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Propping Up Virtue

My No. 8 speech to Lilydale Toastmasters Madam Toastmaster, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a PROP. A clothes prop. It is as much an icon of Australia’s past as the outdoor dunny, and the travelling salesman. Before the invention of … Continue reading

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Deer don’t have headlights

Edsel Murphy was seven years old when his family migrated from Ireland to the USA. He became an engineer — indeed, a Professor of Engineering at MIT, the top engineering school in the world. He wrote a textbook on overengineering, … Continue reading

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A healing story: Aaron was a Hero!

Other stories When Aaron was two, he was taken from his mother and placed in foster care. This was because of her heroin addiction. Losing her child motivated her to get off the drug. In the process, she met and … Continue reading

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Armour-coating our kids

The Honourable Brian Goldstone, Minister of Education, adjusted the microphone to suit his six foot stature and started, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I owe my position to Danielle Coleman. She was my teacher in Year Nine. Until then, I hated school. … Continue reading

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Making friends with the opposition, by Tom Hope

Other stories Tom is a young man who currently lives in my community, Moora Moora, and is hoping to become a member. Reading this story will thoroughly introduce him to you. Diary, 2 Feb 2016 I am in Tasmania hitch-hiking. … Continue reading

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Defeating the Blood-red Dragon

Other stories Today is a day of joy: I have the Blood-red Dragon running scared. Oh, she’s not dead, but never again will she drive me to despair, poison my thoughts, sour my life. I have conquered her, after Maureen … Continue reading

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Peace for the Joker

I needed a summer job, so lied about my age, and was employed by Sims in their scrap metal reprocessing plant. It was a great experience for a boy. I had to melt lead and tin into ingots of solder. … Continue reading

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Coffee storm

Other stories Retirement has its routines. Every day after lunch, Celia consumed the next one of an endless succession of romances. John snoozed away while supposedly playing online scrabble. Then, at four o’clock, Celia made them a cup of coffee … Continue reading

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Biological pest control

Blin was bored beyond belief, sitting idly while the machine did its automatic scan. “Why must we do this, watch after watch?” It demanded. At Its own console, Daita said, as during many previous watches, “Because if something is found, … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life and Death

This fictional story is the first chapter of Cancer: A personal challenge. Other free stories It’s a bastard, facing a death sentence at nineteen. My eyelids are a blessedly black barrier between me and the world. A light breeze is … Continue reading

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