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The greatest weapon in the green warrior’s arsenal

Reblogged from my dear friend and fellow conspirator. It is brief and to the point. Very strange: the reblogging didn’t happen. Here is the link:

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A common prosperity for planet Earth

A guest post by Duncan Dean It is an undeniable fact that our human species is currently sailing along on a self-built ocean of deadly land, sea and atmospheric mega pollution. The course we have charted is a direct and … Continue reading

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Don Lubov’s 6-step path to inner peace

Step 1. Observe yourself without judgment Step 2. Forgive yourself and others. Step 3. Accept what you observe. Step 4. Love yourself unconditionally. Step 5. Awaken from your dream. Step 6. Celebrate life forever. As Siddartha and many others have … Continue reading

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Intersections of Suffering

Anna Sri BVSc (Hons) MPH The first time I went to an abattoir I was nineteen years old. Standing on the raised walkway over the holding yards, I watched as a few hundred head of brahman cattle shuffled beneath me, … Continue reading

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Kim Robinson and coronavirus

My friendship and collaboration with Kim Robinson goes back years. She displays several of my recipes on her website, such as ANZAC biscuits. Her current project is to get people to say how the pandemic has affected them. She twisted … Continue reading

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10 Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas: a guest post by Shannon Sullivan

This sustainable gift guide will help you give with the environment in mind this holiday season. In my family, I’m known for two things: my commitment to the environment (I’ve taken bags of frozen food scraps on public transportation to … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson book and marketing consultant, writer and sometime poet When I was taking my first poetry class as an adult, I was surprised when UCLA poetry icon Suzanne Lummis sashayed into … Continue reading

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Accepting the Unacceptable, by Penny Fenner

Penny Fenner is a Buddhist psychologist, and one of my friends from before my retirement. She has just posted this, and has given me permission to share it with you. This year we’re being constantly challenged to “accept the unacceptable,” … Continue reading

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Featured on popular blog

For quite some time, I have enjoyed posts on the Luck-It Network, which has a versatile, interesting set of posts. It is run by Sara, a lady in Singapore. She has interviewed me on three different topics. The first one … Continue reading

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Great Australian Bight SAVED

The Great Australian Bight is one of the marine wonderlands of this planet. It is the breeding place for several whale species. Its kelp forests are under attack from warming waters, but even so are the home of many endangered … Continue reading

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