Circular life for chopsticks

Looking for a local small business that reduces waste to create beautiful, functional items?

Chopvalue is seeking franchise operators, probably where you live.

When I was a young fella, I built much of my house using bits pulled out of houses being demolished. That resource has disappeared, because speed is overvalued in the building trade. It’s bulldoze and landfill. A nice Canadian young man noted the same idiocy, and wanted to do something about it.

He doesn’t recycle house bits, because he is doing so well with bamboo chopsticks.

We would have a future if everyone thoughts like him.

Check it out for interest, even if you are not looking for a business opportunity.

Felix Böck was frustrated by the wood wasted on building sites. Photograph: ChopValue

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I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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