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The best of human nature

Big boys don’t cry, but this lovely little story brought tears to my eyes. News about sport are very often about cutthroat competition, drug taking, losers throwing tantrums, people driving themselves to injury. Here is an occasion for celebrating friendship, … Continue reading

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Microplastics: young Irish genius to the rescue

Part of English psychological warfare against the Irish was to mock them for their stupidity. Many stupid jokes still attest to that fact. Well, an 18 year old Irish boy disproves the stigma. One day, he may be a Nobel … Continue reading

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Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem: we are all brothers and sisters

Jewish and Arab children share a school, learn about each other’s cultures, and become friends. Israelis and Palestinians are deadly enemies, right? This has gone on since 1948, the establishment of Israel. Each side has repaid hurt with hurt, attack … Continue reading

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Australia’s REAL opposition

If you want to be inspired, please read the transcript of a speech by Senator Richard Di Natale, the leader of the Australian Greens. Before Richard got into politics, he was a physician who specialised in treating drug addiction. He … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Dalai Lama

His Holiness has turned 84. This man has been one of my inspirations for many years. His response to the devastation the Chinese government has wrought upon his people is a model in how all of us should handle misfortune. … Continue reading

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Sister of my spirit

Angie Zelter is a 68 year old Welsh lady who has followed a very similar path to mine: environmental and humanitarian activism from when we were both young until the present. Please read her inspiring statement in the Magistrate’s Court … Continue reading

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Will my daughter inspire you?

Allow me to introduce Professor Anina Rich, my baby daughter — well, at least as seen from behind. Here is her message to go with the picture: I’m incredibly upset and angered by Australia’s policies toward people who come to … Continue reading

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A true world leader

This morning, I found several reports of another brave act from Pope Francis. He has declared a climate emergency, and firmly told the oil companies to stop killing the future. Here is one account, at EcoWatch. The leaders of these … Continue reading

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Feeling down? Joan can help.

That’s Joan Edwards, whose post makes me feel she is my fairy godmother. Please read her essay, “Who is in your corner?”

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Who should be a politician?

Plato said, those who seek power should be barred from exercising it. This remarkable president of a country agrees with him. I have long admired Uruguayan President José Mujica, who donates 90% of his income to charity, and lives modestly. … Continue reading

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