People I am honoured to share the planet with

Today, I received an email from a friend who has been unusually quiet, and a Guardian article about Leonardo DiCapricio.

My friend, who I am sure doesn’t want to be publicly honoured, is over 80 years old. She lives in a part of the world still in COVID’s shadow, so when she failed to reply to an email, I was concerned about her safety. She has let me know, however, that she herself is fine. It’s just that she has been a guardian angel to a friend (my description, not hers). This man phoned her late one night, because he’d just discovered that what he’d considered to be merely a tummy bug was full-blown dysentery, and he couldn’t get the medicine needed to save his life.

The details don’t matter. What does is that this old lady dropped everything for two weeks, and devoted herself to getting him back to the point of being able to eat solid food again, and manage his own affairs.

Another old lady, who is a character in one of the stories in Lifting the Gloom, has said, “Credit for karma beats credit in the bank.”

The second object of my admiration is young Leonardo. Unlike the moneybags wrecking our world for the sake of unlimited growth in wealth, he uses the money he earned to strive for survival.

I won’t tell you what his latest venture is because I want you to spend 3 minutes and read it for yourself. This little person below has something to do with it:

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  1. So, are you going to give us the link to where the Galapagos Marine Iguana who has something to do with your do-good story can be found. I’ve clicked everywhere. Ahem!


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