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Kim Robinson and coronavirus

My friendship and collaboration with Kim Robinson goes back years. She displays several of my recipes on her website, such as ANZAC biscuits. Her current project is to get people to say how the pandemic has affected them. She twisted … Continue reading

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The bible and homosexuality

This is a brief extract from You Can’t Escape Destiny, the second volume of my Doom Healer Series. I have recently pestered two publishers regarding these books. Hopefully, one of them will snap it up. Tuesday, in the school staffroom … Continue reading

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Thoughts from February

My newsletter has just soared free on its wings, and has no doubt arrived in your inbox. I always have an accompanying message for my subscribers, and don’t see why followers should miss out on it. So, here it is … Continue reading

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A worthwhile cause

David Dungay had diabetes from an early age. He was arrested and put in jail. While there, he was murdered by the people responsible for his welfare. There is no softer way of saying it. If you want independent confirmation, … Continue reading

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One of Calhoun’s rats

Someone sent me this message via my contact form: “The best & only way of improving OUR Australia, is to STOP IMMIGRATION & DEPORT all CHINESE, ASIANS & INDIANS NOW! We are being OVER-RUN by chinese & indians. We need … Continue reading

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Sandra Warren has asked me a few questions

And guess what, I have provided a few answers. This happened because she reviewed Hit and Run, and wanted to find out where that story came from. She seems to have approved of my answers, but needs checking on. Please … Continue reading

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100 seconds to midnight

Each year, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists publishes a reasoned estimate of how close we are to risking the destruction of everything. They take all threats into account, not only nuclear war. For 2020, they have judged us to … Continue reading

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2021 in Bob’s computer: Buddhist philosophy for Rhobin

Rhobin Courtright wants to know: What is on your writing to-do list for this year? Do you have any long-range goals or just wrap-ups? Look at a river. Flick your eyes away, and back again. It seems identical, but the … Continue reading

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How to be WAY above normal: an interview

In December last year, Dr Paul Mason interviewed me on his video show, “Idioms of Normality.” The episode has now gone live, and I think you will enjoy our chat. Paul is an impressive young man with impressive qualifications. When … Continue reading

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You don’t need a big brain to be smart

Marsupials have tiny brains compared to placental mammals, but a new study has demonstrated something new to science. That’s not to say it’s new to human knowledge, for those in tune with nature. What happens when you present your dog … Continue reading

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