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Good man cleared after 7 years

In 2013, Andy Hall exposed the terrible treatment of workers used (supposedly employed) by a Thai company that supplies pineapple products globally. The result was victimisation through the law, with the company persecuting Andy through four court cases. The great … Continue reading

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Matthew Trotter stared at the handcuffed man in the dock — the murderer of his wife and daughter. Trodg stood nearly seven feet tall, with a broad, powerful body. He was one of Matt’s caseload, so he knew the man’s … Continue reading

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Inspiring cooking stove

Uganda is dying because of deforestation. Its women are terribly affected by smoke from cooking fires. One man has done something to reduce both problems. He has devised a zero-cost mud stove that reduces firewood use to half, and eliminates … Continue reading

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CREDO Mobile, the Carrier with a Conscience

For years now, I have voted for one or another organization who were in line to receive a wonderful donation from Credo. This is a company that provides telephone and other services, but with a huge difference. “Since 1985, we’ve … Continue reading

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Grandmother power

This little report in Nature made me want to hug a psychiatrist and a bunch of grandmothers in Zimbabwe. Dixon Chibanda is a major mover for mental health in his country. One of his long term projects has been to … Continue reading

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Courage and inspiration: infectious disease response in South Sudan

If you want to feel a little better about being human, please read this short, inspiring essay by Sulaiman Sesay. His main job is dealing with starvation, but he was in the frontline of addressing Ebola, and he is there … Continue reading

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How to raise children: a speech to Toastmasters

I was checking something at my psychology website, systematically going through all the pages, when I came across the transcript of my number 10 speech at Toastmasters 20 years ago. The theme is that Toastmasters are traitors to society, and … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: Divest from carbon now!

Trump ordered peaceful protesters to be assaulted, so he could hold up a bible. This was an act of blasphemy, and if anyone disagrees, all I can say is, read what Jesus says in that book. Pope Francis has done … Continue reading

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His business was set on fire, but he is of benefit in several ways

Please read about the inspiring actions of a business owner whose premises were damaged. If everyone were like Chris Montana, we’d have a good world to live in. Although the first black owner of a craft distillery, he is the … Continue reading

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National Sorry Day: Jarro

Sorry Day is the anniversary of the event when Australia’s Prime Minister at the time, Kevin Rudd, officially apologised to the Aboriginal people of Australia for the “Stolen Generations,” and many other terrible injustices the invaders have committed. To celebrate … Continue reading

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