Bobbing Around Volume 20 Number 1

Who said annoyances have to be annoying?
Dr Bob Rich

The health of soil, plants, animal, people, and the environment is one indivisible.
Professor Rattan Lal, winner of the World Food Prize

Bobbing Around

Volume Twenty, Number One,
July, 2020

Bob Rich’s rave

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20th year of Bobbing Around
Great Review at Reader Views
A slight correction
Tricky Audible
Interviewing a publisher with a difference
A positive experience about positive psychology

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Learn from your past, plan for your future, but live in the present.
Don Lubov

The ongoing sixth mass extinction may be the most serious environmental threat to the persistence of civilization, because it is irreversible… When humanity exterminates other creatures, it is sawing off the limb on which it is sitting, destroying working parts of our own life-support system.
Paul Ehrlich

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From me to you

20th year of Bobbing Around
Great Review at Reader Views
A slight correction
Tricky Audible
Interviewing a publisher with a difference
A positive experience about positive psychology


20th year of Bobbing Around

I started Bobbing Around in July, 2000 because I was told it was essential to sell books. Very quickly, though, it became a worthwhile activity in its own right, and it is now one of the tools I use to work for a survivable world, and one worth surviving in.

Blink a couple of times, and hey, it’s 20 years later!

To celebrate, I am sending a huge blast of metta to every follower and subscriber.

In return, you might be kind enough to search for “Bobbing Around” in Google. If a few hundred people do so, it may appear in various searches.

Great Review at Reader Views

Today, 23rd June, my publisher Victor Volkman forwarded this review of From Depression to Contentment from Reader Views.

I’m delighted that reviewer Rachel Dehning found my work to be useful.

Today’s world reminds me of the Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” A great many people react to the challenges by emotional collapse, or even worse, by hate, hitting out, causing harm. When the news reports suicides, hate killings, all the other evils we see around us, all I want to do is to lead these people out of their deep and dark hole. I can’t, for those stuck in their beliefs who just “know” that the cause of their misfortune is out there, someone else. But some are fortunate enough to be open to looking at how they can improve their world.

For them, this book offers an escape. Please, spread the word about it, not because I want to benefit, but because I want to be of benefit.

Thank you.

A slight correction

In the covering note to the June Bobbing Around, I wrote:
“If you have received emails from me other than Bobbing Around notifications, you’ll know that I have a set of cards I choose from to accompany my message. My bulk email software doesn’t allow me to embed images within the message, and attachments can falsely mark an email as spam, so I send in plain text. But have a look at The legend states, ‘Even on the darkest night, even in the fiercest storm, the sun always shines, though something may mask its glow.'”

Thank you Angela Archer for pointing out that the link to the pic doesn’t work. You know, Bob the editor made a typo. The link should have been this.

There is no such thing as a mistake, only learning opportunities. The lesson from this one: always check a link before sending it off!

Tricky Audible

Who said you need to be annoyed at annoyances?

Last issue I let you know that From Depression to Contentment is now available as an audiobook.

So it is, but my daughter Natalie let me know it is not in Audible’s Australian store.

I personally don’t listen to audiobooks, because my reading speed is about 4 times as fast as speech, and I get impatient. So, I haven’t bothered to register with Audible. Sigh, I did so, and Natalie was correct: a search did not show up my book.

Now, what would Sherlock do? I went to the American Audible, where YES! It came up on the search. Returned to the Australian one, and these gremlins must talk to each other, because now, it did show up.

So, I got it for free, and it’s in my computer, and sounds great, but I still could read it four times as fast, except after all the revisions, I know it word for word.

I’ve now even managed to cancel my Audible membership, which is a great achievement. I can NEVER follow other people’s instructions!

Interviewing a publisher with a difference

Michael Amos, and his sister Leanna, run the very new British publishing house Sleepy Lion.

I was somewhat amazed that he sought me out to review their latest release. Normally, it’s the author who needs to do things like that. I looked around his site, and consider their approach to be inspirational. After a number of email exchanges, including the submission of a book for their consideration, I decided to interview him.

Instead of the staid old way of sending a list of questions and Michael responding in one hit, we had a genuine conversation. I emailed him a question, then shaped the next one based on his answer.

You will find our interchange to be both entertaining and informative.

A positive experience about positive psychology

In 2017, I reviewed a book by Rajat Mitra, The Infidel Next Door. Its values and powerful message resonated so much with me that I realised, the author and I were brothers of the spirit. So, I interviewed him. You will still be inspired by his answers to my questions.

He and I have kept in contact. Recently, he volunteered me to be one of five presenters at a workshop on therapy for academics at psychology departments in India, and their graduate students. My topic was positive psychology.

