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Courage and inspiration: infectious disease response in South Sudan

If you want to feel a little better about being human, please read this short, inspiring essay by Sulaiman Sesay. His main job is dealing with starvation, but he was in the frontline of addressing Ebola, and he is there … Continue reading

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Another reason to protect the environment

Please read this calm, factual but terrifying account of how and why new diseases emerge. It examines the situation in Australia, but consider that a case study. The same is true everywhere humans intrude on nature, and that probably includes … Continue reading

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The 2020 awards for the very worst people of coronavirus

Van Badham has proven herself a genius in sarcasm combined with factual accuracy. You just have to read her brilliant assessment of the worst idiots of the planet. But also, many of them are in fact murderers. May they — … Continue reading

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Inner peace when the whole world worries

As my friends know, this is part of my message, and my personal practice. To make one of my tools available for many people, I have sent a guided imagery script to Nina Savelle-Rocklin, who has a weekly radio show … Continue reading

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Coronavirus may help you to save yourself from coffin nails

“Coffin nails” is an excellent Australian slang term for cigarettes. Here is a helpful article setting out the role of smoking in increased risk of COVID19. If you’ve wanted to escape the grip of tobacco but haven’t been able to, … Continue reading

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How well are you coping? Take this test at Queendom

My friend Deb at Queendom has constructed an excellent test that will give you a description of how well you are coping, and then the analysis of your responses offers specific, tailored advice on what strengths to build on, and … Continue reading

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Recycled safety

Here is a breathing mask that doesn’t hide your face. It uses your clothing as the filter, and even stops you from scratching your face. And it’s made from a recycled throw-away bottle, protecting wildlife. The offcuts can still go … Continue reading

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New diseases are a predictable result of our attack on nature

This was one of my conclusions in 1972, after 9 months of studying the available evidence. We have had “lucky” calls with Ebola, Zika, SARS, AIDS and several others. Our luck is still holding: despite the global panic, COVID19 is … Continue reading

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Should you exercise? And how much?

I have been an exercise addict from 11 years of age, so for me it’s a given. I have kept up my regular exercise routine, and as always, it is one of the things that enables me to keep going, … Continue reading

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How to have a vibrant social distancing experience

Scott Kelly was in charge of the International Space Station for a year, so his advice on how to deal with social distancing is worth considering. Here is a thing I find interesting and validating. Every one of his recommendations … Continue reading

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