Plastics: a reminder

I am sure everyone who reads my posts knows about the terrible effects of having plastics strangle our global environment. All the same, a reminder in The Guardian is good to follow up. They only mention five species, but each is a representative for hundreds of others.

I got the link from John Neve, who runs the Facebook group, The people who pledge to pick up at least 5 pieces of plastic every day.

Doing everything to avoid buying the stuff is even more important. Trouble with that is, it reduces the profits of the petrochemical industry, which makes them less able to subsidise politicians, poor things.

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I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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  1. Dr Bob Rich says:

    It’s not laziness, but in the words of Dr. Seuss, “Business is business, and business must grow, Regardless of crummies in tummies, you know!:


  2. jenran72 says:

    I too am dismayed by the almost universal use of disposable diapers. After having three children and always using non-disposables, I find that my own children, and now grandchildren, are using disposables for their own babies. Very disappointing!
    I avoid plastics wherever possible, and recycle everything that can be recycled. Our local supermarkets accept soft plastics like bread bags, fruit and vegetable wraps for recycling, while the council collection service takes hard plastics. Hopefully our state government will soon put a drink container deposit scheme in place.
    I have followed up on the Facebook link, and have joined that group. Thank you for that link.

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  3. fionamcgier says:

    I’ve switched from plastic bottles of milk, to paying more for 2 half-gallons in waxed cardboard containers. For some weird reason, they now have a tiny plastic nozzle–are people too dumb to open the cartons the way we always used to? Oh well–still a lot less plastic. I carry my bags into stores whenever I shop–and after years of nagging, my husband mostly remembers when he’s shopping too. Mostly. When I grocery shop, I use cardboard boxes that each hold a lot–I bought them at one of the grocery stores I shop at, and use them in all of them. Hey, if they don’t like it, then sell me some with YOUR name on it! Also, years ago I found and bought some net bags that have drawstrings. These are what I put my produce into, so I never have to use those plastic bags that no one can every get open easily. My netting bags are much easier to use.

    And the final thing–I had 4 kids in 5 years, so there were diapers in my life for a very long time. I NEVER used disposable on any of my kids. I had a diaper service for the first couple of years, but when there were multiple kids in them, I had to start washing them myself. Even if we camped at places with no flush toilets, I’d put their diapers into a big trash bag, and the minute we entered a town, I’d flush the solids out in toilets that were so yucky I wouldn’t sit on them–but then I’d find a laundromat and do a couple loads of diapers with lots of bleach. I told my kid that even though I love them so much I’d bleed out for any of them, NOTHING they ever made in a diaper was worth preserving for 500 years in a landfill! Only 1 of my sons has 2 little ones, and to my eternal dismay, he and his wife chose disposables–but then they have them in daycare, which I never used. They also have a “Genie” which all but hermetically seals the used disposable diapers, so I fear their “output” is going to last more than 500 years! Where did I go wrong? LOL.

    And I LOVE the Guardian. When I was able to work full-time as a sub in high schools, I supported them with a monthly payment. I had to stop that when the high schools closed down and went to on-line only. Their news is so much less biased than a lot of what’s produced here in the USA.

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    • Dr Bob Rich says:

      Thank you Fiona. We used cotton ones with our kids. Never had any health problems, and in those days the washing machines were twin tub, not today’s automatic ones.

      I go to great lengths to avoid buying plastic, but it is very difficult.


      • fionamcgier says:

        Hey Bob, I just read a letters to the editor comment from a rep of the oil-producing industry, who said that we will need to keep mining fossil fuels forever, because of all of the stuff we make with plastics, that can’t be made with anything else. Specious argument indeed.

        1-If we stopped using fossil fuels for fuel, and instead used renewable sources, then we wouldn’t need anywhere near the amount of fossil fuels we use, so we’d be able to keep pristine areas like Alaska and the BWCA in northern MN pristine.

        2–We don’t need to keep subsidizing a billion/trillion dollar industry. Instead lets toss some seed money at innovators, who I’m sure could come up with alternatives. Hemp is pretty durable–can it be made into containers? What’s the next big thing? We’re smart creatures–I’m SURE we can come up with alternatives to plastic if there’s enough money in it.

        3–Collapsible containers would take some getting used to, but we’d all adapt easily if that was all that was available. And what about going back to refillables? When I was a kid, my dad would buy beer in 24/pack cases of returnable bottles. Why don’t we do that now? And not just with beer? With pop? With detergents? With pharmaceuticals? We toss away so much plastic–why not keep reusing containers that will never disintegrate?

        Sheesh! Some folks are so mentally lazy–or they have a vested interest in keeping plastic the only viable alternative.

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