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The wisdom of a dying young man

Elliot Dallen is dying of cancer, at only 31 years of age. I find his story to be uplifting and inspiring. Please read what he has to say. When the little worries and annoyances of life drag you down, remember … Continue reading

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If we all shared this lady’s vision…

…we would have a harmonious world worth living in. Dr Anne Poelina is a caretaker for a great river. Please take 2 minutes to read her inspiring words.

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Six champions for survival

With the help of the Global Action Network, these six wonderful Portuguese youngsters are suing 33 countries — the EU and other European countries — to protect their future, and the future of the children they may have one day. … Continue reading

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Before you can care for others, you need to care for the carer first

This is one of the earliest and most repeated lessons taught to student nurses. I have just completed a short story illustrating it for my coming book Lifting the Gloom: An antidepressant primer of short stories, and wanted to tie … Continue reading

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COVID survivor saves lives

He is a Kadar Shaikh, a wealthy property developer in India. When he recovered from the virus, he converted a large office space into an 85-bed treatment facility for poor people. Any infected person is admitted, regardless of caste, creed … Continue reading

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Another inspiring young woman

When she was 7, I was her nurse in hospital. She spent the formative years of life at Moora Moora, my community. Now she is 23, and a law student, and has done a world first. She is suing the … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg inspires again

When I type her name, often I get a typo: my fingers want to write “Great.” Perhaps this is not a mistake. She was given yet another award, with a huge money endowment as part of it. This time, she … Continue reading

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The Idle Off Project

Breathing in vehicle fumes is bad for you. It is particularly harmful for children. And yet, every afternoon, buses and parents’ cars spew the noxious stuff in school parking areas. This is why the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) has … Continue reading

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Good man cleared after 7 years

In 2013, Andy Hall exposed the terrible treatment of workers used (supposedly employed) by a Thai company that supplies pineapple products globally. The result was victimisation through the law, with the company persecuting Andy through four court cases. The great … Continue reading

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Matthew Trotter stared at the handcuffed man in the dock — the murderer of his wife and daughter. Trodg stood nearly seven feet tall, with a broad, powerful body. He was one of Matt’s caseload, so he knew the man’s … Continue reading

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