A common prosperity for planet Earth

A guest post by Duncan Dean

It is an undeniable fact that our human species is currently sailing along on a self-built ocean of deadly land, sea and atmospheric mega pollution.

The course we have charted is a direct and virtually uncontrolled path to our own self-genocide. People on our planet are leaving a much, much heavier polluting life footprint now than our forebears. And there’s a lot more of us now.

Over 300 years of industrial and technical evolution, we have set up, and continue to build upon, a dangerous planetary scaffolding to hang future generations of all plant and animal life currently heading for extinction from an over-heated planet.

An internationally agreed, long term, strategic plan, annually reviewed globally by all nations is a must for humans to work together in a coordinated exercise to reverse the damage already done.

Mr Xi, please join with Mr Biden and all nations on climate control. The two largest economies on our planet should join forces to work together to ensure life will survive. Divert use of massive military money into greater global guarantees instead—creating a future for our species: a common prosperity.

Its not just about dangerously high level of CO2 in the atmosphere, the weight of plastic in our oceans or the wholesale destruction of wildlife and insect habitat across the planet. It’s about how we must now plan and act to reverse all the land, sea and air degradation we have caused, and are still causing.

Alongside escalating environmental issues through global warming causing life threatening climate change lie two other global issues—issues that can only be addressed effectively by nations cooperating globally, immediately.

First, the World’s population explosion is exactly that—exploding. Our species is rapidly heading into previously uncharted water with the health of humans and our access to food and water now scientifically predicted to be fatal.

Second, current global geopolitical instability is as bad now as it has ever been. The two 21st Century global superpowers, China and the USA, are currently travelling on economic and military collision courses. Ridiculous!

An urgent message is being delivered by scientists to politicians and government leaders globally that the World must act in unison now. Later will be too late to stop double disasters of over-population and environmental calamity.

The Kyoto Summit and the Paris Agreement were just the entrée. Humans and all life on Earth now face a growing nightmare of catastrophic climate realities within the confines of this century unless we move faster.

The nations of the World must quickly grow a galvanised, urgently focused, fully global organisation of all nations acting in consort. We need a global plan.

Common prosperity should be the World’s major program with the goal of achieving a future socio-economic, environmental and geopolitical, sustainable coexistence for ourselves and all other species on Earth this century.

Only under the auspices of an internationally adopted strategy can Earth’s dominant life species act with international unison to correct the dangerous and genocidal planetary instability we have ourselves caused over the past 300 years of industrial and technical revolution.

There need be only two major agenda items for an inaugural Common Prosperity Global Conference as it forms and activates the first fully Global Strategic Plan for Earth’s development and survival over the next 50 years:

1. Activate an incentive-based global climate change strategy; and
2. Activate an incentive based global population growth strategy.

1. Global Climate Change Strategy

The World is not acting fast enough in unison despite promises and agreements flowing from the Glasgow conference.

The test is coming for Presidents Biden and Xi and all nations. The international follow-up to COP26 next year MUST bring unified action across the planet by ALL nations, cooperating at all levels—environmentally and economically—to avert runaway global warming predicted to turn Earth into a Mars environment. Both the economic and military giants must be persuaded to sit at the table, with the rest of the World, to agree on and implement a Global Strategic Plan.

2. Global Population Growth Strategy

There have been attempts in the past by nations to control their populations to a sustainable socio-economic demographic level such as China’s now defunct One Child Policy. That policy eventually failed through adverse ageing population outcomes for the Chinese economy.

With Earth’s human population approaching 10 billion, incentivised, socially acceptable, global population control methodology has never been applied.

The Global Strategic Plan should link climate and population control globally to bring our planet into a future, globally sustainable common prosperity.

The projected global population growth statistics for our homo sapiens species over the next fifty years are frightening as there are implications for our species’ ability to feed and water itself to survive in a stable Earth environment. There is continuing and massive environmental degradation from land clearing of old forests and over-fishing our wilderness life generators on land and in oceans alike.

Environmental and population EDUCATION of people across all nations combined with international cooperation on an incentive-based plan to stabilise populations globally is one key. This is not an easy sell to the “already developed” nations who will have to change to a static socio-economic growth structure with a GDP payout to assist developing countries.


The World is facing the two greatest existential threats to human (and all life) since our human evolution began two million years ago.

There is already some movement, by some nations from COP26, to address the climate change dilemma by reverting to renewable energy resources. However, it will be too little too late unless there is a global strategic outlook with mandatory and incentivised operational planning implications.

A sustainable World population, supported by a stabilised World climate will never be achieved without total, global cooperation by all nations in producing and urgently implementing immediately a fifty-year Global Strategic Plan to control both population and climate into the 22nd Century.

Duncan Dean is an Australian environmentalist with immense and varied experience in administration, both in the public service and private industry. He has lived in, studied and worked in almost every Australian state. Currently, he is a member of the Western Australian Greens, and, like me, is volunteering his time and particular skills during the Federal elections.

About Dr Bob Rich

I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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  1. Don Lubov says:

    Kudos to Duncan Dean, and best of luck to the Greens.D

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