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The power of NOW

I am currently running my online positive psychology course, “Coping with Climate and COVID Anxiety,” and my wonderful co-leader Merran has asked for help with mindfulness meditation. So, here is the relevant chapter from one of my writing projects, which … Continue reading

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Pre-op guided imagery

A dear young friend is preparing for major surgery. She already does an hour’s meditation a day, so I recommended that she incorporate the script below into her routine, going through it as many times as possible before the operation. … Continue reading

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I am now a fan of Tom Murphy

Tom is an astrophysicist, with impressive credentials, and in this chatty and powerful essay, he has made me into his fan. He covers several related matters, passing from one to another in a logical way. The start is the tribal … Continue reading

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Night sky guided imagery

Make sure you are comfortable, and close your eyes. To get started, we’ll relax our bodies. Take a nice deep breath, and let it settle in your feet. As you breathe out, breathe out all the tension there. Now breathe … Continue reading

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Two invaluable children’s books from Laurie Zelinger

I have reviewed previous books by Laurie, and now she has let me know of two new ones following the same excellent formula: an amusing but instructional info part for kids, with age-appropriate language, and instructions for parents on how … Continue reading

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Sex therapy for Christmas?

A friend has explained a perhaps unusual source of sadness for Christmas. All his children live in different countries far away, and even before COVID, none of the family could afford international travel. His partner’s family have made it a … Continue reading

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5-session online positive psychology course

On 16th January, my friend Merran Blair and I will run the first of five weekly sessions on how to cope with our crazy world in which the most powerful people on the planet are doing everything to wreck their … Continue reading

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Unfolding guided imagery

Think of a rosebud. A delicate, graceful little shape, widening from its stem, then coming to a point. Please close your eyes and if you are good at visual imagery, see the lovely little baby flower. If, like me, you … Continue reading

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Walking, boring?

A friend on a writing list is trying to lose weight, but complained that walking is so BORING. I was cheeky enough to respond thus: Walking can be a form of meditation. Look around. There is a sky above. Never … Continue reading

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Smartphone or stupidphone?

Dr Mark Williams is a cognitive neuroscientist. He used to be a professor at Macquarie University, until the Australian government decided to destroy tertiary education (universities train people to think for themselves, and that’s no good for slaves, right?). Now … Continue reading

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