Incontinent container ship

Just for interest, I do a “Google alert” for “Bobbing Around.” If enough people search for my blog, it will eventually appear (hint, hint). I guess the lovely people who know about it don’t need to search, so each day I get links to everything but.

Today, it paid off: I found a site I approve of and have never heard of before. This is “Oddee,” which specialises in odd stories. The general philosophy behind the various posts is one of rational, science-friendly decency, you know, like Bobbing Around?

This is the story that grabbed my interest: a scourge I haven’t considered before, of containers falling off ships. With climate change worsening storms, it has been happening more and more. The huge metal boxes are then bobbing around just under the surface because of air trapped inside them, waiting for other ships to bash into them.

One way of limiting this damage is to avoid buying stuff that has to come by sea. If you MUST have something, go for locally made.

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