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No, they can’t run away

We have all heard about billionaires buying properties where they hope to be safe from the calamity they know is coming; the future their activities caused. And why are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos so interested in off-Earth ventures? Here … Continue reading

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Fracking kills children

Here is yet another damning item of evidence about the harm of “unconventional” fossil fuel extraction. Kids born near fracking wells have THREE TIMES the probability of developing the most common childhood cancer. And you can be sure, the fracking … Continue reading

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Too hot? Too cold?

You can reduce your impact on the environment by controlling your temperature in different ways. I tell you how in a guest post at Wibble.

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Don’t toss it; fix it

I’ve been doing this for decades, as part of my work for a survivable future. “Repair” is the second priority after “refuse.” Here is an organisation where you can learn how to fix things, join up with likeminded practical environmentalists … Continue reading

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The zero waste kitchen

You will enjoy Melissa Breyer’s lively writing while she takes you on a guided tour of her kitchen. She describes about a dozen ways of eliminating waste (paper as well as plastic). While I know about most of them, I … Continue reading

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How to safely scan a QR code with your smartphone

One thoughtless scan could allow criminals to strip your bank account. So, please read this helpful essay by CREDO.

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YOU can micro plastic

Um… I mean, you can reduce the amount of microplastic released, but that’s less clickbait-worthy. Polyester is cheap, durable and convenient. Almost half of your clothes is made partly or wholly from it. The durability is one problem. It can … Continue reading

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Sucking out the CO2: an inspiring story

We just have to put less in the way of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but even if we completely stopped this minute, what we have already released will cook us. So, there is a desperate need to reduce the … Continue reading

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Recycling light bulbs

I do like Treehugger. They have a serious environmental message, are invariably informative, and everything is done with a great sense of fun. This article by Lauren Murphy on how to dispose of dead light bulbs is no exception. It … Continue reading

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Smartphone or stupidphone?

Dr Mark Williams is a cognitive neuroscientist. He used to be a professor at Macquarie University, until the Australian government decided to destroy tertiary education (universities train people to think for themselves, and that’s no good for slaves, right?). Now … Continue reading

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