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What depression is not

Having finished with the 7 magic bullets, Ernest Dempsey is now serialising my fun critique of the establishment, as owned by Big Pharma. The point is that since human suffering is NOT chemical imbalances, there is hope of change in … Continue reading

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Kindness and cooperation are hard-wired

I have just finished my latest book, REAL Human Nature. It is an anthology of stories and essays that demonstrate and illustrate that we are not greedy warriors in our basic nature, but generous co-operators. The greed and aggression are … Continue reading

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Can you please beta read a short book?

My next book is REAL Human Nature, a collection of short stories, essays, and posts at Bobbing Around. It focuses on what is good about being human, and it describes my up-and-down path toward enlightenment, which in my opinion is … Continue reading

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Nonviolent living

This video by Marshall Rosenberg is less than 6 minutes long, but in that short time it packs a message that would change our world if everyone applied it. Punishment and reward are the same thing. Both punish everyone. Humans … Continue reading

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The most powerful magic bullet

This is the theme of the latest instalment of my book on depression at Ernest Dempsey’s blog, Recovering the Self. I hope you already own a copy of this book. Even so, please send people along, allowing me to be … Continue reading

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Social connectedness

Ernest Dempsey and I live on different continents (poor thing, being on the wrong side of the world), and we have never met. All the same, we are connected in a project. He has just posted the next extract from … Continue reading

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Creativity is the chocolate icing on the cake of life

Ernest Dempsey is working through the Seven Magic Bullets that form the First Aid chapter of From Depression to Contentment. He has now reached the one that’s my mainstay to sanity: creativity. Please help us create a wave of notifications … Continue reading

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It’s fun, being a serial

And I don’t even need to be edible cardboard in a box. Cereal, get it? And before you groan about the pun, remember, it is the highest form of wit. I am a serial on Ernest Dempsey’s blog, Recovering the … Continue reading

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Bob Rich raves at Sleepy Lion on Irreconcilable Differences

Sleepy Lion Publishing is a source of inspirational books that see the world as larger than the all-too-common reductionist view. I am a scientist and go with the evidence, and that’s why I accept many of the remarkable truths Sleepy … Continue reading

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Antidepressant exercise

Ernest Dempsey at Recovering the Self is serialising From Depression to Contentment. Currently, he is working his way through the seven magic bullets, and now can tell you how you can use exercise to feel good, without making it yet … Continue reading

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