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Coping with anything, from an expert

Laurent Grenier was a sports-loving youngster when a dive into a pool went wrong, and he broke his neck. Compared to that, the worst in my life and yours is trivial. In this 22.5 minute podcast he uses a series … Continue reading

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How to have a vibrant social distancing experience

Scott Kelly was in charge of the International Space Station for a year, so his advice on how to deal with social distancing is worth considering. Here is a thing I find interesting and validating. Every one of his recommendations … Continue reading

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You may benefit from reading my answer to a suicidal young woman’s cry for help.

Your issues are probably less severe than hers, but what I told her will be helpful for any source of despair. You can read our exchange here.

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Sharing the sharing: a review at Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s “New Review Site”

I am currently doing a way overdue task: indexing past Bobbing Around issues. Having published the 9th a few days ago, I am now indexing the 6th. And I came across this lovely review. Also, my bio there will give … Continue reading

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How to talk to anyone on a controversial topic

Maggie Ryan Sanford did a personal experiment, using evolution as the issue, but her concept can be applied to anything: climate change, politics, whatever. Very instructional if you want to have an influence on people’s thinking.

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Suicide attempts can make things worse

I have just posted the last chapter of my psychology book, Personally Speaking at the Suicide Prevention blog, in the hope that it will save some lives. Here is the link.

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Understanding fake news

Fake news is now an academic subject. I was surprised to find a summary of several reputable studies on the subject. Fascinating, if you like to laugh at the human animal.

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On trans

There is both a lot of discrimination against trans people, and also a lot of political correctness, meaning that people keep their prejudices hidden. My attitude is shaped by my general belief system. (Surprise!) First, “Above all, do no harm.” … Continue reading

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From Depression to Contentment, reviewed by Kamal Gabry

Empowering tools by an expert professional who lives by the Tao Te Ching! Man, I love this Book. It is so rich and enriching! First, it is written by a name I heard about since I was a fellow at … Continue reading

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The onion and the pearl

I used to be an onion. Now I am a pearl. Let me explain. “Mental disorders” have multiple causation. Several things need to combine to cause suffering. One of the most powerful findings in psychology is that childhood trauma is … Continue reading

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