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National Sorry Day: Jarro

Sorry Day is the anniversary of the event when Australia’s Prime Minister at the time, Kevin Rudd, officially apologised to the Aboriginal people of Australia for the “Stolen Generations,” and many other terrible injustices the invaders have committed. To celebrate … Continue reading

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Avaaz: 10 beautiful acts of Love

I had tears in my eyes when I read an email from Avaaz. Usually, they request support on desperately urgent issues. This time, they sent me 10 amazing pictures about 10 amazing stories. Unfortunately, the only link was sending feedback, … Continue reading

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Bob Rich: 21 vs. 77

Last month, Sara from the Luck-It Network released an interview with me. Today, 1st of May, she has published the second one. Its tone is very different from the first, so you will enjoy reading both. Please visit and comment.

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Can’t find reason to live within myself, help?

You may be interested in my answer to this lady’s question.

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The silver lining of the lockdown

A research study from the University of Davis has reported that the number of car “accidents” has halved in California since the lockdown. This is a $1 billion saving in medical and other expenses, in addition to the reduction in … Continue reading

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Amazon reviews: Paupers and foreigners need not apply

I wrote the following in April, 2018. My target audience was the decision-makers at Amazon, so it is in gentler language than it would be otherwise. I have sent it to them several times, in a number of versions. It … Continue reading

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Featured on popular blog

For quite some time, I have enjoyed posts on the Luck-It Network, which has a versatile, interesting set of posts. It is run by Sara, a lady in Singapore. She has interviewed me on three different topics. The first one … Continue reading

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The Yin and Yang of COVID-19, by Paul Bedson

Every crisis that humanity and the world experiences — the bushfires, the drought, the famine, the floods and COVID-19, has a yang and a yin aspect. The yang aspect is the immediate, urgent, frantic response to minimise suffering. The yin … Continue reading

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A grassroots manifesto, by Don Lubov

A couple of years ago, I reviewed one of Don’s books, and found it excellent. He reviewed From Depression to Contentment. Recently, he invited me to contribute to an anthology he and his wife are constructing, and has shared a … Continue reading

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Coping with anything, from an expert

Laurent Grenier was a sports-loving youngster when a dive into a pool went wrong, and he broke his neck. Compared to that, the worst in my life and yours is trivial. In this 22.5 minute podcast he uses a series … Continue reading

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