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A muse

Rhobin Courtright’s question for her faithful bloggers: “Where do you get your ideas for stories?” This is recycled from the introduction of my anthology, Through Other Eyes: A writer is not just a person who writes. Almost anybody can write, … Continue reading

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2021 in Bob’s computer: Buddhist philosophy for Rhobin

Rhobin Courtright wants to know: What is on your writing to-do list for this year? Do you have any long-range goals or just wrap-ups? Look at a river. Flick your eyes away, and back again. It seems identical, but the … Continue reading

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Rhobin Courtright asked her faithful bunch of bloggers to “write a short story, flash fiction, or use an excerpt from one of your books.” So, here is a chapter from my current work, Lifting the Gloom. Matthew Trotter stared at … Continue reading

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Of all the many books I’ve read…

This month, October 2020, Rhobin wants to know what my favourite books are. There is no question. My favourite author of all time is Dr. Seuss, that genius. I mean, who can match Green Eggs and Ham or Fox in … Continue reading

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Behind the story

Rhobin Courtright asked: “Most novels have an easily understood point to make to the reader. Do your stories ever have more subtle or intuitive themes?” One of my clichés is, you can’t even write a shopping list without revealing your … Continue reading

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Elementary, my dear Rhobin

Rhobin Courtright’s homework for her faithful bloggers is, “What elements do you include in your stories to make a story seem and feel more realistic to the reader?” Hmm… There are 118 elements in the current Periodic Table. I had … Continue reading

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The unique people in my computer

Rhobin asked: “How do you develop a character who is different in personality from all the other characters you have developed, or from yourself?” The simple answer is: I DON’T KNOW. It’s not as if I were in charge. Here … Continue reading

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My favourite villain

Rhobin’s topic for her faithful followers is to talk about the favourite villain in our stories. That just has to be young Will, the hero of one of the 26 stories in my short story collection, Striking Back from Down … Continue reading

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Few Americans have heard of my friend Anna Jacobs, but she is highly popular in Australia and Britain. In particular, she is my wife’s favourite author. Anna once said, the time you have edited a book enough is when you … Continue reading

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How easy or difficult do you find including humour in your writing?

I keep saying, but people don’t believe me: I am a grumpy old man, and have no sense of humour. Can I help it that people laugh at my writing? That shows their sense of humour, not mine. In olden … Continue reading

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