The last time I’d addressed a large audience was in 2011, so this was a slightly scary (and therefore pleasant) challenge. I rehearsed my speech and, to use a descriptive Australian term, was full bottle on it.

To make life interesting, there were some technical challenges, like the power cord of my computer catching fire two days before the event. (Really, truly. We were having breakfast. My wife looked over and shouted, “HEY, SOMETHING IS BURNING!”). Thank you, dear friend Glen Morris, for lending me one. On the day, I had trouble logging in, and eventually managed it by exchanging the two computers I was using, one for the conference call, the other for my script. Fortunately, the IT experts in India had allowed for Murphy’s law, and all was sorted well before the time to start.

I had an audience of 200 I am told, because, unlike in a physical situation, I had no direct contact with them. I missed that, since one of the pleasures of public speaking is personal connection with the audience. But then, I wouldn’t have gone to India anyway, even in the absence of nasty viruses.

The feedback is that my talk went over beautifully. I am honoured to have been of benefit to 200 academics, and through them, to a large number of students and therapy clients. There was a 15 minute allowance for question time, which in fact filled 45 minutes. That does indicate that my audience was awake and interested, right?

I am a great one for recycling, so now I am considering approaching other psychology departments for delivering the same talk. If you have any connections in that line, do let me know.

New stuff

Issac Robledo
Issac, for the second time this month

Definition of forgiveness, by Pragito Dove

How can I kill myself without having anyone miss me?
What can I do to stop hating a particular social group of people?
More self-assessed sexual abusers

Cheating tube cheats

I approve of these announcements
Poems for loving our planet
History Adventures — World History Brought To Life Before Your Eyes
Sleepy Lion shares a review
Spirituality Matters free until 22nd July

Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death by Janice Dolley
Spirituality Matters, by Amy Hunt
Senior Wisdom by Don and Linda Lubov

I couldn’t resist grabbing this cartoon


Issac Robledo
Issac, for the second time this month


Issac Robledo

Hi Bob,

Thank you for all the good work you do. Bobbing Around is such a great source of inspiration, hope, and a way for us to better ourselves and the world. As a self-development author, sometimes people come to me for advice. If they need help overcoming depression, I always recommend “Depression to Contentment” — the best words of wisdom on the topic.

More and more, I find that my gift is not to offer solutions, but rather to offer questions that help to guide us along more fruitful and wholesome paths. My friend and I have used our gifts of questioning to co-write Question Yourself: 365 Questions to Explore Your Inner Self & Reveal Your True Nature (only $0.99 right now). This will help you on your soul-searching, to seek the truest deepest answers from within. I hope it helps someone, somewhere. It would really make my day if it helped out one of your regular readers.

Thanks so much,
Issac (I. C. Robledo)

Issac, for the second time this month

Hi Bob,

Are you doing anything to get Depression to Contentment into other languages or into other countries? I just became aware of a celebrity Indian suicide. He who committed suicide apparently had given away one of my books to another celebrity.

Here is the Wikipedia page about him.

There is a lot of pain out there. And I feel people don’t have the basic resources to get better, to help heal themselves.

Is there something more we can do? Does your book NEED to get into more hands? Could it help prevent some tragedies like this?

I keep thinking what if instead of my book, Sushant had had another book in his hands? Perhaps he had the wrong book.

My book was The Secret Principles of Genius — it had nothing to do with depression.

I am going to reflect and see if there is something *I* can do, perhaps to raise awareness about your book.

Issac “I. C.” Robledo
M.S., Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Author of 7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By
Autor de 7 Pensamientos para Vivir Su Vida

Issac, thank you.

Yours was the first email I read this morning, and it brought tears to my eyes. Not because of the Indian suicide, but because of your caring nature.

As you may know, I am a volunteer counselor on a suicide prevention blog, and my way of coping is “professional distance,” something that will help you too. When a student nurse, I learned: “It is not your pain. You are not there to share it, but to relieve it.” As a therapist, I go one further step. I am not even there to prevent the pain, but to empower my client to prevent the pain.

And all we can do is the best we can do. The outcome is affected by a million factors, so is out of our hands. It was not in your power to help this unfortunate person, and possibly no one could. All the same, it would be wonderful to have a positive effect on people who live lives of quiet desperation, despite fame, wealth, lives envied by others.

I read the Wikipedia article you sent the link for, and see what you mean. A young man of only 34, obviously with genius-level intelligence who succeeded at everything he tried, an idol of his country… Who knows what went on in his mind. Pity he didn’t realise that effective help was available. He needed a few sessions with a good psychologist, or someone he could trust to confide in.

