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It’s fun, being a serial

And I don’t even need to be edible cardboard in a box. Cereal, get it? And before you groan about the pun, remember, it is the highest form of wit. I am a serial on Ernest Dempsey’s blog, Recovering the … Continue reading

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Bob Rich raves at Sleepy Lion on Irreconcilable Differences

Sleepy Lion Publishing is a source of inspirational books that see the world as larger than the all-too-common reductionist view. I am a scientist and go with the evidence, and that’s why I accept many of the remarkable truths Sleepy … Continue reading

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Antidepressant exercise

Ernest Dempsey at Recovering the Self is serialising From Depression to Contentment. Currently, he is working his way through the seven magic bullets, and now can tell you how you can use exercise to feel good, without making it yet … Continue reading

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Do YOU have the Ability?

A least 30% of people are susceptible to the “placebo effect.” The strength varies widely. Some can be told they are given a bicarb soda pill, and even knowing this, will get better. An influenza epidemic raged when my daughter … Continue reading

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Living with borderline personality disorder

BPD is not borderline between any two conditions, and is an often misunderstood personal tragedy. My understanding is that it’s when a child is in circumstances where the concept of love becomes incomprehensible, so the child invents versions such as … Continue reading

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Restful sleep — not too much or too little

This is my latest guest post on Recovering the Self, being the next instalment of the serialisation of a book that could change your life, From Depression to Contentment.

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Crater lake guided imagery for inner peace

Once upon a time, the ground cracked, and magma spurted into the air. Sulphurous smoke rose high. Molten stone cascaded white hot, higher than the clouds, and settled, gradually to form a wide cone. A tall mountain of red-hot stone … Continue reading

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Transgender: how any issue should be considered

Should a person born as male be allowed to compete in a women’s sport event? Should such a person be able to use a women’s toilet or change room? These are highly politicised questions, and have even caused deep divisions … Continue reading

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Long COVID: the case for inner peace

A recent study has found a strong association between chronic psychological distress and persisting symptoms after COVID. Unfortunately, the report is hiding behind a paywall, but do read this interesting plain-word account. This is no surprise to me. The same … Continue reading

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Healthy eating: the first magic bullet

Recovering the Self is Ernest Dempsey’s blog. What the Dickens is he doing? Having fun every few weeks posting a self-contained part of From Depression to Contentment. He has just let me know that you can read how to use … Continue reading

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