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The Climate Arsonist

Lloyd Alter has written an important essay you’ll find at TreeHugger. If you choose to “not believe” in the human-caused climate catastrophe, you are a mass murderer. Please also read the comment I left. Advertisements

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A modern parable: the prince’s birthday party

The Prince’s son had his 10th birthday, and a huge celebration was held up in the castle. The birthday cake was as big as a wagon wheel, and the hundreds of nobles lucky enough to be invited were served a … Continue reading

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Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem: we are all brothers and sisters

Jewish and Arab children share a school, learn about each other’s cultures, and become friends. Israelis and Palestinians are deadly enemies, right? This has gone on since 1948, the establishment of Israel. Each side has repaid hurt with hurt, attack … Continue reading

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Happiness vs. contentment

I’ve just finished my interview with Bob Pessemier for As We Get Older. He will now edit our conversation. I’ll announce the link to the podcast as soon as it’s ready. I absolutely refuse to do so until he sends … Continue reading

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For my new friends since 2017

So many new people have decided to follow Bobbing Around that I’ve decided to introduce myself, all over again. In 2017, I was busily generating advance publicity for Hit and Run. As part of this, I was guest author for … Continue reading

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Reducing suffering by one

I love little human puppies, adorable bubs, streaks of lightning on two legs, teenage buds blossoming into adulthood… kids. Every time I have anything to do with one, I need to deal with the unasked thought, “What kind of a … Continue reading

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Feeling down? Joan can help.

That’s Joan Edwards, whose post makes me feel she is my fairy godmother. Please read her essay, “Who is in your corner?”

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How to improve your inner beauty

This is a brief extract from From Depression to Contentment: Send out good The most important good thing you can send out is metta. What is that? Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your … Continue reading

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What can we do about the environment: an answer at Quora

You may have read previous answers from me to similar questions, but I have given a fuller one here. If you haven’t, you may find it a novel way of looking at our future, and what we can do about … Continue reading

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Human nature being what it is…

We are in the middle of the Australian election campaign. I was riding around on my bike, letterboxing (for the Greens of course), when I saw a long stream of delightful human puppies running, jogging, walking or struggling along, supervised … Continue reading

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