Bobbing Around Volume 19 Number 12

Attention is a searchlight: it shapes your current reality. It is also a fertiliser: it shapes your future reality.
Dr Bob Rich

Bobbing Around

Volume Nineteen, Number Twelve,
June, 2020

Bob Rich’s rave

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Luck-It times three
Audiobook version of From Depression to Contentment
New project is up and running

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From me to you

Luck-It times three
Audiobook version of From Depression to Contentment
New project is up and running


Luck-It times three

Last month, Sara from the Luck-It Network released an interview with me. This one explores the joys and tribulations of being over 70.

On the 1st of May, she has published the second one. Its tone is very different from the first, so you will enjoy reading both.

The third one went live on Friday 22 May, and it concerns my experience as an author.

Please visit all three, and comment. You will be rewarded with a big blast of metta, delivered through the invisible bonds that join friends.

Audiobook version of From Depression to Contentment

You’d think that narrating an audiobook is easy, especially for an experienced public speaker.

No, it isn’t.

After many hours of trying, I gave up. My publisher, Victor Volkman, then hired his favourite audioator (like my new word?), Lisa Negren.

From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide teaches you to put peace into your heart, regardless of what life throws at you.

You can now listen to it via Audible.

It is also available from iBooks and Amazon

New project is up and running

I am sending off the first volume of the Doom Healer series to a series of publishers. Since acceptance by a big publisher is less likely than a major gambling win, the way to stave off worrying about is to write something else.

The original version of From Depression to Contentment was about 95,000 words long, but Victor specified a word limit of 50,000. The content I had to cut included several short stories that illustrate my points better than any lecture. So, I have used them as the start of a new short story collection. Working title is Lifting the Gloom: An antidepressant primer of short stories. What with existing bits, in a little over a week I’ve already got it to 32,000 words — two thirds there.

Writing a daisy-chain of short stories, each with a specified theme, is an enjoyable challenge.

Can you come up with cover suggestions?

New stuff

Don Lubov
Isabella Milan
Nancy Wagaman

Burnt Country: a Greenpeace report

Good news
Oxford University divests from carbon

Ways to Boost and Improve Memory, by Julia Morrissey
Tortured by a sexual dream
I am no longer suicidal!

Look over a writer’s shoulder
Editing: getting it all correct

I approve of these announcements
A philosopher’s wisdom
Enjoy some piano virtuosity
Free online meditation
Sleep better without drugs

I Will Light You on Fire by Kellman Heinz


Don Lubov
Isabella Milan
Nancy Wagaman


Don Lubov

Hi Bob,

Your volume 19 Number 11 is awesome. You cover an amazing array of content. Thanks for including me. I love your remarkable closing salutation…Most people abhor isolation, whilst you enjoy it…as do I. I applaud your wonderful, helpful/healing content. Thanks. Just finished my 7th book: “Senior Wisdom-Valuable Life lessons”– It’s a collaboration/anthology with my wife, Linda. After her beautiful photography book, this is her first prose book.

Stay well,


Don is currently assembling a book of wise sayings by oldies, to join his collection of inspirational publications. Only, he made a mistake and included something from me.

Isabella Milan

Dr. Bob,
I truly enjoyed reading this newsletter. I especially liked the poem by Veronica-Mae Soar. Thank you for including your review of my book “Praying for a Miracle when it’s Hopeless.” I knew this newsletter would be informative and give a friendly tone that encourages posts.

Continue the great work! Kudos to you!

Cancer should have killed Isabella. In her book, she shows her way back to life.

Nancy Wagaman

I’m so glad to see that this wonderful book is now available in audiobook form. I’m hoping this new format will introduce the healing potential of this book to an even larger audience. And I really like your new word, “audiator”! 🙂 Sending love and good thoughts your way!

Nancy Wagaman

Nancy’s specialty is dream interpretation. Her book will teach you how.


Burnt Country: a Greenpeace report

This is about Australia, but you can be sure the same is going on in every country.

Dear Bob,

If there’s one thing that you share with your friends and family today, it needs to be this.

Today (14th May), we released Dirty Power: Burnt Country, our groundbreaking investigation into the government’s role in this year’s black summer. In our documentary, we reveal why our leaders are so paralysed when it comes to protecting our homes and landscapes from extreme weather events fuelled by the climate emergency.

Our investigation has exposed some shocking truths about the coal industry’s stronghold over the leaders elected to represent every Australians’ concerns — and we need every Australian to know just how extensive this secretive web of coal, politics, and media truly is.

Here are just some of our alarming findings in Burnt Country:

  • Over 100 million tonnes of new coal mining was approved during the 2019/20 bushfire crisis.
  • News Corp (Rupert Murdoch) published 75% of all articles denying climate change’s role in the fires, despite only publishing 46% of articles about climate change and the fires.
  • New South Wales Government ministers met with the fossil fuel industry on fourteen occasions between October and December 2019. This is an average of once a week.

Bob, there’s no way to put it lightly: this past summer was devastating. Catastrophic bushfires tore through homes and wildlife, leaving unthinkable devastation in their wake. We can’t turn a blind eye to the communities who are still reeling from the bushfires.

Bob, we undertook this investigation because no one else could. As we are 100% independent from government and corporations, we didn’t hold back. Burnt Country will transform the way Australians understand the murky political intrigue that endures as the effects of the climate emergency arrive at our doorsteps. This documentary is a game-changer.


Good news

Oxford University divests from carbon

Well, actually, about time. From now on, the great fortune this venerable establishment controls will be free of fossil fuel investments, and be carbon neutral.

