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At last, Hit and Run is published

It’s been a saga of several years, but it’s happened. Sylvia Kryz is one of my favourite teachers. Writing her story has made me into a better person. Many people who have read an advanced review copy have expressed a … Continue reading

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I agree with every word of Ted Trainer’s message

via George Monbiot’s “Out of the Wreckage”: A friendly critique.

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This affects every author and publisher

Amazon has two policies that impact on readers’ ability to post reviews. And reviews sell books. First, the various national Amazon sites are fractured. Posting a review on your home Amazon will not make it visible on any other. So, … Continue reading

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Grabbing pics legally

I hate the idea of violating copyright; in essence stealing someone else’s creative work. Staying legal and ethical has just become easier, thanks to an essay about how to make a book trailer by TA Sullivan at Book Daily. She … Continue reading

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The making of a prophet

Other stories This is an extract from a science fiction – fantasy book I am writing, right now. It’s well into the story, so a few things may be puzzling, but I think it does make sense by itself. Let … Continue reading

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What are the most important aspects to pay attention to that relate to sustainability?

This was a question on Quora “Sustainable” means something can keep going indefinitely. That is, what a process uses up should equal or be less than what it produces, so there is an ongoing cycle. So, a business is sustainable … Continue reading

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We can’t remove enough CO2

A new report has confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: you can’t fix the system that makes too much of what’s killing us. I am impressed by the thoroughness and accuracy of this report, and that it looks at … Continue reading

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Queendom blog interview, part 2

I have been a volunteer answerer of cries for help at Queendom since 1999. Recently, I had the honour of being interviewed at Queendom blog. It was long enough to make two servings. I’ve previously announced the first instalment. This … Continue reading

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Power of Good People reviewed on Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s New Review site

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An inspiring event

In the last issue, I reviewed The Power of Good People, by Para Paheer and Alison Corke. I’ve just returned from the book’s launch in Eltham, 25-odd Km away from my home, and have the need to share this wonderful … Continue reading

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