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Wibbling for George

Farcebook’s idiot AI has banned any link pointing to Bobbing Around, so when I want to publicise a post, I ask one of a small number of kind people to host it for me. My friend in Britain, Colin Reynolds, … Continue reading

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Win for First Nations kids

A court in Queensland, Australia has just kicked destructive billionaire Clive Palmer up where the sun don’t shine. This fellow wants to open a huge coal mine that would generate more greenhouse gases than entire countries. He has spent many … Continue reading

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Land clearing history

All land clearing moves us further into climate catastrophe, and into extinctions. But when that land is sacred to the original caretakers of the land, the crime is doubled. A group of local Aboriginal people have been defending their history … Continue reading

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Beating Big Oil

We are two Indigenous women leaders writing from the frontlines of the battle to save our oceans, our forests, and our planet’s climate. And we have good news to share: we know how to beat big oil. My name is … Continue reading

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Be a citizen scientist: report ballot box vigilantes

The email I received didn’t have a link I can simply refer you to, so here is what it says: Last Friday night, Arizona officials were alerted to the presence of two “vigilantes” posted up outside a Maricopa County ballot … Continue reading

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An ode to cooperation

Today is the State Conference of the Victorian Greens. This is my initial contribution. We are the force for decency in Victorian politics. So, we need to run our own affairs in the way we want the world to be … Continue reading

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Mourning the Queen? Here is another take

Stan Grant is an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) journalist. He is also the son of an Aboriginal woman who grew up in poverty. Please read his passionate comparison of the death of one old woman with the ongoing deaths of … Continue reading

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Transgender: how any issue should be considered

Should a person born as male be allowed to compete in a women’s sport event? Should such a person be able to use a women’s toilet or change room? These are highly politicised questions, and have even caused deep divisions … Continue reading

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Thank you, Your Majesty

Unlike many people in my country, I have admired Charles for many years. He is intelligent, articulate, has a sense of humour (like wearing a “Pommy Bastard” t-shirt), and a passionate, well-informed environmental campaigner. He cares. Please read this inspiring … Continue reading

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An Australian Head of State, a guest post by David Feith

David is the author of one of four fine essays I am permanently displaying after my branch of the Australian Greens held an essay contest. He has sent me the following thoughtful essay. Reactions invited. When I was a child, … Continue reading

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