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On social connectedness: feedback please

In my coming book on grief, I discuss the seven magic bullets, which are the measures to build inner strength. Social connectedness is one of these. We need to have mutual connections of caring with other people. Research shows, we … Continue reading

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Gain sanity in an insane world

For more years than I care to count, Jon Kabat-Zinn has been one of my inspirations. I have learned from several of his books. He developed his mindfulness-based technique for coping with severe pain in 1979. I have used it … Continue reading

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How to reduce crime

There is extensive evidence that punishment does not reduce crime. I have written about this, time and again. The author of this article seems to be unaware of the many decades of research, but reports on how a nice man … Continue reading

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A Frog Story

One of my clients, way back in 2010, was a very damaged little boy. He’d been bullying other kids at school, and was defiant and angry at home. I wrote this healing story him. Once there was a happy little … Continue reading

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Healing trauma with meditation

Have you ever tried to meditate, and then found yourself feeling worse than before you started? Perhaps you triggered a surge of anxiety, or you later felt numb or disconnected from your body. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices … Continue reading

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Mass murder

The world is reeling from yet another school shooting in the USA. The results? An outpouring of outrage, love and emotional support for the families involved, a soul-searching for the causes. All of this is completely appropriate. The usual insane … Continue reading

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Positive psychology: chatting with Nina

4 a.m. my time, Thursday 25 May (hey, that’s today!), I was in Los Angles, where Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin enjoyed 11 am. She and I had an hour’s talk via LA Talk Radio, but oddly for a radio station, you … Continue reading

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Pain: masking it is asking for more

Wrenched your ankle? Bruised your hip or head? Standard response to an acute injury is to reduce the pain with a couple of pills, right? And the most frequent pill is an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen. That reduces inflammation (Hey I … Continue reading

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Are loneliness and sleep related?

A mattress marketing mob reckons so, and have shown that, indeed, loneliness can lead to lack of sleep. If you suffer from disturbed sleep, you may find their article interesting. To their credit, the word “mattress” doesn’t occur in the … Continue reading

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Her child’s death made her into a better person

Alison Walker’s baby daughter died 18 years ago. The loss never goes, but her story of giving and growing will inspire you to face whatever terrible event the world might throw at you. I read this story because it is … Continue reading

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