Every educated Indian has an excellent command of English, and India is a huge market for English-language books. Next Friday I am running an online workshop for the staff of several university psychology departments in Delhi, and several may well buy my book, and recommend it to their students.

I’ll forward your email to my publisher.

Look after yourself, and stay safe.


Definition of forgiveness, by Pragito Dove

Allow Love To Transform You.

Love is a state of being.

If you are irritated by another person, remember that everyone is a divine spirit.

Send this person vibrations of love. This doesn’t mean you have to accept their bad behavior, or spend time with them, or fix their problems. It does mean, however, that you raise your vibration level and stay in a state of love.

Recognize yourself in the other person. On one level we are physical form and psychological makeup. On a soul level we are all one.

Love is the recognition of our oneness.

When you take responsibility for what is happening inside of you, miracles happen.

You can transform dislike for anyone you don’t like into compassion.

Love, Abundance and Peace,

Pragito Dove


How can I kill myself without having anyone miss me?
What can I do to stop hating a particular social group of people?
More self-assessed sexual abusers


How can I kill myself without having anyone miss me?

My young friend, it is good that you care for the feelings of other people. Thank heavens that has stopped you. But there are other reasons why you should stay with the pain and resist killing yourself.

First, you may fail. Many suicide attempts do. Please read my post pinned to the top of the page at this blog. It is by a lady who tried to kill herself three times, and each time things got worse.

Second, you may succeed. You are right: that will give pain to those who care for you. But also, it will cut short all possibility of hope. Look, all of us who regularly answer cries of distress like yours have been where you are now. There are several fine young people who do so, even though they still feel suicidal themselves, because they care. Through their suffering, they have grown, and then benefit by being of service to others.

Then there are people like me, who are doing fine, now, because we have suffered in the past. I live in a body with multiple physical problems, and so what. My life is full of contentment and satisfaction, not despite my past terrible times, but because of them. My life is centred around being of benefit to others, because of terrible times in my youth.

I don’t know the reasons you are feeling suicidal, but in a way, they don’t matter. Whatever your problems, look on your current situation as an apprenticeship. When you experience difficulties in the future, you’ll look back to this time, and know that you can survive anything. So, you are gaining inner strength. When you come across other people in despair, you’ll feel empathy and compassion, because you used to be where they are, so, like us, you’ll become a healer and helper.

So, you’ll grow spiritually, precisely because you have suffered.

Look, only two things matter in this life: what you take with you when you (eventually) die, and what you leave behind in the hearts of others. Everything else is Monopoly money. You are right: it would be a bad thing to leave behind feelings of grief, regret, perhaps guilt in the hearts of people who care for you. But also, what you would take with you would be all negatives. You need to stay here and fulfil the purpose of life, which is to grow spiritually.

We are all here for you, with you.

Your new grandfather,

What can I do to stop hating a particular social group of people?

Your question shows that you are on the way already. Well done.

There is really no such thing as “them” and “us.” There is only “us.”

Skin colour, religion, country of origin, language, accent, physical appearance, sexual preferences, political views… whatever the ways you separate yourself from that social group are only surface things. Please read two short stories at my blog (you will enjoy the experience):



Now you have decided to become more tolerant, you will find yourself growing spiritually. The rewards are enormous.

Thank you,

More self-assessed sexual abusers

During the past month, I have had the privilege of receiving emails of desperation from two more youngsters who had engaged in sexual play as children, and are now feeling guilty to the point of wanting to die.

I refer them to the relevant page at my psych website, and now there is more.

My current project is an annotated short story collection intended as a companion volume to From Depression to Contentment.

One of these stories is Plant Something Beautiful. Feed it With Sunshine. Water it with love.

I have uploaded it and will be delighted if you comment. Anyway, I also sent this story to the fine young people who feel terrible guilt precisely because they are fine people.

Here is my reply to one of them:

I am here for you.

As I said, I get many cries for help like yours. Not every little child has engaged in sexual play, but perhaps two-thirds do.

For a very few, the feelings are those of power, superior arrogance, a wish to do more without limit like scoring points on a gun handle, a complete inability to understand that they are doing wrong. They continue into adulthood, doing more and more harm.

These are the sexual abusers. It is possible to lead even them to developing empathy and responsibility, but it is hard work.

Most children who had done sexual experimentation are completely unaffected either way. It is something like picking your nose in public. You do it as a little kid, then you are socialized into the way adults want the world to be, so you stop. In the same way, little boys and girls may look at each other’s private parts, perhaps touch them, then are socialized into the culture and stop such things. No damage done.

