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My first little podcast!

Earlier this month, I posted a A script for insomnia. A thing like that is more useful if you can close your eyes and listen to it, so I wanted an audio version. The link to the podcast is needed … Continue reading

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A script for insomnia

I’ve never heard of Breaker, but you can listen to it there, too. Make sure you’re comfortable: empty bladder, not hungry or thirsty, not too hot or cold. Either lie in bed, or sit in a comfortable chair. Close your … Continue reading

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The glow

I am in the finishing stages of Lifting the Gloom, but realised that I need stories to illustrate the seven first aid measures that give you the inner strength to cope with anything. These are: Healthy eating Satisfying sleep Regular … Continue reading

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Peace for the Joker

This was the first short story I’d ever written, and the first to win a prize. It’s part of the anthology, Through Other Eyes. I am reproducing it now because it’s part of my Rhobin’s round robin post for May, … Continue reading

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Free books from IC Robledo

How much time do you spend thinking about your goals? I want to learn more, achieve more, succeed more… we may think, but how can you actually make that happen? One of the best approaches I’ve found is reading. Reading … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Clements on From Depression to Contentment

If you’re a soul in a meatship on this earth, then this book is for you! Seriously recommended, even if you don’t identify as “depressed”, “sad” or “suffering” at this moment, it’s such a handy guide and gives deep and … Continue reading

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Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in the positive psychology toolkit, so I needed something about it in my coming anthology, Lifting the Gloom: An antidepressant primer of writings. A while ago, I ran a contest, asking my … Continue reading

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The bible and homosexuality

This is a brief extract from You Can’t Escape Destiny, the second volume of my Doom Healer Series. I have recently pestered two publishers regarding these books. Hopefully, one of them will snap it up. Tuesday, in the school staffroom … Continue reading

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How to be WAY above normal: an interview

In December last year, Dr Paul Mason interviewed me on his video show, “Idioms of Normality.” The episode has now gone live, and I think you will enjoy our chat. Paul is an impressive young man with impressive qualifications. When … Continue reading

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From Depression to Contentment, reviewed by Amy Lyman

From the moment I saw the eagle soaring above the snow-capped peaks on the cover, I was hoping the pages inside would be as captivating. I am not disappointed. I personally do depression, as Dr. Rich would say. After reading … Continue reading

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