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Dialogue Basics

I received a nice Christmas present: Modern History Press (the publisher of Ascending Spiral), has featured a guest post from me. You see, I was editing a story for a nice lady, and she needed extensive instruction on how to … Continue reading

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My LitRing experience

This is about my Facebook experience at LitRingVip group. I am most definitely not a party animal — not in real life, and not even on the internet. For many people, conversation is lubrication. For others, me included, it’s information. … Continue reading

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EPIC guest blog live today

Please have a look at the EPIC blog, which features me today, Friday 27th October, 2017. You need to scroll down to the start of the blog, but if I could find it, so can you. 🙂 I haven’t found … Continue reading

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Use of marijuana for health and recreation, harms and benefits, by Dr Oleg Reznik

Speaking about the use of a controversial substance, such as marijuana, is impossible without making personal views and biases part of that conversation. I will try to separate, as best I can, personal views from data and medical guidelines. Like … Continue reading

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