Bobbing Around Volume 20 Number 12

Abuses multiply in our system because the system itself is abusive.
Mike Dowson

Worry and anxiety are being stuck in the future. Guilt and regret are being stuck in the past. Live in the NOW.
Dr Bob Rich

Bobbing Around

Volume Twenty, Number Twelve,
June, 2021

Bob Rich’s rave

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Interviewing Jeanne Gassman
50th recipient of the LiFe Award


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Jarvis Rich
Patricia Harrison
Deeper Issues
Living meditation
The monster Asbestos
Look over a writer’s shoulder
Writer’s block and what to do about it
I approve of these announcements
Tibetan update
Ascending Spiral reviewed by Shriswara
From Depression to Contentment: Kishore Kumar
…and Balvendar Singh
…and John Cooper
Inspired by the Holy Ghost: Spiritual Poetic Messages Received from Popular Songs by Aimee Cabo Nikolov
In Its Shadow: A 9/11 memoir, by Jodi Pratt
Loving Meditation, by Laurie Corzett
* Blog posts during May
Poison Planet confirmed

Are we just delaying the inevitable with climate change? Reblogged post, more relevant than ever.

No you can’t kill Europe’s bees!

Reincarnated Barbie dolls

Beautiful essay about a beautiful man, who is dying

People I am honoured to share the planet with

Climate victory gardens

Placebo without deception

POV: the heart of fiction

Writing as growth? my May contribution to Rhobin’s rounds.

Unblocking the Writer

Peace for the Joker

The glow: my latest story for Lifting the Gloom.

From me to you

Interviewing Jeanne Gassman
50th recipient of the LiFe Award


Interviewing Jeanne Gassman

I interviewed a writer who does a regular public service. Jeanne researches contests and publishing opportunities, and posts these resources to her blog.

50th recipient of the LiFe Award

It’s my pleasure to let you know that A Bend in the Ocean by Ajay Chacko is the newest recipient of the LiFE Award: Literature For Environment. I’ve read quite bit of the opening, and find it approximately unique, give or take a little.

Do check it out.


Jarvis Rich
Patricia Harrison


Jarvis Rich
Hi Grandbob,
I hope you are well, I really have been enjoying reading your news post/blogs for the last several months.

I think it’s so fantastic that you can create pieces of work which can be shared 1000 fold with the world.

I often find myself working intrinsically, at least these last 4 years I’ve been consistent and driven to understand my why & how to be of service to this world. I think that working from the bottom upwards is the most practical approach, referencing what Jordan Peterson speaks about in his book 12 rules for life. Clean up your act first and foremost before you go seeing what is wrong with the world and trying to fix it. He has a great example it’s like a monkey trying to fix a helicopter, you can try… but you have absolutely no freaken idea what you are doing.

So that’s been my journey for the last 4-5 years. Learning, understanding and trying my best to raise all the qualities of life up to standard of my own choosing.

Looking outwards at the world we live in, it’s such an interesting paradox where I myself have plenty and across the world there is very little. Why am I the lucky one and millions of others in situations where water & food is a scarcity?

Blessed is an understatement, blessed to be brought up in a time where survival is a trivial matter only seen on reality TV.

Which makes depression all the more ironic, we are not plagued by the lack we have but we’re plagued by our own mind.

Causing suffering regardless of our birth origin, are we here to learn suffering that we may find peace within the suffering and to make the most of the time we have?
Or are we here simply to be as we are?

Thanks Bob,
I miss you and Oma.
Much love,

As you may have gathered, Jarvis is my wonderful grandson.

Patricia Harrison
HI, Bob.
I heartily agree with your philosophy of doing our best to improve the wrongs we see, while not letting such problems crush our spirits. That’s not easy, given the state of modern politics, even without the devastating disease that has spread across the world. Neither of our two main political parties, Liberals or Conservatives, are worth voting for. In fact, at the last provincial election, I refused my ballot as a gesture of utter disgust. One bright spot: more people are demanding fair play from our governments, and more ‘dirty tricks’ are being exposed.

Lately, during this long period of isolation and lockdown Ontario is having, I sometimes feel like ‘digging a hole, crawling in, and pulling the hole in after me,’ as one old saying suggests. But then I read the books of activists like Naomi Klein and many others, working to save our threatened planet, and see countries that have drastically altered their lifestyle to ‘True Green’. There is hope still.

Now I think of how really safe I am, surrounded by friends with whom I can telephone, zoom, or even chat with outside in the spring sunshine, masked and six feet apart. My family is healthy and vaccinated, though working from home.

Best of all, I can spend hours sending friends long, boring emails!

Stay safe, and keep up the good work, Bob. I do greatly enjoy your bobbings.


