Building book trading


The Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house has gone out of print, after 32 years, and four editions. This picture is the cover of the fourth edition.

It has been reviewed as “the Australian owner-builder’s bible,” and there are hundreds of thousands of copies around.

I get a trickle of email enquiring about buying one, but my box is empty.

So, as a service, I am setting up a trading post.

If you have a copy to sell, or want to buy one, email me, and I’ll act as the conduit.

If selling, please leave a comment on a post I created for that purpose, stating which edition, the book’s condition, and asking price.

If seeking to buy, please state where you live.

Naturally, we can chat about anything else as well.

The fee I ask for this service is that you look around my blog.