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What draws you into a story?

I wish I didn’t have quite such a quirky a mind. My immediate reaction is a cartoonist, drawing a funny-looking Bob. This Bob is resisting with all his strength, but has no hope. A rope around his neck is inexorably … Continue reading

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Sharing the sharing: a review at Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s “New Review Site”

I am currently doing a way overdue task: indexing past Bobbing Around issues. Having published the 9th a few days ago, I am now indexing the 6th. And I came across this lovely review. Also, my bio there will give … Continue reading

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Hit and Run is now available as a paperback

Sandy Cumming, the publisher of Hit and Run, has just let me know that what many of my fans consider my best novel to date is now available as a paper book. I prefer to read onscreen, for several reasons, … Continue reading

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No, I won’t jump off the planet

Once a month, I participate in Rhobin Courtright’s round robin on writing. This month’s topic was how politics influences what I write. Well, it STRANGLES MY WRITING! The issue inspired me to write a major essay on how to cope … Continue reading

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The Obsolete Present

Rhobin Courtright’s topic for her fellow bloggers is “How can contemporary fiction cope with the rapid changes of today’s world?” Last century, this was no problem. While life has always been full of surprises, at least there was an illusion … Continue reading

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How to write an application

A young man wanted to know how to write a letter of application for a course. The guidelines below describe the process of brainstorming. They work for a job application, request for some service or favour, or anything similar. 1. … Continue reading

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How to write a review

I posted this in 2016, and am reposting it now, since a nice young man feels he is not qualified to review a book on depression, because he has no clinical training. One of my rules is, I can ask … Continue reading

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What the BookLife Prize judge thinks of From Depression to Contentment

Idea/Concept: Condemning pharmaceutical approaches in handling depression, this practical guide to self-healing presents a commendable alternative to traditional medicine. With a strong case against accepted notions about treating sadness and despondency with drugs, the book adheres to a do-it-yourself plan … Continue reading

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Oddballs from an oddball

Our November topic is: What is the oddest or most unique character you have ever dreamed up, and how did they fit into a story? The dictionary definition of an oddball is “a strange or eccentric person.” I certainly qualify, … Continue reading

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A fun writing collaboration

Peter Mosey sent out a call: he asked for other writers to provide a brief poem or tract of prose, which he would then continue. I took him up on it, and got my Black Breasted Quail to fly to … Continue reading

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