Then there are a few who feel like you. Without anyone telling them, they realize that such sexual contact is wrong, and can do damage. Then they stop, for life. More, everything else they do for the rest of their lives is looked at through a new lens: “Am I doing harm?”

This is the highest kind of response. You are now a far better person than you would have been if you had not made that mistake as a little child. (By the way, I still don’t know if you are a boy or a girl.)

Many years ago, I was negligent in how I did something, and as a result a calf suffered terrible pain. Guilt ate at me, and I was sure, after death I’d need to come back as an animal suffering the same kind of injury, to pay back for the damage. But a wise person asked me, “What has been the result of this mistake you made?”

“Since then, I have been extra careful not to cause pain or damage to any animal.”

She explained, “That means that you have completed the karma. There is no more need to process it. It would have been better to learn this lesson without hurting that poor calf, but done is done. Because of that mistake, you are now a better person. Celebrate it.”

And, my dear, the same to you.

There is a purpose to life. It is to grow spiritually: to become wiser, more compassionate and caring. Only two things matter: what we take with us when we die, and what we leave behind in the hearts of others. Everything else is Monopoly money.

A few years ago, you played a game that actually didn’t do any harm to your sister. You still love each other. It did no harm to anyone else — except to you. But that harm was that of guilt, which changed you into a better person.

Like the psychologist says in that story, please plant something beautiful. Feed it sunshine. Water it with love. Use it as the constant reminder of your spiritual growth.

Plants can die, or in years to come you may move somewhere else. All the same, that beautiful plant can be with you for the rest of your life, reminding you to be of benefit, and to avoid harm.

With love,


Cheating tube cheats

I needed to buy a tube of a certain gooey substance. The tube was one of those plastic ones that regains its shape when you stop pressing, and after a week or so of use, it seemed empty. Press as hard as you like, and hardly anything comes out.

Throw it away and buy a new tube? That’s what the designers wish. Great for the economy, right?

Instead, I cut off the bottom, to find that the tube was still about half full. But even if it was 10% full, that’s still a waste.

So, I’ll happily empty it with the dipped-finger technique, and close it with a bulldog clip.

And when it is all used, I’ll buy a different brand, with a tube not carefully shaped to maximise waste.

I approve of these announcements

Poems for loving our planet
History Adventures — World History Brought To Life Before Your Eyes
Sleepy Lion shares a review
Spirituality Matters free until 22nd July


Poems for loving our planet

Sublime Planet

Honoring Earth Day for the World and Universe

As Featured in the Earth Day Issue of The Pasadena Weekly

Coauthored by Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball

Photography by Ann Howley

Awards: finalist USA Book News
ISBN: 9781482054705

Order paperback or e-book on Amazon.

Hear Magdalena read the title poem.

Celebration Series fan page on Facebook.

Proceeds from Sublime Planet go to World Wildlife Fund

This collection of ecologically oriented poems traverses a wide terrain, moving from the loss of species to the beauty of the natural world, from drought to the exploration of alternative planets. It’s an exhilarating collection that breaks boundaries and leads the reader deep into the personal heart of perception. Released by award winning poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball to celebrate Earth Day, this is a collection of poetry that weaves the personal with the universal.

Sublime Planet is a winner of the LiFE Award: Literature For Environment.

History Adventures — World History Brought To Life Before Your Eyes

There is no better way than learning about the history of our planet than immersing yourself in a great book. History Adventures will transport you back in time to a period between 1750 and 1900. You will meet five wonderful characters from this era who are brought to full life with innovative tools, which include animation, interactivity modes, and stunning visual effects.

An unprecedented new learning tool

History Adventures has designed an innovative, interactive learning tool that will give students an unprecedented opportunity to catch glimpses of history in the making as it happened all those years ago.

There has never been a book quite like this before. It recounts the fascinating episodes from our world’s past in a way that keeps students glued to the page.

How the adventures unfold

The Creator of History Adventures, Spencer Striker, PhD, takes the world history teaching experience to new heights. Charged with exciting 3D experiences, superb graphics, resounding sound effects, and clear data visualizations, History Adventures, World of Characters, Revolutions & Industrialization, 1750 — 1900, is an unparalleled event. As each of the five-character narratives draws to a close, students can test their newly gained knowledge with multimedia-rich assessments.

Download it for free on iTunes today.
This exceptional world history learning tool is available to everyone at no cost. Download it now and embark on your history adventure!

Sleepy Lion shares a review

Who or what is the Sleepy Lion? It’s a publisher, that’s what. You can find my review of one of their books at Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s New Review Site.

OK, you can read the same review here, but you’ll find many other books of interest at Carolyn’s blog.

