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A true world leader

This morning, I found several reports of another brave act from Pope Francis. He has declared a climate emergency, and firmly told the oil companies to stop killing the future. Here is one account, at EcoWatch. The leaders of these … Continue reading

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Who should be a politician?

Plato said, those who seek power should be barred from exercising it. This remarkable president of a country agrees with him. I have long admired Uruguayan President José Mujica, who donates 90% of his income to charity, and lives modestly. … Continue reading

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A 76 year old Greta Thunberg

Greta’s action inspired Caroline Danaher to copy. She has had a months’ long protest about climate change outside a politician’s office, until at last she was arrested for it. In the Australian elections that are coming in a couple of … Continue reading

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Letter to candidates

Now is the time to make a difference. This is for Australian followers of Bobbing Around, but should be of interest to everyone. I have just used this web page to send a letter to all candidates in my electorate. … Continue reading

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There is no economy on a dead planet

Last week, I posted a response to a recent political event. Facebook chose to delete my post, but after I complained, they rejuvenated it. Please share the graphic:

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Getting priorities right

Postscript The current (almost certainly temporary) Australian government is facing an election on 18th May. Its Minister for (destroying the) Environment is Melissa Price @Melissa4Durack, who has given last minute approval for the water use plans of the Adani coal … Continue reading

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New Zealand gets rid of an insane economic measure

My long term friends know I think the GDP is insane. If I drive recklessly and cause accidents, I raise the GDP: smash repairs, insurance, police fines, maybe lawyers and judges, maybe jail all add to the GDP. If I … Continue reading

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Guns Down, by Igor Volsky

You may have read that the NRA started as an organization for sportsmen and hunters and only turned their focus towards politics in the 1970s when more radical members took over the organization. But that’s not true. “Such [gun control] … Continue reading

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Decency wins

A nice lady in Slovakia first attracted attention for organising a protest to block local environmental vandalism. Then she organised a national protest about two murders. Now, she has just been elected as her country’s president. In her campaigning, she … Continue reading

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Tolerance works

To quote Syliva Kryz from Hit and Run, “Hate begets hate, vengeance only leads to vengeance, violence feeds on itself. Only love can stop the endless cycle. Only love can turn hate into love.” A rule of the universe is, … Continue reading

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