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Now you’re cooking with gas! Oh no!

“Now you’re cooking with gas!” was a slogan of my youth, created by the gas industry, to indicate something really good. This bit of investigative journalism by Lisa Song shows this to have been a con. Cooking with gas risks … Continue reading

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Climate change ravages health: the facts

It’s a long read, but does contain a summary. This essay is intended as a resource for journalists to allow them to interpret the 7th Lancet report on the impacts of climate change on human health. It ain’t pretty. We … Continue reading

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How to save the world, according to George Monbiot

George does it again, and inspires me. This great man should receive a Nobel Prize. A major means of humanity’s attack on nature is overfishing. The worst attack on land-based nature is agriculture — we do need to feed those … Continue reading

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Antidepressant exercise

Ernest Dempsey at Recovering the Self is serialising From Depression to Contentment. Currently, he is working his way through the seven magic bullets, and now can tell you how you can use exercise to feel good, without making it yet … Continue reading

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Restful sleep — not too much or too little

This is my latest guest post on Recovering the Self, being the next instalment of the serialisation of a book that could change your life, From Depression to Contentment.

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Long COVID: the case for inner peace

A recent study has found a strong association between chronic psychological distress and persisting symptoms after COVID. Unfortunately, the report is hiding behind a paywall, but do read this interesting plain-word account. This is no surprise to me. The same … Continue reading

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Healthy eating: the first magic bullet

Recovering the Self is Ernest Dempsey’s blog. What the Dickens is he doing? Having fun every few weeks posting a self-contained part of From Depression to Contentment. He has just let me know that you can read how to use … Continue reading

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You can’t beat a beetroot

Apart from the vibrant splash of purple on your plate, and the taste, beetroot is good for you in multiple ways. Here is a listing.

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The right choice: an inspiring story of a woman’s wisdom

They call it “right to life,” but it is the right to control, the right to impose immense suffering. Please read this beautiful, compassionate account by a woman who needed to terminate her unborn baby at 23 weeks. What would … Continue reading

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Climate milk?

I do enjoy Treehugger, even apart from the name. They are such a nice bunch of people. You will have come across the info that the dairy industry is one of the major drivers of the climate catastrophe, but what … Continue reading

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