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A muse

Rhobin Courtright’s question for her faithful bloggers: “Where do you get your ideas for stories?” This is recycled from the introduction of my anthology, Through Other Eyes: A writer is not just a person who writes. Almost anybody can write, … Continue reading

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Sandra Warren has asked me a few questions

And guess what, I have provided a few answers. This happened because she reviewed Hit and Run, and wanted to find out where that story came from. She seems to have approved of my answers, but needs checking on. Please … Continue reading

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Flora Fielding is here to entertain you again

She was the most beautiful film star of her time, then became the 15th wealthiest person on earth. Then, to escape cancer, she had herself frozen — and awoke 1433 years later. Twenty years ago, her story won me an … Continue reading

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s blog Sharing With Writers is featuring a little essay about where spaces belong in your writing and where they don’t. Please read and comment. Every commenter will be granted one absolutely free blank space, which is fully reusable … Continue reading

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2021 in Bob’s computer: Buddhist philosophy for Rhobin

Rhobin Courtright wants to know: What is on your writing to-do list for this year? Do you have any long-range goals or just wrap-ups? Look at a river. Flick your eyes away, and back again. It seems identical, but the … Continue reading

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Please comment on a beautiful sleeper

In 2001, my novel, Sleeper, Awake won an international award for science fiction. Then the publisher went out of business, and the book was accepted by another, which stopped operating in 2020. So, I asked Victor Volkman of Loving Healing … Continue reading

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No sooner done, than modified: new cover, again

As soon as I posted Michael Amos’ cover design, he sent me a modified one. Sorry! Can I please have an opinion on this one also?

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New cover: please advise

Michael Amos of Sleepy Lion Publishing is reissuing Guardian Angel with a new title. He has just sent me this cover. Please let me know what you think of it. Would you be tempted to look further if you saw … Continue reading

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Rhobin Courtright asked her faithful bunch of bloggers to “write a short story, flash fiction, or use an excerpt from one of your books.” So, here is a chapter from my current work, Lifting the Gloom. Matthew Trotter stared at … Continue reading

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An essay contest to change Australia

Not that I am particularly ambitious. The two major political parties in Australia are the COALition and Labor, which is a washed-out version of the same. The real opposition is the Australian Greens. The two big mobs accept corporate donations, … Continue reading

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