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Even villains are apprentice Buddhas

Rhobin Courtright’s homework for her faithful followers is: “Have any of your villainous characters reached redemption for their actions? How did you go about it?” Last century, my answer would have had to be no. Rather, naughty people got punished … Continue reading

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Do YOU have the Ability?

A least 30% of people are susceptible to the “placebo effect.” The strength varies widely. Some can be told they are given a bicarb soda pill, and even knowing this, will get better. An influenza epidemic raged when my daughter … Continue reading

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Sound Eagle’s script extraordinaire on writing

Sound Eagle and I have never met physically, but we have adopted each other, so we are family. The fact that he is ethnically Chinese while I am an European multi-hybrid is irrelevant — all humans are family if you … Continue reading

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Fun garden path misleading

I do love playing with words, but this concept is new to me. Here is a list of apparently nonsense statements, each of which is actually a meaningful, grammatical sentence. And hey, have you noticed, I managed to make my … Continue reading

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Secret dossier

Rhobin Courtright wants to know: “What do you define in your writing about your characters and what do you leave to the reader’s intuition? Is there anything you never tell about a character?” The dossier is a useful tool for … Continue reading

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The torturer: consulting with you

One of my current writing projects is an anthology: REAL Human Nature. Its theme is to show the good in everyone and everything. Only, I need to cover the full range of human behaviour, and have challenged myself: to invent … Continue reading

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Hatching People

The August, 2022 topic from Rhobin Courtright is, “How do you create your characters–their quirks, habits, values, and what part they will play in the story, etc.? Do you have a process or do they come to you instinctively?” My … Continue reading

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Cuddling up to a sleepy lion again

Michael Amos, publisher at Sleepy Lion Publishing, has a blog he keeps interesting through guest posts from his various authors. I have the problem that the idiot Facebook AI thinks Bobbing Around is a terrible place, and refuses to allow … Continue reading

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Do you read novels? If so, please advise me!

I have the opportunity to submit a book to a publisher, but one of their questions is: “Name 1-3 books or authors with a similar style, tone or genre to your manuscript.” Here is the book’s synopsis. Also, if you … Continue reading

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Staying Sane in a Crazy World

I have discovered an online journal with lots of fascinating content, as described by the title: Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing. How did I stumble upon this gem? My publisher, Victor Volkman, has organised a new … Continue reading

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