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Fighting for the Climate: A Note from Post-Apocalyptic California

Originally posted on Cynthia Kaufman:
As I write this the air is brown and dangerous to breathe for the third day in a row in California. Yesterday I needed to wear a respirator to keep my lungs from hurting. So…

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Roof cleans air

Odd. My post disappeared from the post. This is what I had written: 3M has developed a roof coating that uses UV energy from the sun to decompose nitrous oxides in the air, which are the main component of … Continue reading

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Roof cleans air

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One person can make a difference

The story of Sarah Jackson gave me a warm feeling, and if you agree with her that “Over and over the Bible talks about treating the sojourner or immigrant as one of your own,” then you may be motivated to … Continue reading

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Excellent voting advice

If you are an American, and anticipate possible obstructionism or prejudice while attempting to cast a vote, prepare yourself by reading this excellent article at

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Interview With Dr. Bob Rich

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Originally posted on Tas Through the Looking Glass:
I’ve asked Dr. Bob Rich, author, conservationist, and professional granfather, to join me today. After reading two of his books and sharing a number of long conversations, which covered a multitude of…


Comma tips

This is a little essay I had in a Bobbing Around in 2015. Here it is again, because I am getting quite a few comma problems while editing the submissions to my free book edit contest (deadline 15th Oct.). In … Continue reading

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Prosecute this international criminal

From Avaaz: Dear friends, US investigators are closing in on Trump’s trail of corruption — indicting his personal lawyer, his campaign chief, and many more. But Trump says he’s above the law, and he’s considering drastic steps to shut down … Continue reading

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Message from Bernie Sanders

For the past 40 years in this country, our great middle class — once the envy of the world — has been disappearing. All over America, people are working two or three jobs, scared to death about the futures of … Continue reading

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Healing a wildlife reserve, and a community

This Guardian article made me feel good about being a human — not the usual reaction when reading what happens around our planet. War in Mozambique practically destroyed a wildlife reserve. American philanthropist Greg Carr did something about it. The … Continue reading

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