Patricia Harrison is a Canadian mother, grandmother, teacher, and writer. In the 1970s she, her husband and two young daughters lived in beautiful Australia for four wonderful years. Husband Bill was a manager for Canada Packers, first in Geelong, then Melbourne and later in Perth. Before leaving Canada, Patricia had told the girls that they all had good friends in Australia: they just hadn’t met them yet. This was true, as they soon found Aussies to be friendly and helpful, even if they drove on the wrong side of the road! Daughters Stephanie and Valerie were talking Strine after about two weeks at school.
Patricia felt that Canadians and Australians were sort of cousins, since both their countries had somewhat similar roots in Britain. In several ways, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth matched up with Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.
Back home in Canada, Patricia took up writing novels and one non-fiction book about a friend’s service in the RCAF during WWll. She is retired now, but still writing, although slowly, a novel based around her parents, who emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the 1930s. She laughs and calls it ‘The Great Canadian Never-Ending Saga’. She still enjoys travelling, and hopes soon all the world’s borders will again be open.

Deeper Issues

Living meditation

We tend to think of meditation as a formal practice we block time out for each day. But what if every moment of your life was a meditation?

Meditation isn’t to be approached as a chore or a means to an end.

Rather, meditation is something that you live.

The aim of meditation is that it eventually becomes your normal state of consciousness.

Inner Peace becomes your new normal.

Meditation points the way toward this quiet, constant state of Presence — where practice gives way to the realization of your innermost soul.

Love, Abundance and Peace,
Pragito Dove


The monster Asbestos

In my country, asbestos has been banned for decades. When an old building is being demolished or renovated, only licensed professionals with prescribed safety gear can remove it, and it must be disposed of in a safe way.

I am forever surprised that this is not so in the USA. tells you all about the symptoms, treatments, and legal recourse if your body is ravaged by asbestos.

Look over a writer’s shoulder

Writer’s block and what to do about it

Sometimes, ideas dry up and writing becomes an exercise in frustration. This new infographic offers help.

It is additional to what I say about unblocking the writer.

I approve of these announcements

Tibetan update

We are pleased to inform you that most of Tibetan healthcare centers and health clinics in India and Nepal are now modestly equipped with essential medical devices and supplies to combat the widespread Covid-19 pandemic.

We have so far made grants to 18 different health centers to help procure 74 oxygen cylinders, 110 oxygen flow meters, 16 oxygen concentrators, 3 ventilators; 91 Nebulizers, 18,490 face masks, 900 oxygen masks, 725 pulse oximeters, 802 contactless thermometers, 6350 gloves, 1530 face guards, 4000 Shoe covers, 2050 gowns, 1000 safety goggles, 1000 hand sanitizers, 55 steamers and 2270 PPE Kits. In addition, we helped procure one utility truck to transport oxygen cylinders, 1 scooter, 2 vaccine fridges, 3 electricity Inverters; 3 heart monitor machines, 20 IV Stands, a complete set for oxygen centralized system, 22 hospital beds with mattresses and emergency medical funds.

All these were made possible by your generosity and compassion. Within the last three weeks, we have made a total grant of $150,000 from our Covid-19 Relief and Response Program.

In total, The Tibet Fund has funded over $760,000 to combat Covid-19 in Tibetan communities, primarily in India and Nepal. These include non-medical livelihood support of $531,000 benefiting 1337 women in India and Nepal, including 334 pregnant and lactating woman, 880 female led households, and 123 single women from Tibet to reduce malnutrition risks among newborn children and infants caused by food insecurity, and prevent the most vulnerable women from falling into poverty, due to their inability to earn income during the Covid crisis. In addition, 172 Tibetans received month-long livelihood skills training programs within the safety of their settlement compounds under our Livelihood Skills Training Program.

As we write today, Covid-19 crises still remain widespread in the Tibetan communities with 4385 known cases and 114 known deaths.

We have raised $87,663 so far and we need your continued support and donations to strengthen our Covid-19 Relief and Response Program.

Please click here to donate.

Lobsang Nyandak
The Tibet Fund


Ascending Spiral reviewed by Shriswara
From Depression to Contentment: Kishore Kumar
…and Balvendar Singh
…and John Cooper
Inspired by the Holy Ghost: Spiritual Poetic Messages Received from Popular Songs by Aimee Cabo Nikolov
In Its Shadow: A 9/11 memoir, by Jodi Pratt


Ascending Spiral reviewed by Shriswara

A must read, must understand, must complete and a must take journey. A garland of lifetimes coming full circle with beautiful nuances, meaningful messages, humorous heartbreaks and hopeful longing for the awareness and growth of all of us visiting Earth. Birthed from the mud of despair, a lotus of Universal Love…

With 5 stars.

