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Currant Fairies

Rhobin Courtright wants to know about the inclusion of current affairs in our writing, and sorry, I just can’t help the title. Her examples are: Do you ever include politics in your stories (why and how?) Do you ever address … Continue reading

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Noam agrees with me

Tom Engelhardt runs a powerful political blog. This very recent post by Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian bears out what I said in my guest post at Wibble. They do use more words, but then also cite evidence. Well worth … Continue reading

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Who is winning the war in Ukraine?

I sent a guest post to my friend Pendantry, titled Who is winning this war? He modified the title because his version ranks higher on a headline analyser. How admirably scientific! Either way, you can read my brief rave at … Continue reading

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Good riddance, Scott and crew, by Jon Cocks

Jon is a fellow Australian Green, from South Australia, and is the author of a learnedly hilarious entry in the Greens Essay Contest. In response to the just-published May Bobbing Around, he sent me a poem. You do need to … Continue reading

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She was 11 and pregnant

An essay about a little girl being raped by a family member should not be classified as “Politics,” but in our insane world, that’s where it belongs. Please read this passionate essay from a doctor to understand the REAL right … Continue reading

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Small country, big step: Panama recognises Nature as a person

I wasn’t sure if this is “environment,” “inspiration,” “good news” or “politics,” but then all categories are fiction. There is only One, and the government of Panama has taken the inspirational political step to protect Nature, which is all life … Continue reading

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She is one of my mob!

Everybody in Australia knows of Barnaby Joyce, the most retrogressive politician in government. His record of stupidity would fill a couple of pages, but… his electorate is rusted-on conservative. Carol Sparks is a retired nurse who has done wonderful things … Continue reading

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Nine years in jail. His crime? Approaching a criminal government.

Mehdi Ali was only fifteen when he became caught up in the Australian government’s criminal activities. He fled for his life from Iran, because his family is from a different sect of Islam than the rulers of that country, and … Continue reading

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Scientist rebellion!

This is a must-read. A group of scientists involved in preparing the next IPCC report have leaked it. The reason: going on past record, the eventual report will be watered down and distorted by the fossils who put profit above … Continue reading

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Putin claims Ukraine to be Nazi. Here are the facts.

In today’s fake-news culture, it is rare to find a balanced, calm and research-based examination of a particular claim. Please take a few minutes to read this essay by Jeffrey Veidlinger. I learned several fascinating things about history, with complete … Continue reading

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