At more or less irregular intervals, I am uploading a short story for your enjoyment. (If you don’t enjoy them, GO AWAY!)

If you like them, please share the link. And while you’re here, please have a look around this site.

Here they are to date, newest at the top:

Peace. This is a little poem, but it does tell a story.
A cat memory

You can’t turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear

How to create an hour of Heaven.

Maudie is a short story I wrote for REAL Human Nature. I posted it because it has the same theme as a lovely book I have just edited.

COVID Angel: one of the stories intended for REAL Human Nature

Rescue with side benefits is another, to illustrate a point in my June, 2022 Rhobin’s Round.

A frog story: a therapeutic story written for a little boy who was a bully and a “monster.”

My formidable neighbour

The More You Give, the More You Grow: A chapter from Lifting the Gloom

The power of NOW: the chapter on mindfulness from my book-to-be on grief.

Walking, boring?: a fun form of mindfulness meditation. One of my current projects is a book on grief, and believe it or not, this little story is intended as part of it.

Two women, aged 55: an award-winning story from Through Other Eyes, to be discussed at an online session.

Two views of a park: one of the stories from Lifting the Gloom, for discussion at an online workshop.

The glow: my latest story for Lifting the Gloom.

Peace for the Joker is the first story I wrote, and the first to win a prize. It’s one of the offerings in Through Other Eyes. I have posted it now because it’s relevant to the May, 2021 iteration of Rhobin’s Rounds.

I am continuing to add to my anthology, Lifting the Gloom. The latest one is only 160 words long, about Gratitude.

The bible and homosexuality: a brief extract from You Can’t Escape Destiny, the second volume of my Doom Healer series.

Forgiveness: an extract from my work in progress, Lifting the Gloom, as my contribution to Rhobin’s Rounds in December, 2020.

My bunyips are safe: 12th life. This is a true story, about my 12th opportunity to die.

You meet the nicest people in the oddest places. Last night, I had a very odd dream. Here it is, in exactly 100 words.

The Chess Player.
I recently posted the story of the distance runner, which gives you a feel for “flow:” the exhilarating feeling of bursting through the pain barrier. Another way of getting the same benefit is from a major mental challenge. These twin stories are part of my current fun: Lifting the Gloom: An antidepressant primer of short stories

Eulogy for Paul. This is the latest story in my current project. You’ll need to click the link to learn why I wrote it, and why I posted it now.

David Hooper’s chapter in Cancer: A personal challenge is an inspiring story of giving — and shows why you need to look after yourself as well as others.

The Distance Runner is a tiny part of my current writing project, illustrating the concept of “Flow.” That was me, all too long ago.

Plant something beautiful. Feed it sunshine. Water it with love. Like Jarro below, this story was specially written for my new anthology.

Each of my books has a substantial sample on its page at Naturally, with the short story collections, that’s a short story. I have just replaced the sample for Striking Back from Down Under with Fishing Expedition. Do meet my favourite villain, Will.

Jarro is one of my great friends, although so far he only lives within my computer. He describes how he gained wisdom, as a celebration of National Sorry Day.

I was sent an invitation to enter a contest in which you had to say something great in only 50 words. I made up an entry — but when trying to submit it, I found out I needed to pay a membership fee. That’s not within my budget, so I declined. All the same, YOU can read it here.

How to Serve Your Fellow Man: A humorous story to take you a little aback, by Don Lubov

Labels This is my contribution to Rhobin’s Rounds, December 2019. Shelly had been bullied for 10 of her 15 years, to the point of wanting to kill herself. Then Jake appeared…

Wog’s revenge. A 500 word story about the times when I was a school kid.

Puzzled or intrigued? The start of a science fiction story. Please comment.

Do you want to read on?

Buddhist equanimity is USEFUL

Wait, a beautiful example of mindfulness from Stuart Perkins.

HIG: the new energy source

Pip’s call to action. This is the last 1500 words of my novel, Ascending Spiral, in response to a comment by Stephanie Black to my essay, “How to change the world.”

Pay it Forward, a fine short story by Skye Taylor

Propping up virtue The transcript of a speech at Toastmasters, giving a crosseyed view of Australian history.

Deer don’t have headlights Also known as Murphy’s law.

Aaron was a hero! A healing story I wrote with a 10 year old boy.

Making friends with the opposition, a true short story by Tom Hope.

Defeating the Blood-red Dragon A story about overcoming depression.

Peace for the Joker, the 16th story in my anthology, Through Other Eyes, and the first of my short stories to have won a prize.

The making of a prophet. This is Chapter 23 in a science fiction-fantasy book I am currently writing.

Coffee Storm
How the offer of an act of kindness wrecked a marriage.

Biological Pest Control
Our sick little planet has distant helpers.

The meaning of life and death. Dale wanted to spare his friends from mourning his coming death, but Sheila had other ideas.

Gremlin, by Darrell Bain
There are reasons for equipment malfunction…

Expert Assessment. He examined grandmother, in 100 words.

Angel of Life. How young George saved his mother’s life with magic bullets.

Ancient wisdom. Also 100 words, about a grandfather’s bite.

Genius. A 100 word story explaining the reason for the award of a Noble Prize.

Hate? A 100 word story about a car crash that changed a mind.

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  1. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Thank you immensely.
    I guess this page is an index; if people comment it is to the individual stories.


  2. pendantry says:

    Blimey, no comments on this page? It’s undated, so there’s no way of telling how long it’s been up in this state. I don’t have time right now to follow all your links here right now, but I do have time to cure the ‘no-comment’ problem; so, here you go 😀


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