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CREDO Mobile, the Carrier with a Conscience

For years now, I have voted for one or another organization who were in line to receive a wonderful donation from Credo. This is a company that provides telephone and other services, but with a huge difference. “Since 1985, we’ve … Continue reading

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The drying out of SW North America

A very new report in Science demonstrates that drought is too light a word to describe the past 20 years in a huge area of the Unites States. It is the worst in the past 700 years. Past megadroughts like … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Amazon shopping

My friends know I am no fan of Jeff Bezos, who is hauling in the profits at everyone else’s expense. I am not alone. Green America magazine has compiled a helpful list of alternatives. Vote with your money, and divest … Continue reading

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The 2020 awards for the very worst people of coronavirus

Van Badham has proven herself a genius in sarcasm combined with factual accuracy. You just have to read her brilliant assessment of the worst idiots of the planet. But also, many of them are in fact murderers. May they — … Continue reading

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Amazon reviews: Paupers and foreigners need not apply

I wrote the following in April, 2018. My target audience was the decision-makers at Amazon, so it is in gentler language than it would be otherwise. I have sent it to them several times, in a number of versions. It … Continue reading

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The new country of California?

Not quite, and not exactly, but Governor Gavin Newsom has taken a step in that direction. There are many good reasons for California to secede from the Undemocratic States of America. You can read them here in an excellent article … Continue reading

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No, I won’t jump off the planet

Once a month, I participate in Rhobin Courtright’s round robin on writing. This month’s topic was how politics influences what I write. Well, it STRANGLES MY WRITING! The issue inspired me to write a major essay on how to cope … Continue reading

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India will stop importing thermal coal by 2024

Good news indeed, although part of their way of doing it is to mine more coal in India. However, they do have one of the world’s most ambitious large scale solar plans as well. Australian politics has been riven by … Continue reading

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No, I won’t jump off the planet

Heaven knows, I have plenty of inducement. But there is a reason for being, and continuing, and striving for sanity. Every day, I feel the need to check the news. Every day, I wish I hadn’t. Worldwide, politics has gone … Continue reading

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Labor politician’s call to action on climate

Andrew Leigh is a senior member of Australia’s opposition. In response to one of his newsletters, I wrote this to him: Andrew, that’s a great report. Thank you. However, I have a beef with the ALP regarding climate policy. Officially, … Continue reading

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