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Quora answer on choosing to be childfree

Please read my answer to the question: “Should couples stop having more kids to protect the planet?” Advertisements

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What’s wrong with nuclear power, from Friends of the Earth

I tried to post this important press release from Friends of the Earth here, but WordPress insisted on eating all but the first paragraph. So, you will find it permanently at my Mudsmith site. There you will also find an … Continue reading

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Are we just delaying the inevitable with climate change?

I answer questions on Quora. For some reason, this one got me going, and my typing fingers took flight. Please read my answer, and if you approve of the message, share it around. With metta, Bob

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Claire Dunn on saving a (near) future

Please read this important invitation from Claire. If you live more or less near her, join her. Otherwise, copy her wherever you are. Claire and I do things differently, but we are on the same path, of doing our best … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words. But pictures can lie.

In April, a marijuana group held a rally in Hyde Park, London. They left this rubbish. Now, people wanting to discredit the climate strike have claimed it was us, in Sydney, or London, or wherever. Please read the real story. … Continue reading

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A plumber with a heart

“Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” uses the device of the funeral oration. Imagine you’re on your deathbed, and writing what you want your favourite great-grandchild to say in your memory. Will it be the amount of money you made? Or will … Continue reading

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The Climate Arsonist

Lloyd Alter has written an important essay you’ll find at TreeHugger. If you choose to “not believe” in the human-caused climate catastrophe, you are a mass murderer. Please also read the comment I left.

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A modern parable: the prince’s birthday party

The Prince’s son had his 10th birthday, and a huge celebration was held up in the castle. The birthday cake was as big as a wagon wheel, and the hundreds of nobles lucky enough to be invited were served a … Continue reading

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Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem: we are all brothers and sisters

Jewish and Arab children share a school, learn about each other’s cultures, and become friends. Israelis and Palestinians are deadly enemies, right? This has gone on since 1948, the establishment of Israel. Each side has repaid hurt with hurt, attack … Continue reading

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Happiness vs. contentment

I’ve just finished my interview with Bob Pessemier for As We Get Older. He will now edit our conversation. I’ll announce the link to the podcast as soon as it’s ready. I absolutely refuse to do so until he sends … Continue reading

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