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My best read of the past 10 years

Rhobin Courtright’s instructions to her faithful followers: “Review or recommend a book, a short story, or an online article, or a post on someone’s blog.” I have very little opportunity to read books other than those sent to me to … Continue reading

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Entertaining you: cuppa with Carolyn

Brits and Aussies will know what a cuppa is. For the ignorant of the world, it’s a pleasant hot drink in a cup. I have been reorganising the lists of reviews for my three most recent books, which meant a … Continue reading

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Reviews of Hit and Run

I’ve tracked down thirty-one reviews at the moment. Do you want your name here? Send me a review, and you have earned another book, free (unless you got Hit and Run free of course). If your review is here, I … Continue reading

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Chapter 1, Hit and Run

1. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Kryz.” The broad-shouldered, dark haired man held out his hand. “I’m Vlad Stavrou, the psychologist sent by Victims’ Services.” I invited him in, handing him a cup of tea and a plate of my latest baking … Continue reading

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Bandwidth burst!

After I posted my little essay, My bunyips are safe: 12th life, suddenly all the web pages based on became inaccessible. I suspect this is the first of my posts to spread far and wide, and could therefore be … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson book and marketing consultant, writer and sometime poet When I was taking my first poetry class as an adult, I was surprised when UCLA poetry icon Suzanne Lummis sashayed into … Continue reading

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Behind the story

Rhobin Courtright asked: “Most novels have an easily understood point to make to the reader. Do your stories ever have more subtle or intuitive themes?” One of my clichés is, you can’t even write a shopping list without revealing your … Continue reading

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How to write third-person narrative

After 40 years as a writer, I have learned a new trick, thanks to the generosity of spirit of my writing friends. So, I am paying it forward and sharing this insight with others who want to improve their writing. … Continue reading

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Elementary, my dear Rhobin

Rhobin Courtright’s homework for her faithful bloggers is, “What elements do you include in your stories to make a story seem and feel more realistic to the reader?” Hmm… There are 118 elements in the current Periodic Table. I had … Continue reading

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Help: current uneducated American speech

Please advise me on the speech patterns of a barely literate, drug-and-alcohol-using, wife-abusing Cincinnati resident who hates colored people, Latinos, and everyone else he can. You might be able to refer me to a novel featuring such characters, or perhaps … Continue reading

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