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Protection from the liars: a must-see movie

Josh Fox has been personally targeted by the forces destroying this planet. That was a sort of a beta run for the 2016 US elections. Please read an interview with him about his latest movie, The Truth Has Changed. You … Continue reading

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Understanding fake news

Fake news is now an academic subject. I was surprised to find a summary of several reputable studies on the subject. Fascinating, if you like to laugh at the human animal.

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On trans

There is both a lot of discrimination against trans people, and also a lot of political correctness, meaning that people keep their prejudices hidden. My attitude is shaped by my general belief system. (Surprise!) First, “Above all, do no harm.” … Continue reading

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Worrying about future generations?

Someone on Quora was. Here is my answer.

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The onion and the pearl

I used to be an onion. Now I am a pearl. Let me explain. “Mental disorders” have multiple causation. Several things need to combine to cause suffering. One of the most powerful findings in psychology is that childhood trauma is … Continue reading

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Should we use Mars as a lifeboat for humanity?

A person whose first language is not English asked a question with this meaning. His opinion is that the problems we face on Earth will only follow us to Mars. I’m interested in your reaction to my reply to him … Continue reading

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Georgina Byrne, Farmer: an interview

One of my trusted sources of information is The Conversation. I’ve even been known to make the occasional donation to keep it going. When I’ve read an article, if I have the time, I’ll look at the comments, and perhaps … Continue reading

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Nobel laureate knocks the GDP

If I were an evil genius and wanted to cause maximum destruction with maximum misery, I’d invent the Gross National Product (GDP) as the measure, and economic mechanisms that collapse unless the GDP keeps growing. I’ve been shouting this for … Continue reading

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A person from India is worried. Please read my answer.

Are we near the apocalypse? I set out the case, and offer a course of action. My old friends will have heard it all, in various versions, but perhaps a new summary is still worthwhile. And you may see fit … Continue reading

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What point is there in living if humans have destroyed the planet and there’s nothing good left in it?

This was a question on Quora. Please read my answer.

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