From Depression to Contentment: Kishore Kumar

Hello Bob, I recently bought your book for depression and it is one of the best things that I did to myself. I have already bought a lot of books before and your book is the only thing that made sense to me. I am suffering from depression all my life and I was finally able to feel myself.
Thank you so much
Kishore Kumar

…and Balvendar Singh

I recently purchased your book “from depression to contentment”. Well tbh, I was skeptical at the beginning as I was buying the book, but god I was wrong. It was completely an accident that I got your book, but probably it is one of the best thing that happened. I am suffering from depression for almost all my life. I have read a lot of books but none worked out till I find yours. I felt like some one gone deep into my heart to find all the problems in there and then wrote a book for it. Thankyou for producing this gem. It is a shame the book don’t have the recognition it deserve. I even recommended this book to some of my other friends. thankyou so much for this. I don’t even know if you will ever see this email. But if you do, I admire you. I have a little brother who is pursuing psychology and I sent him this book. Thanks again for your contribution for the betterment of others life.

I received these two emails a couple of days apart, and needless to say they fogged up my glasses. I am SO delighted that my words make a difference. So, in turn I thank these two fine people, and wish them safety.

…and John Cooper

Amazing book. Helped me to realize what I am. One of the best purchases I have made. English is not my first language and I love how the author has written the book in a way that it is pretty easy to understand. It helped me in a lot of ways. This not only helped me with what I am going through but also helped me to understand what causes it and helped me to fix the problem. I feel like the luckiest guy to find about this amazing book. I have read a lot of books for depression, OCD, and anxiety before, but this is the only thing that has helped me with my problems. The book is very underrated and I am pretty sure anyone who buys this will instantly fall in love with this. I would definitely recommend this book.

This young man’s name is not John Cooper, but for very good reasons he hides his identity. He and I have been emailing each other for months, and he has grown a great deal during this time.

Inspired by the Holy Ghost: Spiritual Poetic Messages Received from Popular Songs by Aimee Cabo Nikolov

This book is an anthology of 48 poems. Each is Aimee’s personal, heartfelt reaction to a song, and each is a prayer.

A painting precedes each poem.

If you are a Christian, or used to be but wavered, you will find the poems to be inspiring. They are not to be read, but taken in and allowed to simmer. They then are likely to put peace into your heart, and lead you to inner strength and acceptance.

Personally, I much prefer prose to poetry, and am a Buddhist rather than a Christian, but I accepted a review copy of this book because my previous contacts with Aimee impressed me with her genuineness and desire to be of benefit. She wants to share her inspiration, and have it spread; to make our little planet a better place for everyone. As I said, if you are part of her very large target audience, you will find this book to be an invaluable resource.

In Its Shadow: A 9/11 memoir, by Jodi Pratt

This powerful, passionate book has two components. The bulk of it is self-therapy for PTSD, while the Epilogue is a call for all the people of the United States to return to the values their country was founded on.

Jodi could have called her book “PTSD from the inside.” It will be valuable reading for students of psychology, trainee law enforcement officers and other first responders, and for anyone who needs to develop empathy.

Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” My grandmother said, “Every fight starts with you hitting back.” The motivation for the 9/11 attack, and the 20-year response to it, amply demonstrate this truth. And, as Jodi beautifully shows in this book, the response to an attack is flag-waving, proud defiance rather than cowering in defeat. Since this is an account of her personal experience, she could not say, but I can, that this goes both ways. I wish that traditional enemies, for example in Ireland, Israel, various African countries, and in the far East would learn this lesson. Understanding it would certainly improve American foreign policy.

Jodi has the skill of building up a feeling of doom, even though the reader knows what’s coming, much like Stephen King. Only, her story is fact rather than fiction.

I can summarize the second part in a single quote: “We have fallen victim to the very weaknesses against which our founders warned us.” (p 104)

Highly recommended.



Loving Meditation, by Laurie Corzett

            If there are visions
            you feel missing
            from your life
            perhaps you don’t know yourself
            as well as duty tells you.
            Instead of forcing codes and
            ritual, care-challenged wishes,
            Look! Watch vivid panorama
            of you from early memories,
            each significant nexus
            along the way
            to now.

            What is missing from your life
            is not meant for others to fulfill.
            Love you give yourself
            expands 4-fold
            You give yourself more to give
            You give the world ripples
            of your love
            You give the eternal spirit within
            essential energy
            to create what is great
            within you
            You give to mankind an example
            of true humanity.

            Do not be afraid to love.
            Do not be ashamed to love the
            one closest to you.
            Learn the meaning of loving charity.
            It’s not about dying for your sins.
            It’s fulfilling yourself
            through your own loving kindness.
            Living a vision of love.

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About Dr Bob Rich

I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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