World first: shifting demand to match supply

Well, New South Wales Minister for Energy and the Environment, Matt Kean, says it’s a world first.

The huge number of solar panels that keep going up generate a glut of electricity at certain times (spoiler: it’s not at midnight), while demand peaks at other times. So, things like hot water heaters, pool pumps and other devices that can be used any time will soon be programmed statewide to draw power when there is lots of it.

You can read about it in PV Magazine

I have an enormous admiration for Matt Kean’s work for environmental sanity. I wish he’d leave his dinosaur Liberal Party and join the Greens. Although that isn’t going to happen, he has been doing a lot of good, despite his political affiliations. All the same, the concept is not new. What is new is the technology used, and the scale of implementation.

Good for you, Matt. Pic is off his website.

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