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Georgina Byrne, Farmer: an interview

One of my trusted sources of information is The Conversation. I’ve even been known to make the occasional donation to keep it going. When I’ve read an article, if I have the time, I’ll look at the comments, and perhaps … Continue reading

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How to protest: empathy beats confrontation

The specific example is reducing the cruelty of mass producing chickens. It turns out that, in the USA at least, the factory farmer is as trapped as the birds destined for early slaughter. Please read this inspiring account in EcoWatch.

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Love and admire them both

Two people on this planet everyone needs to copy.

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Greta’s wisdom

The Nordic Council has awarded Greta Thunberg its annual environmental prize. As well as the honour, this involves a large sum of money; approx. $52,000. She has declined to accept it. Her response: “The climate movement does not need any … Continue reading

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The people’s architect

Poor people in Kerala State, India, have no doubt about climate change. They have suffered devastating floods twice in recent years, with 5.4 million people badly affected. The state government is doing something about it: redesigning houses and settlements to … Continue reading

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The story of an enlightened spirit

I was reading about something else when I saw a link to “strange fruit.” I didn’t know the meaning, and clicked. I’ve never heard of Abel Meeropol, but now he is one of my heroes. His story made me feel … Continue reading

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In defence of a fine young woman

I answer questions on Quora, though sometimes I don’t know why I bother. A current fashion there is to attack Greta Thunberg. After all, it would be SO UNCOMFORTABLE and INCONVENIENT if she were right! Please read my answer to … Continue reading

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Two of my favourite people on this planet, shaking hands

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Arguing over money

My little town of Healesville has a wonderful organisation. Its activity is to feed the hungry, keep the homeless alive and achieve some self-respect, drive around people who would otherwise be house-bound — be of benefit in dozens of ways. … Continue reading

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Claire Dunn on saving a (near) future

Please read this important invitation from Claire. If you live more or less near her, join her. Otherwise, copy her wherever you are. Claire and I do things differently, but we are on the same path, of doing our best … Continue reading

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