I have started a new habit. At more or less irregular intervals, I am uploading a short story for your enjoyment. (If you don’t enjoy them, GO AWAY!)

If you like them, please share the link. And while you’re here, have a look around this site.

Here they are to date:

A 100 word story about a car crash that changed a mind.

100 word story explaining the reason for the award of a Noble Prize.

Ancient wisdom
Also 100 words, about a grandfather’s bite.

Angel of Life
How young George saved his mother’s life with magic bullets.

Expert Assessment
He examined grandmother, in 100 words.

Gremlin, by Darrell Bain
There are reasons for equipment malfunction…

The meaning of life and death due date 16th February, 2018
Dale wanted to spare his friends from mourning his coming death, but Sheila had other ideas.

Biological Pest Control due date 26th February 2018
Our sick little planet has distant helpers.

Coffee Storm due date 16th March, 2018
How the offer of an act of kindness wrecked a marriage.