A 15 minute interview will be on the Authors Show on the 23rd of July from 12:05am to 11:55pm EDST (New York City USA Eastern Daylight Savings Time). I’ve put a huge amount of emotional energy and maybe three … Continue reading

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The winner

Joan Edwards won the free book for commenting on my appearance at Melanie Robertson-King’s blog, Celtic Connexions. She chose Striking Back from Down Under, which should give her 26 enjoyable reading sessions. While I am writing to you, do take … Continue reading

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An interview, and a guest post

This is a reminder: currently I am featured on Melanie Robertson-King’s blog, and would welcome comments. As usual, I am offering a free e-book to one commenter, and also,I reckon my answers to her questions are entertaining. At the same … Continue reading

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Visiting Canada

Well, virtually anyway. On April 24, Melanie Robertson-King is releasing an interview she was gracious enough to organise, in which I hope to entertain you. Please visit her blog, Celtic Connexions, and see what you can see. As usual, I’ll … Continue reading

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