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Living the future we want

This is what a bunch of people in Arizona did in 1996. Their suburb got hot as hell in summer. It is a dry location subject to drought, and they knew that climate change would only make it worse over … Continue reading

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An archeological find: Fiona McVie interviewed Bob Rich in 2014

I was looking for something in my computer (none of your business, stop asking!) and came across this long-buried interview, which took flight soon after Ascending Spiral was published. Looking at it “cold,” I find it entertaining, and just as … Continue reading

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Inspiring recollections from Kaira Jewel Lingo

I am on Kaira’s mailing list, and received this post today. My reaction was one of admiration for her, and for her father, who was one of the few white people helping Martin Luther King organise his historic protests. It’s … Continue reading

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Eckhart Tolle may be in YOUR neighbourhood

Most people have heard of Eckhart. He is an inspiring speaker and teacher. I recently attended an online mini-course he ran. Given my background, what I got was validation, but many of us will gain great illumination as he talks … Continue reading

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Letter to Bob in the past

Writers Victoria has a regular online exercise. Noè Harsel, who organises and leads it, gives the 20 to 30 participants a prompt. We then need to write something during a 25-minute period. Here is the result of mine. PROMPT: Write … Continue reading

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Kindness and cooperation are hard-wired

I have just finished my latest book, REAL Human Nature. It is an anthology of stories and essays that demonstrate and illustrate that we are not greedy warriors in our basic nature, but generous co-operators. The greed and aggression are … Continue reading

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Can you please beta read a short book?

My next book is REAL Human Nature, a collection of short stories, essays, and posts at Bobbing Around. It focuses on what is good about being human, and it describes my up-and-down path toward enlightenment, which in my opinion is … Continue reading

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Nonviolent living

This video by Marshall Rosenberg is less than 6 minutes long, but in that short time it packs a message that would change our world if everyone applied it. Punishment and reward are the same thing. Both punish everyone. Humans … Continue reading

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Philosophy in juvenile jail

I wasn’t sure whether to list this essay under inspiration or philosophy. Andy West regularly visits what in Britain they call prison for children, and teaches the young inmates about philosophy. He implies the reason in the first paragraph: his … Continue reading

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Creativity is the nectar of the gods, by Don Lubov

Creativity is the nectar of the gods. When it flows, it’s the adrenalin in your veins. When bathed in its all-consuming fragrance, you know down to your bones that you’re part of something greater than yourself. You lose all track … Continue reading

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