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It’s gas or your life

In just about every country, governments are forcing fracking onto people who desperately resist. This resistance is for good reason: FRACKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, never mind the addition of all that methane to climate change. This report by … Continue reading

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Magic mushrooms for depression

I haven’t read the original research report, but this writeup in the Guardian. The active ingredient of “magic mushrooms” was given to people with long term depression, who had tried both talk therapies and standard antidepressants with no effect. Here … Continue reading

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Climate emergency is a health issue

The European Academies’ Science Advisory Council has published an important report on climate change and health. At a minimum, please read their brief summary. They confirm my frequent message: climate change is not a danger for the future, but is … Continue reading

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We swim in a sea of poisons

During my lifetime, there has been an unacknowledged rise in cancer, and in a variety of mysterious diseases. Gluten sensitivity has exploded, as have a great variety of autoimmune disorders. All three of my children have minor mutations, such as … Continue reading

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6 days: the health effects of organic food

A new study has shown that switching to organic foods for only 6 days significantly reduced the levels of dangerous agricultural poisons within the bodies of adults and children. The poisons studied included the highly dangerous organophosphates, which kill nerves; … Continue reading

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Glyphosate DOES worsen cancer risk

A meta-analysis is a statistical technique that combines the results of many studies, in this way increasing the reliability and validity of the overall results. A new meta-analysis of many studies is part of a report that also included experimental … Continue reading

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Dope drags you down

Marijuana, like alcohol, is known as a central nervous depressant, but a new, large scale study shows it’s worse than that: smoke dope in your teenage years, and you risk depression in adulthood. My personal attitude has always been that … Continue reading

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Water bottle hygiene

Melissa Breyer reports on some of her personal research on how to keep reusable water bottles from making you sick. As she notes, humans have lived without constant hydration from our Rift Valley origins until about 1970, and now that … Continue reading

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Germans want sane agriculture

19th of January was an entertaining day in Berlin. You could see a long column of tractors drive under the Brandenburg Gate, and about 35,000 protesters crowding the streets. Many held placards reading “Eating is political.” Their cause: replace industrial … Continue reading

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Killing Gaia from the bottom up

When considering the damage from climate change, we think of wildfire, flood, drought, superstorms, rising sea level, the wiping out of ecosystems like coral reefs and rainforest. However, there is a more subtle, and more deadly effect. A study in … Continue reading

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