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What are the most important aspects to pay attention to that relate to sustainability?

This was a question on Quora “Sustainable” means something can keep going indefinitely. That is, what a process uses up should equal or be less than what it produces, so there is an ongoing cycle. So, a business is sustainable … Continue reading

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We can’t remove enough CO2

A new report has confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: you can’t fix the system that makes too much of what’s killing us. I am impressed by the thoroughness and accuracy of this report, and that it looks at … Continue reading

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Queendom blog interview, part 2

I have been a volunteer answerer of cries for help at Queendom since 1999. Recently, I had the honour of being interviewed at Queendom blog. It was long enough to make two servings. I’ve previously announced the first instalment. This … Continue reading

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Power of Good People reviewed on Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s New Review site

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An inspiring event

In the last issue, I reviewed The Power of Good People, by Para Paheer and Alison Corke. I’ve just returned from the book’s launch in Eltham, 25-odd Km away from my home, and have the need to share this wonderful … Continue reading

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What makes a character memorable?

Other posts in Rhobin’s Rounds This is the task Rhobin Courtright has set her group. Well, what makes a person memorable? After all, character is a person in a book. The people I remember are those who have had an … Continue reading

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A band-aid: Buddhist equanimity

Originally posted on Bobbing Around:
We live at the end of times. The conversion of the USA into Trumpistan (thank you for the brilliant term, Margaret Goodman) has taken us a huge jump toward global disaster. The only rational reaction…

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Litring author takeover, Sat 4th Nov

As I threatened in the just-released November issue of Bobbing Around, I am circulating the details of an event I was unwise enough to volunteer for. This is a Facebook party (sort of), with me and a couple of other … Continue reading

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Cheryl Holloway is interviewing me, now

Please visit Cheryl Holloway’s blog and leave a comment. Also, I’ll be grateful if you spread the word. 🙂 Bob

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A bang then a whimper?

Previous contributions to Rhobin’s rounds Rhobin’s question for May, 2017 was suggested by Skye: Has so much emphasis been placed by other writers’ advice, publishers, reviewers, etc. on authors to have a spectacular opening page/1st chapter that the rest of … Continue reading

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