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Puzzled or intrigued?

This is the start of a story that follows on from the end of a previous volume. Until this scene, all the action was on Earth. As the heading shows, we are on a planet in a faraway galaxy. I’d … Continue reading

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Please visit my review of Malala

Carolyn Howard-Johnson has done me the honor of publishing my review of I am Malala. This is because she’d previously featured a rather critical review of the book, and I commented, stating my disagreement with the reviewer. Although the message … Continue reading

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What would you like to your readers to know about your novels and their purpose?

This is Rhobin’s homework task for me in May. In 1972, I was the father of two tiny children. My main task was the writing up of my otherwise completed PhD thesis, which was a BORING thing to do. There … Continue reading

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The winner

Joan Edwards won the free book for commenting on my appearance at Melanie Robertson-King’s blog, Celtic Connexions. She chose Striking Back from Down Under, which should give her 26 enjoyable reading sessions. While I am writing to you, do take … Continue reading

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An interview, and a guest post

This is a reminder: currently I am featured on Melanie Robertson-King’s blog, and would welcome comments. As usual, I am offering a free e-book to one commenter, and also,I reckon my answers to her questions are entertaining. At the same … Continue reading

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Kristin Johnson being thoughtful

Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s New Review Site is an excellent resource, both for authors and for people who love to consume their productions. Do have a look at the latest review she has published. It is Kristin Johnson’s 5 star appraisal of … Continue reading

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“Write to Influence!” and Open Doors to Opportunity

A guest post on writing by Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret) The Challenge: Every author, fiction or nonfiction, is constrained by two factors: time and space — the reader’s time (measured in seconds) and physical space in which to … Continue reading

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Seasons again

Being preoccupied with the coming Australian election, I forgot this perfect contribution to writing about seasons. When my daughter-in-law turned 30, someone commiserated with her, saying it’d all be downhill thereafter. My response: Thirty Thirty is Summer. Not any more … Continue reading

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Seasons is what Rhobin would like us to write about in April. My immediate reaction was, “I don’t pay seasons much attention. At best, they are background.” Only… quite some time ago, she wanted us to write about the weather. … Continue reading

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Evidence for my current writing

When the world gives me time, I am immersed in my as yet unpublished Doom Healer series. A major character is Bdud, Gog of Magog. “Gog” means emperor, and Magog is a planet with 62 billion inhabitants, in a different … Continue reading

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