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Good riddance, Scott and crew, by Jon Cocks

Jon is a fellow Australian Green, from South Australia, and is the author of a learnedly hilarious entry in the Greens Essay Contest. In response to the just-published May Bobbing Around, he sent me a poem. You do need to … Continue reading

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My mother is Jewish. My father is Palestinian. They love my brother and me.          They love each other.                  We love them. I don’t have any grandparents     … Continue reading

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War Is Crime, by Laurie Corzett

Laurie sent me this with a request to share it, and who am I to disobey an old friend? It’s a strange philosophy, making war the ultimate decider of conflict or disagreement. Over and over it fails, miserably, tragically. Yet … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s Christmas offering

Carolyn Howard-Johnson wanted to share a poem from her and Magdalena Ball’s Christmas collection, Blooming Red: Christmas Poetry for the Rational. Greatest Gifts from On High Basalt knives, Britain’s oldest, sternest stones, jut from untended seas, landslides, alluvial debris. Gneiss … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson book and marketing consultant, writer and sometime poet When I was taking my first poetry class as an adult, I was surprised when UCLA poetry icon Suzanne Lummis sashayed into … Continue reading

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The Pun

The pun is the highest form of wit. It takes intelligence, doesn’t it? The twisting of words is from the left brain, It is rational and very sane. But creativity is from the right, Intuitively so very light. Now, just … Continue reading

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6 boys marooned for over a year: what is human nature really like?

Yes, 6 kids aged between 13 and 16 stole a boat and skipped school. A storm caught them, and after a lot of hardship they came to an empty island. No, they did not act like in the Lord of … Continue reading

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A Buddhist new year message

I have several delightful friends in Thailand. They all have three-breaths-long names, and pronounceable short versions. Molly is one of them. She is a high level educational expert. This morning, she sent me a link to an inspiring statement from … Continue reading

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Arguing over money

My little town of Healesville has a wonderful organisation. Its activity is to feed the hungry, keep the homeless alive and achieve some self-respect, drive around people who would otherwise be house-bound — be of benefit in dozens of ways. … Continue reading

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For my new friends since 2017

So many new people have decided to follow Bobbing Around that I’ve decided to introduce myself, all over again. In 2017, I was busily generating advance publicity for Hit and Run. As part of this, I was guest author for … Continue reading

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