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Currant Fairies

Rhobin Courtright wants to know about the inclusion of current affairs in our writing, and sorry, I just can’t help the title. Her examples are: Do you ever include politics in your stories (why and how?) Do you ever address … Continue reading

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Rescue with side benefits

“Greg, welcome to the family,” Mum said. “I’m looking forward to becoming a grandmother!” His glance at me said, “You tell her!” “Um… Mum, we decided we won’t have kids.” “What? Marcie, that’s… Why on earth?” “That’s why.” Greg rubbed … Continue reading

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On social connectedness: feedback please

In my coming book on grief, I discuss the seven magic bullets, which are the measures to build inner strength. Social connectedness is one of these. We need to have mutual connections of caring with other people. Research shows, we … Continue reading

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How to use Styles in Microsoft Word (and why you should)

My friend in Britain, Colin Reynolds AKA Wibble AKA Pendantry, has just posted a little essay of this title by some antediluvian antipodean named Bob Rich. It is a guide on how to ease the strain of the technical aspects … Continue reading

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Writing = life = writing

Our Robin’s Round homework for May, 2022: “What are your favorite things to do when you need to get away from stalled writing? Does it help you to resume with new ideas on the book you are writing?” When I … Continue reading

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Reading breeding writing

Our homework from Rhobin Courtright for April, 2022 is “How much reading do you do, both for pleasure and for a work in progress?” In the antediluvian times when I was young, reading was one of my addictions. If a … Continue reading

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Does this opening hook you?

I would be grateful if my friends could read the approx. 500 words from the opening of a book. The original opening was after what is now a new section preceded by *** but a beta reader felt it was … Continue reading

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Massaging the global culture

In March, 2022, Rhobin Courtright would like to know what messages my books give to my readers. Terribly sorry, but it’s affliction of mine. I cannot help it. I cannot have the word “message” in my mind without “massage,” and … Continue reading

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The perfect protagonist

Rhobin Courtright’s homework for her faithful followers is a flawed hero or heroine, but I find alliteration amusing, so I’ll talk about the perfect protagonist instead. When I was a student, a club I belonged to had regular discussion topics. … Continue reading

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First aid for grief and other all-consuming worries

This is a short chapter from my coming book on grief, If you have lost a loved one. 3. Scheduling: Immediate first aid Rose had nursed her husband at home through three years of cancer, and then he died. She … Continue reading

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