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Good news for tigers and rhinos — for now

Chinese medicine has superstitious aspects, like rhino horn and tiger bits enhancing male potency. While Chinese authorities are all for wildlife conservation, traditionally they’d allowed bits of these animals as long as they were captive, and bred for the purpose. … Continue reading

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Who would Jesus vote for?

I’ve been doing my best to ignore the political barrage, but this inspiring post by Brandi Miller made me want to translocate to America and hug the lady.

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How to reduce extinctions

A few months ago, I made a submission to an Australian Senate enquiry into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis. They have just notified me that I may now make my submission public, so I have uploaded it as a PDF file. … Continue reading

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Pip’s call to action

Stephanie Black has posted a long and thoughtful comment to How to change the world. I have learned some of the answers to her questions from Pip Lipkin, who is the hero of my novel, Ascending Spiral. Here is how … Continue reading

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Elephant can count

This study is yet another bit of evidence for something I’ve been shouting for years: animals are people, too. A lady elephant in Japan collaborated with a few scientists because she likes to have fun. She learned to use a … Continue reading

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It’s been known for years that we are in the 6th extinction event, and that it is caused directly by humans. My metaphor has been that we’re unravelling the web of life, and will also fall through the hole. A … Continue reading

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Italian ship defies Italian racism

I find this project to be utterly inspiring. In recent times, the Italian government has swung onto the Trumpian path of hatred and inhumanity. Ships saving refugees from drowning have been turned away. Michael Hardt and Sandro Mezzadra have established … Continue reading

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Illegitimate government

I found this essay in Daily Kos to be illuminating. It sets out in very simple words what is happening in American politics, although the same things threaten in the rest of the world, for example Australia, Turkey, now Brazil. … Continue reading

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What matters

One of my clichés is: “Only two things matter in life: what you take with you when you die, and what you leave behind in the hearts of others. Everything else is Monopoly money.” A 21 year old man in … Continue reading

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Value of unpaid housework

At last, there is public awareness of the ridiculousness of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of anything sensible. Well, this is so at least in Britain. One of the friends living in my computer has said, “If … Continue reading

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