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Can you help me improve this synopsis?

I am asking feedback from my writing friends: can you suggest how I can make the synopsis below irresistible to agents? Thank you! Today’s youngsters justly despair about their future. Greed and aggression are pushing us toward extinction. The solution … Continue reading

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An archeological find: Fiona McVie interviewed Bob Rich in 2014

I was looking for something in my computer (none of your business, stop asking!) and came across this long-buried interview, which took flight soon after Ascending Spiral was published. Looking at it “cold,” I find it entertaining, and just as … Continue reading

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Where to hide the time machine: backstory

Skye Taylor has set us this topic: The Importance of your character’s backstory/history and how to share this with the reader without an info dump that stalls the action. Skye’s question immediately reminded me of a little essay I wrote … Continue reading

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It refuses to stay still!

Our round robin topic for February, 2023 is “How can contemporary fiction keep up with our swiftly changing world, politically, socially or technically?” When I was young, like in 700 BCE, there was a steady state. In a particular location, … Continue reading

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Letter to Bob in the past

Writers Victoria has a regular online exercise. Noè Harsel, who organises and leads it, gives the 20 to 30 participants a prompt. We then need to write something during a 25-minute period. Here is the result of mine. PROMPT: Write … Continue reading

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Can you please beta read a short book?

My next book is REAL Human Nature, a collection of short stories, essays, and posts at Bobbing Around. It focuses on what is good about being human, and it describes my up-and-down path toward enlightenment, which in my opinion is … Continue reading

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New Beginnings: how do you begin a new writing challenge?

An increase in personal responsibilities has forced Rhobin Courtright to retire as the leader of our monthly round robin, but Skye Taylor has grabbed the baton. Isn’t English a wonderful language? This means she has taken over the relay race … Continue reading

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Feedback please: an off-earth scene

I will be grateful for your reaction to this part-chapter. Does it make sense? Have I lost you anywhere? Any suggestions for improvement? Thank you! Bob 2. The planet Magog, in another Universe Using mental force to block the pain … Continue reading

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New writing project: Jolanda’s Kitchen Magic

My wife, Jolanda, is a kitchen magician. She has been cooking since 6 years of age, but, being a modest person, denies she has anything worthwhile to teach others. I know better, so have convinced her that her grandkids will … Continue reading

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Even villains are apprentice Buddhas

Rhobin Courtright’s homework for her faithful followers is: “Have any of your villainous characters reached redemption for their actions? How did you go about it?” Last century, my answer would have had to be no. Rather, naughty people got punished … Continue reading

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