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A plumber with a heart

“Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” uses the device of the funeral oration. Imagine you’re on your deathbed, and writing what you want your favourite great-grandchild to say in your memory. Will it be the amount of money you made? Or will … Continue reading

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The best of human nature

Big boys don’t cry, but this lovely little story brought tears to my eyes. News about sport are very often about cutthroat competition, drug taking, losers throwing tantrums, people driving themselves to injury. Here is an occasion for celebrating friendship, … Continue reading

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Can you help this artist?

Rich McLean is not quite a starving artist, but not far off. He is about a year off from completing his PhD, and has started a Kickstarter to allow him to survive till then. There are rewards for investing in … Continue reading

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Reducing suffering by one

I love little human puppies, adorable bubs, streaks of lightning on two legs, teenage buds blossoming into adulthood… kids. Every time I have anything to do with one, I need to deal with the unasked thought, “What kind of a … Continue reading

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Will my daughter inspire you?

Allow me to introduce Professor Anina Rich, my baby daughter — well, at least as seen from behind. Here is her message to go with the picture: I’m incredibly upset and angered by Australia’s policies toward people who come to … Continue reading

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Join the kindness revolution

I admire Michelle Schoffro Cook for her many articles about health and nutrition, but her call for a kindness revolution raises this admiration to a new level. She is doing her best to build the culture that would make life … Continue reading

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What can we do about the environment: an answer at Quora

You may have read previous answers from me to similar questions, but I have given a fuller one here. If you haven’t, you may find it a novel way of looking at our future, and what we can do about … Continue reading

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Human nature being what it is…

We are in the middle of the Australian election campaign. I was riding around on my bike, letterboxing (for the Greens of course), when I saw a long stream of delightful human puppies running, jogging, walking or struggling along, supervised … Continue reading

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Compassion in practical action

One of the inspirations of my life is my daughter, Natalie. (She’ll tell me off for mentioning this.) Today, she drew my attention to a charity she has started to support. In 2007, Tony and Lisa Clark solved a number … Continue reading

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Generosity defeats crime

What do you do to a shoplifter? Call the cops, of course. Jitendra Singh instead chose to talk to the boy, and ended up making a gift of food to him. THIS is what life is for: not wealth, power, … Continue reading

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