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A publisher with a difference

Michael Amos, welcome to Bobbing Around. Please say a few words about the publishing company you and your sister run Hello! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to answer some questions for you. The creation of the publishing company has very … Continue reading

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National Sorry Day: Jarro

Sorry Day is the anniversary of the event when Australia’s Prime Minister at the time, Kevin Rudd, officially apologised to the Aboriginal people of Australia for the “Stolen Generations,” and many other terrible injustices the invaders have committed. To celebrate … Continue reading

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For the third time, I’m a guest on Luck-It Network

Sara in Singapore, who runs the versatile blog, Luck-It Network, has interviewed me on three issues. The third one went live today, Friday 22 May, and it concerns my experience as an author. It’s different in content from the other … Continue reading

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Few Americans have heard of my friend Anna Jacobs, but she is highly popular in Australia and Britain. In particular, she is my wife’s favourite author. Anna once said, the time you have edited a book enough is when you … Continue reading

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I am an empty space within a black steel box. One day, I touch the wall in front of me, and it’s a black curtain. Sunshine waits outside. I am a photo cube, displaying eight pictures. Serving others, but empty … Continue reading

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Amazon reviews: Paupers and foreigners need not apply

I wrote the following in April, 2018. My target audience was the decision-makers at Amazon, so it is in gentler language than it would be otherwise. I have sent it to them several times, in a number of versions. It … Continue reading

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How easy or difficult do you find including humour in your writing?

I keep saying, but people don’t believe me: I am a grumpy old man, and have no sense of humour. Can I help it that people laugh at my writing? That shows their sense of humour, not mine. In olden … Continue reading

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Featured on popular blog

For quite some time, I have enjoyed posts on the Luck-It Network, which has a versatile, interesting set of posts. It is run by Sara, a lady in Singapore. She has interviewed me on three different topics. The first one … Continue reading

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Dialogue basics

I am editing a book for a fellow writer at the moment, and decided to suggest she reads a guest post I had published at Modern History Press’s blog in 2018. While grabbing the link, I read it again, and … Continue reading

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What draws you into a story?

I wish I didn’t have quite such a quirky a mind. My immediate reaction is a cartoonist, drawing a funny-looking Bob. This Bob is resisting with all his strength, but has no hope. A rope around his neck is inexorably … Continue reading

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