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How to Serve Your Fellow Man

A humorous story to take you a little aback, by Don Lubov The virus had the entire community quarantined for so long, relationships were strained, to say the least. Couples married for 50 years and more were finding out that … Continue reading

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Dear Mom, I know you love me, and so this is going to hurt you terribly. I am sorry. Giving you pain is the last thing I want to do. All the same, I need to kill myself. I can’t … Continue reading

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Wog’s revenge

Some time ago, there was a contest for short stories with an Australian historical theme, word limit being 500. I entered this little story, but the judges had poor judgment, and it didn’t win. “I fought for this country! And … Continue reading

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Puzzled or intrigued?

This is the start of a story that follows on from the end of a previous volume. Until this scene, all the action was on Earth. As the heading shows, we are on a planet in a faraway galaxy. I’d … Continue reading

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Do you want to read on?

This is the start of my current work, the fifth volume of The Doom Healer. I’d be very grateful for your feedback. Even if you know nothing about what went on in the first four volumes, does it grab you? … Continue reading

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Buddhist equanimity is USEFUL

In order to spread the word about my new book, From Depression to Contentment, I am in the process of trawling through my email records to find my psychologist colleagues. In the process, I found this 2014 contribution to the … Continue reading

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Wait, by Stuart Perkins

I’m watching from my window today. For a few minutes more, at least. Saturday errands call, but right now the view into the garden has my willpower paralyzed. Soothed by the peaceful nothingness happening out there, I stare blissfully through … Continue reading

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HIG: the new energy source

Other stories © Dr Bob Rich & Anina Rich When my daughter Anina was still a schoolkid, she and I wrote this story together, and entered it in a contest. It won first prize, earning us a solar cooker, which … Continue reading

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Pip’s call to action

Stephanie Black has posted a long and thoughtful comment to How to change the world. I have learned some of the answers to her questions from Pip Lipkin, who is the hero of my novel, Ascending Spiral. Here is how … Continue reading

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Other essays in Rhobin’s Rounds The water is so cold! Liquid ice flows into Heather’s mouth, into her lungs as she gasps from the shock of immersion in freezing fire. Her head is within the black depths, and a terrible … Continue reading

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