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Greta Thunberg says, “Enough is enough!”

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Me, Just now† I received an email today, imploring me to sign yet another petition. Those tend to have little…

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An invitation

Two of my daughters, one genetically related, one not, have organised the most perfect birthday celebration for me: the planting of a wildlife corridor at Moora Moora, my community. This is a few weeks early, but as my card states, … Continue reading

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Super-duper marathon run nearly home

Last August, I posted about Erchana, a young woman who set out to run a marathon a day every day, from the top of Australia to Melbourne in the south. Her motive is to raise money for the Wilderness Society, … Continue reading

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Why we need a time machine: answer to a Quora question

Someone has just woken up to the nightmare I’ve been struggling with since 1972, and asked on Quora, “How soon do you think humanity will reach a point where serious action must be taken in order to avoid large-scale damage … Continue reading

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Why I love this guy

The guy is Bob Brown, founder of the Australian Greens, and indeed of the Greens movement globally. Please read this inspiring essay setting out in a few words what humanity needs to do to survive. It exactly matches what I … Continue reading

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Net Zero: the great con

“Net zero” is the concept that I can carry on my climate-wrecking activities by paying someone somewhere to do something that removes CO2 from the air. Then typically there is a date put on it: “Net zero by 2050” used … Continue reading

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You must stop drilling in our backyards: Sanity and decency in Los Angeles

I think my heading says it all, but the report is worth a few minutes of your time. Be inspired.

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Climate change ravages health: the facts

It’s a long read, but does contain a summary. This essay is intended as a resource for journalists to allow them to interpret the 7th Lancet report on the impacts of climate change on human health. It ain’t pretty. We … Continue reading

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Wibbling for George

Farcebook’s idiot AI has banned any link pointing to Bobbing Around, so when I want to publicise a post, I ask one of a small number of kind people to host it for me. My friend in Britain, Colin Reynolds, … Continue reading

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Win for First Nations kids

A court in Queensland, Australia has just kicked destructive billionaire Clive Palmer up where the sun don’t shine. This fellow wants to open a huge coal mine that would generate more greenhouse gases than entire countries. He has spent many … Continue reading

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