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Alternatives to Killing People for the Economy

Originally posted on Cynthia Kaufman:
As the U.S. begins to reopen after being shut down to protect us from spreading Covid-19, many people are beginning to talk about a choice between what is good for the economy and what will…

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New report from the Club of Rome: PLANET EMERGENCY PLAN

One of the chief authors is Sandrine Dixson-Declève In 1972, the Club of Rome validated my assessment of the evidence that humanity was heading down the wrong path, toward self-destruction. They’ve been my heroes ever since. Now, they have published … Continue reading

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Reincarnation: Fact & Fiction

via Reincarnation: Fact & Fiction

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Melting Ice Everywhere — Arctic Sea Ice Extent Hit New Record Lows in Late July and Early August

Originally posted on robertscribbler:
If there is one word I’d use for the summer of 2019 it would be awakening. Awakening to a general public awareness of a climate crisis driven by fossil fuel burning we are now entering the…

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I just received this picture. It says it all, except for the link, which is here. 🙂 Bob

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Death Lessons

Originally posted on Tas Through the Looking Glass:
Variations of this question have popped up often enough during presentaitons that I give regarding my near-death experience that I decided to just create a blog post. The question is: What commonality…

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Dignity in a Teacup

My name is Christine Cummins I am the convenor of the Bendigo Rural Australians for Refugees and a very passionate advocate. I spent five years working on Christmas Island as a torture & trauma counsellor and after I returned to … Continue reading

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Decency wins

A nice lady in Slovakia first attracted attention for organising a protest to block local environmental vandalism. Then she organised a national protest about two murders. Now, she has just been elected as her country’s president. In her campaigning, she … Continue reading

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7 tips for self-editing your book

Originally posted on Helena Fairfax:
It’s time for this month’s authors’ Round Robin, and author Robin Courtright has set us another excellent topic… How do you self-edit your books before submitting or publishing? When I wrote my first novel I…

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Law gains sanity even in the USA

A Federal court has ruled that permission to drill for gas in Wyoming must depend on its cumulative effect on climate change, and not be assessed in isolation. The logic is already being applied to other states, and will be … Continue reading

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