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In Midwest Book Review

It is something of an honour to have one’s book reviewed at the Midwest Book Review. I am delighted to let you know that Carolyn Wilhelm has made From Depression to Contentment one of the three books she gave a … Continue reading

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Irreconcilable differences

As my friends know, one of my current projects is Lifting the Gloom: An antidepressant primer of short stories. Here is its next instalment, written between about 4 and 6 a.m. this morning. Irreconcilable Sometimes, differences cannot be reconciled. You … Continue reading

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Accepting the Unacceptable, by Penny Fenner

Penny Fenner is a Buddhist psychologist, and one of my friends from before my retirement. She has just posted this, and has given me permission to share it with you. This year we’re being constantly challenged to “accept the unacceptable,” … Continue reading

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How to deal with anxiety

Suffering anxiety? Here is a new resource, with a contribution from me. After you have clicked on the link, go to the top of the page and read what 17 other people have offered. Katie Holmes must have put weeks … Continue reading

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Inside view of abuse

The title of the review is, I survived child abuse for years — here’s what everyone gets wrong about it, but, I, and probably most other psychologists, cannot be part of “everyone.” This informative, interesting little essay in Readers’ Digest … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Paul

This is the latest story I have written for my work-in-progress, Lifting the Gloom: An antidepressant primer of short stories. I am posting it now, because I want to use it to illustrate my contribution to the August, 2020 Rhobin’s … Continue reading

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Buddhist peace webinars

RELAX THE STRUGGLE: COMPASSION IN ACTION with Penny Fenner, Buddhist Psychologist 4 weeks: WEDNESDAYS AUGUST 12 – SEPTEMBER 2: 7-8:30AM Eastern Australian time (GMT+10). In therapy people often seek ways to be saved from their mind with all its disturbances. … Continue reading

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A problem with painkillers

“Chronic primary pain” is when severe, debilitating pain has no diagnosed cause. The doctors keep looking, but come up with something vague. Perhaps 20% of people suffer this condition. The National Institute for Health Care and Excellence has published draft … Continue reading

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The distance runner

Oh God, it hurts. I can’t keep going. OK, I’ll slow to a walk at the next light post. There it is. I can make the next one. Downhill after the next post. Push hard and get there! Right. Coast … Continue reading

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Grandmother power

This little report in Nature made me want to hug a psychiatrist and a bunch of grandmothers in Zimbabwe. Dixon Chibanda is a major mover for mental health in his country. One of his long term projects has been to … Continue reading

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