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Understanding fake news

Fake news is now an academic subject. I was surprised to find a summary of several reputable studies on the subject. Fascinating, if you like to laugh at the human animal.

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On trans

There is both a lot of discrimination against trans people, and also a lot of political correctness, meaning that people keep their prejudices hidden. My attitude is shaped by my general belief system. (Surprise!) First, “Above all, do no harm.” … Continue reading

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From Depression to Contentment, reviewed by Kamal Gabry

Empowering tools by an expert professional who lives by the Tao Te Ching! Man, I love this Book. It is so rich and enriching! First, it is written by a name I heard about since I was a fellow at … Continue reading

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The onion and the pearl

I used to be an onion. Now I am a pearl. Let me explain. “Mental disorders” have multiple causation. Several things need to combine to cause suffering. One of the most powerful findings in psychology is that childhood trauma is … Continue reading

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What the BookLife Prize judge thinks of From Depression to Contentment

Idea/Concept: Condemning pharmaceutical approaches in handling depression, this practical guide to self-healing presents a commendable alternative to traditional medicine. With a strong case against accepted notions about treating sadness and despondency with drugs, the book adheres to a do-it-yourself plan … Continue reading

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Interviewed from the male perspective

Only… the interviewer was a nice young lady, Lana Turner. I don’t know why she does things from the male perspective, but don’t mind either. Almost everyone seems to like my interviews, but there is at least one exception — … Continue reading

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What point is there in living if humans have destroyed the planet and there’s nothing good left in it?

This was a question on Quora. Please read my answer.

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Quora answer on choosing to be childfree

Please read my answer to the question: “Should couples stop having more kids to protect the planet?”

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Yvonne Rowan reviews From Depression to Contentment

Are you steeped in depression? Feeling sad, but don’t know why? Plunged into a seemingly endless grief? What if you met someone whose greatest joy in life (yes, greatest joy) is to take you gently by the hand and lead … Continue reading

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White crocodiles

Yesterday, I had a sore throat, and a slightly runny nose. I actually decided not to go on my regular bike ride. Today, it’s gone. Everything is fine. Why? I used the guided imagery script I have for dealing with … Continue reading

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