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Hygiene and precautions are necessary, but reassuring news

Results are now available from a study of the coronavirus on the cruise ship Diamond Princess. Of 3711 people, 700 were infected (under 20%). 18% of these showed no symptoms. Since this group contained a great many oldies, in the … Continue reading

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What money is really for: Quaden Bayles’ family shows the world how to be a human

Recently, I posted about a short boy who found people with big hearts. This boy’s family are truly enlightened people. In response to Yarraka Bayles’ video of the effects of bullying on her son, a crowdfunding program has raised $474,000. … Continue reading

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Two of my favourite young women meet

That’s Malala and Greta.

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Disaster relief that addresses the cause of the disaster

Wealth can be addictive, and greed is the worst force destroying everything. But if you happen to have lots of money and refuse to be addicted, it can be a resource for changing the world for the better. Allow me … Continue reading

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No, I won’t jump off the planet

Heaven knows, I have plenty of inducement. But there is a reason for being, and continuing, and striving for sanity. Every day, I feel the need to check the news. Every day, I wish I hadn’t. Worldwide, politics has gone … Continue reading

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Protection from the liars: a must-see movie

Josh Fox has been personally targeted by the forces destroying this planet. That was a sort of a beta run for the 2016 US elections. Please read an interview with him about his latest movie, The Truth Has Changed. You … Continue reading

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Basketball star is successfully reducing extinctions.

I’d never heard of Yao Ming, but apparently he is a retired basketball star. My son, Rob, sent me the link to a description of his inspiring actions. Thanks to his work, there is now a widespread movement in China … Continue reading

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A better way to feed a city

Cuba was in danger of starvation when the Soviet Union collapsed. Read the inspiring way they solved the problem. Better still, apply it to where you live.

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A Buddhist new year message

I have several delightful friends in Thailand. They all have three-breaths-long names, and pronounceable short versions. Molly is one of them. She is a high level educational expert. This morning, she sent me a link to an inspiring statement from … Continue reading

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Georgina Byrne, Farmer: an interview

One of my trusted sources of information is The Conversation. I’ve even been known to make the occasional donation to keep it going. When I’ve read an article, if I have the time, I’ll look at the comments, and perhaps … Continue reading

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