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The story of an enlightened spirit

I was reading about something else when I saw a link to “strange fruit.” I didn’t know the meaning, and clicked. I’ve never heard of Abel Meeropol, but now he is one of my heroes. His story made me feel … Continue reading

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In defence of a fine young woman

I answer questions on Quora, though sometimes I don’t know why I bother. A current fashion there is to attack Greta Thunberg. After all, it would be SO UNCOMFORTABLE and INCONVENIENT if she were right! Please read my answer to … Continue reading

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Two of my favourite people on this planet, shaking hands

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Arguing over money

My little town of Healesville has a wonderful organisation. Its activity is to feed the hungry, keep the homeless alive and achieve some self-respect, drive around people who would otherwise be house-bound — be of benefit in dozens of ways. … Continue reading

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Claire Dunn on saving a (near) future

Please read this important invitation from Claire. If you live more or less near her, join her. Otherwise, copy her wherever you are. Claire and I do things differently, but we are on the same path, of doing our best … Continue reading

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A plumber with a heart

“Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” uses the device of the funeral oration. Imagine you’re on your deathbed, and writing what you want your favourite great-grandchild to say in your memory. Will it be the amount of money you made? Or will … Continue reading

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Recruiting youngster power

I’ve just come home from the Climate Strike. I hated the crowds and the noise, and my old body is now in pain from having stood around for hours — but I loved the event. Usually, I emphasise that I … Continue reading

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More about Anikó

I attended a writers’ conference organised by well-known Australian writer, John Marsden, in 2003. We were each to deliver a speech to promote an unpublished manuscript. Several publishers had their acquisition editors there. For my contribution to the August, 2019 … Continue reading

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Paddle from California to Hawaii?

Antonio de la Rosa has, because he is passionate about getting trash out of the ocean. His power source was entirely his strong body wielding a paddle. Every day, he saw thrown away plastic, and bits of fishing nets. He … Continue reading

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The best of human nature

Big boys don’t cry, but this lovely little story brought tears to my eyes. News about sport are very often about cutthroat competition, drug taking, losers throwing tantrums, people driving themselves to injury. Here is an occasion for celebrating friendship, … Continue reading

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