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Intersections of Suffering

Anna Sri BVSc (Hons) MPH The first time I went to an abattoir I was nineteen years old. Standing on the raised walkway over the holding yards, I watched as a few hundred head of brahman cattle shuffled beneath me, … Continue reading

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When the plot goes to pot

Rhobin’s homework in the merry month of June (yes, I know) is “In your writing, how do you recognize and overcome plot problems or failures?” Nowadays, when I struggle with plot glitches, they tend to be in the books of … Continue reading

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You can NOW read Lifting the Gloom

My latest book is completed, and as good as I can make it. Now I am looking for beta readers to help me to improve it even more. What’s the qualification for being a beta reader? Reading the book. You … Continue reading

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The Allegory

by Mark Pooley Alice lived alone in a little house on a beach on an island off an island off an island at the bottom of the world. Her widowed father had raised her and had built the house from … Continue reading

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Scovid19 by Jon Cocks

This was Jon’s entry in the Greens essay contest I organised in 2020. Australian readers will recognise all the news items he indirectly cites. For people from other lands, “Scomo” is what Scott Morrison, Australia’s hopefully temporary Prime Minister, wants … Continue reading

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Unblocking the Writer

It’s every writer’s dread. You have a concept, go to write it down — and nothing comes. Or you are in the middle of a great story, and the flow dries up. The more you work at it, the worse … Continue reading

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The glow

I am in the finishing stages of Lifting the Gloom, but realised that I need stories to illustrate the seven first aid measures that give you the inner strength to cope with anything. These are: Healthy eating Satisfying sleep Regular … Continue reading

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Interviewing fellow writer Jeanne Gassman

You use Jeanne’s Writing Desk primarily to list writing contests other writers can enter. This is providing a public benefit, both to writers seeking opportunities, and to the organizers of the contests. How long have you been doing this? How … Continue reading

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Writing as growth?

Our topic for May, 2021 is: Does writing change the author? Do you think your writing has changed you in any significant way? It’s a good day when I learn something new. All my life, research, study, learning has been … Continue reading

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POV: the heart of fiction

I often edit or beta read for other writers. One of the most frequent comments I need to make is to instruct the author on how to use point of view. So, I have rejuvenated this post from Bobbing Around … Continue reading

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