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Eco-flying tips

Lauren Bowen, writing for, has an excellent list of suggestions for minimising the environmental damage you do when having to hop on a plane. As she says at the start, the most ecological is to avoid the need to … Continue reading

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Better, cheaper, and uses up trash

To me, “tires” is the past tense of the verb meaning “feel or cause to feel in need of rest or sleep.” Here, I am talking about tyres. Anyway, when you’ve worn off the threads, they are a waste and … Continue reading

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Good tips on reducing energy use

This infographic from Environment America will save you money and reduce your environmental footprint wherever you live. Harvard University Office for Sustainability, the source of the pic, also has excellent advice.

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Shopping bags

In our little town, there is a group of enthusiastic women, including my wife, who hold occasional working bees, making shopping bags from things like old sheets. They decorate them, and have made them available for free to a local … Continue reading

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Dirt into soil

This is the title of Gabe Brown’s book, and the passion of his life. He has turned a failing chemical ranch into a thriving organic one, with a very long list of benefits. Read his inspiring story here.

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