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Still a chance!

To my followers, Dear Friend, I’ve just found out that I have made a little mistake. The Amazon UK Storyteller contest ends on the 19th of May, not the 17th as I thought. If you have decided for any reason … Continue reading

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Guardian Angel is soaring

Amazon UK is running a “storyteller contest.” I have entered my novel, Guardian Angel. This means it needs lots of sales, and lots of great reviews. So, I have priced it at the minimum Amazon allows: 75 US cents (99 … Continue reading

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Feedback on draft cover please

Here is the draft cover of Hit and Run, my 16th book, about to come to life. The publisher is waiting for my approval. Please give me your opinion. Would you pick up the book if you saw this cover?

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Bobbing Around Volume 15 Number 3

I posted this issue, back in September, 2015, but something went wrong. It is not in the WordPress archives. Since it is full of good stuff, I’ve removed outdated material, and am having a second go. Think of it as … Continue reading

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Why is the new year now?

Originally, new year was the start of the northern hemisphere spring. If you don’t believe me, examine the names of the months. September, October, November and December mean the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th months respectively. So some counting on … Continue reading

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Clever turns of phrase

Past topics in Rhobin’s Rounds Rhobin’s topic is: “How does wording choice develop a story’s character? How do you use and select your words?” I didn’t quite manage to answer this question, but ended up with a question instead. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Away, away, giveaway!

Originally posted on J. C. Conway:
by Bob Rich My best novel to date was published by Loving Healing Press in 2013. It’s got heaps of 5 star reviews, but understandably, sales are not what they used to be,…

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Hit and Run

My 16th book is about to be published. Writers Exchange E-Publishing is working to release Hit and Run, which some of my beta readers have judged to be my best book yet. Here is the draft cover. The publisher is … Continue reading

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Sin and guilt

The concept of sin is the most effective form of control ever invented. I reject it. Particularly, “original sin” is ridiculous: that people now should feel faulty and blemished because of what a couple were supposed to have done thousands … Continue reading

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Buddhism for Christians

Recently, I had an ongoing email conversation with a strong Christian; someone who honestly believes that the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth is what’s written in his denomination’s version of the Bible. He wanted to understand … Continue reading

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