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Review of Daughters betrayed by their mothers by Holli Kenley

This book is the report of a qualitative research project, exploring the lives of seven women, each of whom grew up with a damaging mother, and each of whom achieved a wonderful, remarkable recovery. Whatever your source of damage, if … Continue reading

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Train the parent to cure autism

Autistic spectrum behaviours are due mostly to genetics: kids are born that way. All the same, correct training early in life will equip them with the necessary skills. Here is a very impressive just-published study showing how. Parents were trained … Continue reading

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Lifting the Gloom is officially for sale

My newest book, Lifting the Gloom: Antidepressant writings is available for free at Bobbing Around. However, one of my reasons for publishing it was to have ammunition for giveaways, and for that it needs to be listed for sale, for … Continue reading

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Entertaining read about a terrible topic: cancer

COVID is top of the sickness parade at the moment, but the hidden epidemic of cancer hasn’t gone away. Read Caitlyn Flanagan’s story: she got struck by very aggressive cancer and nearly died. This was 18 years ago. What she … Continue reading

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Is certainty worth anything?

Imagine you have a PhD in microbiology, with your specialty being the study of bacterial infections, and a person contacts you to inform you that you have been misled and brainwashed, and your belief in the germ theory of disease … Continue reading

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How therapists deal with climate anxiety

My friends know how I do it. I was fascinated to find my exact list of tools covered in this Huffpost article by Nicole Pajer.

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The searchlight of attention

I have been exchanging emails with a young man who is terribly worried that he may be a paedophile. He has read my page written for people in his situation, and also, somewhere along the way, he learned a little … Continue reading

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Lifting the Gloom, reviewed by Theresa Hortley

I wish I could write fiction. I wish I could write fiction like Bob Rich. This little book is full of gems, ranging from quite a few exactly-100-word stories to engrossing tales of perhaps 8000 words. How can you bring … Continue reading

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What is better than punishment?

Professor Gwen Adshead, a psychiatrist who has spent decades working in prison, presents a convincing case for compassionate therapy. That murderer may have acted as a monster, but when you scratch the surface, you find a suffering victim who dealt … Continue reading

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Busting emotional myths

This is a post on Queendom Blog. I tried to share it, but there was no relevant button, so I am sharing the link. Well worth reading, and taking notice.

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