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Two local little people honour me with their love. Romilly is five, and a Big Schoolgirl. She is impressively bright, and already a talented artist. (And don’t I sound like a proud grandfather?) Rafe is three, and a solid chunk … Continue reading

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Killing animals

One of my interests is finding out about the psychological characteristics of all sorts of life, (including humans). Since I have thoroughly retired from academia, I won’t bother to list the evidence, but merely state my conclusions: Other animals act … Continue reading

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An ode to cooperation

Today is the State Conference of the Victorian Greens. This is my initial contribution. We are the force for decency in Victorian politics. So, we need to run our own affairs in the way we want the world to be … Continue reading

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Mourning the Queen? Here is another take

Stan Grant is an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) journalist. He is also the son of an Aboriginal woman who grew up in poverty. Please read his passionate comparison of the death of one old woman with the ongoing deaths of … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

I was looking for an old essay that illustrates a point I want to make in my September, 2022 Rhobin’s Rounds post, when I found this in the August, 2004 issue of Bobbing Around. This was before my personal past … Continue reading

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An Australian Head of State, a guest post by David Feith

David is the author of one of four fine essays I am permanently displaying after my branch of the Australian Greens held an essay contest. He has sent me the following thoughtful essay. Reactions invited. When I was a child, … Continue reading

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I am currently editing a lovely book for Loving Healing Press, in which a mother and a gifted music teacher give their account of a Down syndrome boy who puts the gift of love in everyone’s heart. Synchronicity? I have … Continue reading

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No, they can’t run away

We have all heard about billionaires buying properties where they hope to be safe from the calamity they know is coming; the future their activities caused. And why are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos so interested in off-Earth ventures? Here … Continue reading

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The singing revolution

The fight for liberation usually involves violence and conflict. One little country freed itself from the chains of its gigantic neighbour without the loss of a single life. An inspiring documentary was made about this marvellous achievement. Not only can … Continue reading

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Is Trump the Antichrist?

I have immense admiration for Thom Hartmann. In this fascinating essay, he examines this question from both a secular and a Christian viewpoint. The secular examination is easy enough: “by their fruits ye shall know them.” All Thom needed to … Continue reading

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