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Three heroes for the environment

One of them is Kathleen O’Donnell, who since infancy has gone by the name Katta. She spent her childhood in my community, Moora Moora. Now she is a law student, and already a major challenge to the dinosaurs who are … Continue reading

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Yvonne Rowan on our times

Yvonne has sent me a message of such power that I feel the need of sharing it. Here is our relevant conversation: G’Day, Mate! The total idiocy of so many people makes me wonder how the human species has survived … Continue reading

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You CAN do it — the requirement is persistence

This is the message of Joan Edwards’ latest post. Do take a couple of minutes and read her inspirational advice.

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My best read of the past 10 years

Rhobin Courtright’s instructions to her faithful followers: “Review or recommend a book, a short story, or an online article, or a post on someone’s blog.” I have very little opportunity to read books other than those sent to me to … Continue reading

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The husband-and-wife team who may have saved the world

Both have Turkish parents but are German. They met at University, and barely took off a day from research for their wedding. They remind me of Pierre and Marie Curie, who also put service through research above all else. Do … Continue reading

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Undoing some palm oil ecocide

The Rhino and Forest Fund (RFF) is a small NGO that has invested in a big result. They have purchased a palm oil plantation on the Indonesian island of Sabah, and will replant it with local natives. This will provide … Continue reading

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Wisdom every day

He is much younger than my children, but wiser than most people I know. His books are inspirational, instructive and… sorry, I couldn’t think of a third word starting with “i” that will fit, but reading them will improve your … Continue reading

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Simple drawings, wonderful message

If you are down, if the world out there is too crazy to bear, take a trip to Lunarbaboon.

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Economics for People: a wonderful essay by Dirk Philipsen

It’s a long read, but today is Saturday, so here is a bit of weekend reading for you. I was cheering all the way through this incisive analysis of what is wrong with our world and why, and what we … Continue reading

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Two teenagers challenge the coal industry

And more power to them. They have found a new legal argument demonstrating that the environmental permission the Adani coal mine was given in 2015 was faulty, and must be repealed. You can read the report here. It is from … Continue reading

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