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Evidence for my current writing

When the world gives me time, I am immersed in my as yet unpublished Doom Healer series. A major character is Bdud, Gog of Magog. “Gog” means emperor, and Magog is a planet with 62 billion inhabitants, in a different … Continue reading

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Brag: member of the week, NFAA

The NFAA is the Nonfiction Authors’ Association. I am a member because I review books for them. They have just notified me that I am their member of the week, featuring my book, From Depression to Contentment. Please spread the … Continue reading

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How do you self-edit your books before submitting or publishing?

Oh dear. Unless it’s 2 a.m. or something, I self-edit even email messages and stuff. So, by the time it comes to publication of my writing, I’ve been over and over it at least 20 times, looking for the slightest … Continue reading

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March is National Reading Month

Or so my friend Michael Thal has told me. Michael is the author of several fine books for young people, and refers to himself as “Pop.” I guess that saves several letters when compared to my title of Professional Grandfather, … Continue reading

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Do you want to read on?

This is the start of my current work, the fifth volume of The Doom Healer. I’d be very grateful for your feedback. Even if you know nothing about what went on in the first four volumes, does it grab you? … Continue reading

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Interview with Keith Manos, winner of my free edit contest

Keith’s book, W is for Wrestling, won my Free Book Edit contest. This involved having two independent judges considering it to be one of the 10 best entries. Then he was required to line up more votes than the other … Continue reading

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School dragon at New Book Review

Theresa Hortley is a formidable lady who has no fear in fronting up to high school students. Me, I’d rather wrestle with a tiger snake than be a high school teacher. She is also one of my faithful beta readers. … Continue reading

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Sex in writing

Other posts in Rhobin’s Rounds This month, Rhobin wants us to discuss some aspect of sex in writing. OK, here is my take. At one time, I did regular editing for a publisher that had an erotic imprint. Like it … Continue reading

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2018 books of note

Every year, Michael Thal chooses a few of the many books he has reviewed as special. He says they are Young Adult books, but I think the definition is very generous: most adults will enjoy his picks. Out of the … Continue reading

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These sensitive, loving beasts should NOT be city pets

Pigs should not be eaten, not because Moses and Mohammed said so, but because they are as intelligent, emotional and loving as your dog. Recently, many people have fallen for a con: they buy “mini pigs” as pets. They do … Continue reading

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