Spirituality Matters free until 22nd July

Below, you can read my review of Amy Hunt’s new book, Spirituality Matters. She has let me know that the book is free through several outlets, but I won’t say how long you have to grab a copy.

Here is the link to these locations.


Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death by Janice Dolley
Spirituality Matters, by Amy Hunt
Senior Wisdom by Don and Linda Lubov


Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death by
Janice Dolley

I have the benefit, and used to have the handicap, of a scientific training. I don’t believe anything, but have created a tentative and always evolving model of reality. As new evidence came in, my reality progressed from complete scepticism to seeing the Universe as alive, and made of the unconditional Love all the great religions and philosophies describe.

Janice Dolley’s account of her conversations with her friend Ursula Burton, before and after Lady Burton’s death, fit perfectly into my current model. I cannot treat it as evidence, because it is a personal claim that is only hearsay in the scientific sense, but it is the kind of thing that fits my understanding of Reality.

If you are open to a more complex yet simple, holistic and sacred view of reality, if you agree with me that death is not the end of a book but the end of a chapter, then Janice’s (and Ursula’s) book will speak to you.

Add to that the beautiful, clear, lyrical language, and a transparent honesty, and you can enjoy having your eyes opened (or, as with me, your established beliefs confirmed) in a most pleasant way.

All the same, the basic claim of conversations with a dead friend made me entertain the possibility that the book is a cleverly done fantasy. Even if it were, it presents Truth, and joining Janice’s Reality will make you into a better person. However, a simple internet search provided many bits of corroborative evidence, so I am confident that Janice honestly believes her account. As I said, my scientific training prevents me from saying more, but her account is so inspiring that it honestly doesn’t matter.

Spirituality Matters, by Amy Hunt

Amy Hunt has attempted a very difficult, perhaps impossible task: to put the ultimate Truth into words. She does this by describing her personal journey from practising Christian, through a wide exploration of many religions, to a final realization that all of them convey the same teachings. She presents this commonality in her book.

If you are grappling with the ultimate questions of existence — why are we on this planet, what is the purpose of life, what is reality really like — you will benefit from reading what Amy has assembled from the wisdom of the ages.

Senior Wisdom by Don and Linda Lubov

Nowadays, everything is electronic, but there used to be those desk calendars, with each little page offering a wise saying. Don and Linda have done better. They offer you 556 wise sayings, not only 365.

This is not a book to read, but the kind of steady stream of drops that builds a stalagmite of inspiration. Read one, think about it, decide to agree to disagree. Either way, it will improve your life. Make this a daily habit, and you will keep the old brain sharp if you are old, and help the young brain grow in wisdom if you are still on the way.


I couldn’t resist grabbing this cartoon

It is thanks to the genius of Mark, who runs News Corpse.

Posts during June


Another reason to protect the environment

The drying out of SW North America


His business was set on fire, but he is of benefit in several ways

CREDO Mobile, the Carrier with a Conscience

Pope Francis: Divest from carbon now!

Courage and inspiration: infectious disease response in South Sudan

Grandmother power


Is depression a chemical imbalance?

How to raise children: A speech at Toastmasters 20 years ago.


Michael Amos reviews Ascending Spiral


Plant something beautiful. Feed it Sunshine. Water it with love.


The Pun

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6 Responses to Bobbing Around Volume 20 Number 1

  1. Wendy says:

    BOBBING AROUND just gets better and better. Admired and enjoyed reading the wisdom imparted to those writing in for advice.


    • Dr Bob Rich says:

      Wendy, thank you. You’re fogging up my glasses. 🙂
      One of the things that make life worthwhile is that I have the gift of healing words. I am very thankful.


  2. Carolyn Howard-Johnson says:

    PS: I loved sending Joan Edwards interview, too! (-:


  3. Carolyn Howard-Johnson says:

    Wow! Thank you for featuring Magdalena Ball’s and my “Sublime Planet.” I can’t think of a better place–a place where this book Maggie and I love (and loved writing!)–would reach more folks who would appreciate it. Of course I tweeted and will do a bit more networking, too.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Author of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers including
    The Frugal Editor: Do-it-yourself editing secrets for authors
    Amazon Profile –
    Twitter – @FrugalBookPromo


  4. Carolyn Howard-Johnson says:

    Wow! Thank you for featuring Magdalena Ball’s and my “Sublime Planet.” I can’t think of a better place–a place where this book Maggie and I love (and loved writing!)–would reach more folks who would appreciate that love.  

    Carolyn Howard-JohnsonAuthor of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers includingThe Frugal Editor: Do-it-yourself editing secrets for authorsWebsite: Amazon Profile – – @FrugalBookPromo Celebrating:  

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