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I approve of holy days. If you have honest belief in a religion, I hope you celebrate its holy days with prayer, and ritual designed to uplift you, and acts of service to your conception of God. Nowadays, though, a … Continue reading

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Humanity at its best

A friend of ours, Di Moore, has been a major force in our little township of Healesville for 40 years. Her achievements are too many to list, but include being on the Shire Council. She even was the Mayor for … Continue reading

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I had an argument with a friend whose opinion I respect. Actually, I didn’t know I was having an argument until he told me he was furious. He needed a lift to pick up his motor bike from the mechanic, … Continue reading

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Painting as if the planet mattered

Suppose you are driving, and the fuel gauge of the car is hovering just above zero. You don’t know how far you’ll need to drive before being able to top up. How do you drive? If you want a future, … Continue reading

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A band-aid: Buddhist equanimity

We live at the end of times. The conversion of the USA into Trumpistan (thank you for the brilliant term, Margaret Goodman) has taken us a huge jump toward global disaster. The only rational reaction is despair. There are delightful … Continue reading

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