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There is no economy on a dead planet

Last week, I posted a response to a recent political event. Facebook chose to delete my post, but after I complained, they rejuvenated it. Please share the graphic: Advertisements

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Basketballer scores with “irredeemable” kids

LeBron James is a basketball legend, despite a terrible start in life. His education was disrupted because he and his mother were effectively homeless — but, thanks to a number of mentors, he surmounted his difficulties, and built a great … Continue reading

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Generosity defeats crime

What do you do to a shoplifter? Call the cops, of course. Jitendra Singh instead chose to talk to the boy, and ended up making a gift of food to him. THIS is what life is for: not wealth, power, … Continue reading

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New Zealand gets rid of an insane economic measure

My long term friends know I think the GDP is insane. If I drive my recklessly and cause accidents, I raise the GDP: smash repairs, insurance, police fines, maybe lawyers and judges, maybe jail all add to the GDP. If … Continue reading

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Guns Down, by Igor Volsky

You may have read that the NRA started as an organization for sportsmen and hunters and only turned their focus towards politics in the 1970s when more radical members took over the organization. But that’s not true. “Such [gun control] … Continue reading

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Tolerance works

To quote Syliva Kryz from Hit and Run, “Hate begets hate, vengeance only leads to vengeance, violence feeds on itself. Only love can stop the endless cycle. Only love can turn hate into love.” A rule of the universe is, … Continue reading

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Child raising for a better world

Imagine a society in which people don’t get angry, regardless of the provocation. Does that sound impossible? Please read this little report on the research of several anthropologists with the Inuit. The hardy people of the North don’t suffer from … Continue reading

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Facing extinction, from a beloved nephew

Good evening dear uncle, Hope you are well. For the last few years Skye and I have been understanding and coming to terms with: i) Western civilisation, and ii) Its ecocidal and generally anti-life agenda, and iii) Death and extinction. … Continue reading

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Why did I emphasise reincarnation in From Depression to Contentment?

The positive, powerful reviews for From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide are coming in. Several reviewers are people I respect, and even consider them to be among my teachers. And three of them have questioned my focus on reincarnation … Continue reading

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The farmer’s footsteps

Bertrand Russell once told a story about a chicken. Every morning of the chicken’s life, the farmer came, bearing a bucket of grain. So, the chicken learned that the sound of the farmer’s footsteps meant breakfast. Every morning, when she … Continue reading

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