All Souls College Oxford (1715 onwards), by Nicholas Hawksmoor


Ways to Boost and Improve Memory by Julia Morrissey
Tortured by a sexual dream
I am no longer suicidal!


Ways to Boost and Improve Memory, by Julia Morrissey

Memory allows us to learn about the world around us. It’s essential for learning new things such as how to ride a bike, speak a language or play an instrument. It also helps us remember the names of our neighbors or how certain situations or environments made us feel.

We can actively protect against memory decline, as well as to strengthen our ability to recall information. This piece offers science-backed tips on how you can both protect and boost your memory.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle to Protect Memory

A healthy lifestyle can help protect against memory decline and loss, and may even improve memory. A brain-healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Regular exercise: Getting enough aerobic exercise (cardio) appears to boost the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning.
  • Limit stress: Stress can have a negative effect on memory. Meditation, a practice which helps you take charge of your mind, has been shown to improve episodic memory.
  • A healthy diet: Memory may benefit from consuming a balanced diet that limits refined sugar, saturated fat, and alcohol.
  • Enough sleep: Since sleep plays a role in the consolidation of memories, it is important to get enough of it. Limiting caffeine in the afternoon and engaging in regular exercise and meditation may also benefit sleep.

Eight Techniques for Memorizing Information

In addition to protecting your memory, specific techniques can improve your ability to memorize and recall information.

Below are eight science-backed techniques for retaining information and improving recall.

  1. Organize the information: Taking the time to create a detailed outline can help you hone in on important concepts. Grouping together relevant information can make it easier to remember.
  2. Make associations: Connecting the information you are trying to memorize to something you are familiar with, such as a particular image, sound, smell or taste can help encode memories.
  3. Use visual cues: Creating visual tools such as graphs, illustrations, videos, and photos can help simplify information and improve recall.
  4. Create mnemonics: Utilizing mnemonic devices, such as acronyms, acrostics, and rhymes can help you store information in long-term memory.
  5. Write it down: Writing information down by hand can help you naturally condense and organize information. Some research has shown that writing down information by hand is more effective than typing for learning concepts.
  6. Say it out loud: Repeating the information aloud over and over can help with memorization, because memory benefits from active involvement.
  7. Engage in active recall: Testing yourself is a great way to commit things to memory as it forces you to continuously recall information.
  8. Rehearse: If you are preparing for a presentation, rehearsing the entire process can help reduce anxiety while forcing you to also engage in active recall.

Check out the visual below from the University of St. Augustine to learn more about boosting memory and recall.

Bio: Julia Morrissey is a content creator who works to develop helpful guides and compelling stories. She calls New York City home and enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, running in Central Park, and finding new vegan dining options around the city.

Tortured by a sexual dream

A young man had sexually titillated himself with little children as a boy, until he realised that this was wrong. Then he spent about 5 years constantly torturing himself with guilt, feeling suicidal, wanting to go to the police but not daring. Finally, he found me. I referred him to my page dealing with this common issue, and we had extended therapy over email.

He is a deeply religious person whose joy is to be of service to others, and now he is over the terrible feelings. He is motivated to make restitution with his choice of a career.

However, he emailed me that he had a dream in which he had sex with children. He woke horrified. He never, ever would do something like that. Here is my answer to him:

X, I have encountered this problem before. It is there for a reason.

I was once supervising a young psychologist who worked in a Christian health clinic. A Police Sergeant came in with some minor issue. After a couple of sessions, he developed enough trust to disclose the real problem. Since puberty, he had been tortured with sexual feelings for young children, which horrified him. He joined the police, and was working in the pedophile squad. But every time he arrested someone abusing children, he felt disgusted with himself, felt like a hypocrite. “That’s me!” He stayed single, because he was terrified: if he ever had a child, he might end up sexually abusing that little person.

My colleague and I developed something to say to him, and it worked to transform this good man’s life.

Spiritual growth comes from suffering. There is no point to change if everything is going well. And the aim of life is to grow spiritually. Nothing matters except for what you take with you when you die, and what you leave behind in the hearts of others.

So, suppose that before he was born, he and God, or an angel, designed an opportunity for spiritual growth for him by giving him this automatic affliction of desiring sex with children, while knowing that would be evil?

Satan tempted Jesus, who then spent 40 days in the desert before saying no. So, it could not have been easy! It was a major trial, of the same kind this policeman experienced, of the same kind you experienced for years, and which has now returned in the form of a dream.

It is possible that Jesus could not have succeeded in his mission of self-sacrifice if he hadn’t gone through this trial that took him 40 days to conquer.

So, my colleague said to the policeman, “This automatic sexual feeling for children is your trial, your way of growing spiritually, and you have done marvellously well. Thank you.”

The man’s inappropriate sexual urges didn’t go away, but now he could simply accept them, without guilt or shame. This proved to himself that he was carrying on his task for God.

Same to you. Spend some time thinking, and write down as many ways as you can of how this same kind of terrible temptation has made you into a better person already.

Then thank the Lord for giving you such an effective tool for spiritual growth.

With metta,

I am no longer suicidal!

(From the Suicide Prevention blog.)

im writing here again not to say that things have been worse for me but to say how things have been going better last time i wrote here i was depresed and i wanted to kill my self but here i am again months later to say im better things are going incredible im very close to having a girlfriend the same girl i wrote about last time i survied my thoughts ive made an impact on so many lives i cant imagine what there lives would have been if i would have never been there and for any one else who is going through a bad time im going to be honest its going to be hard before things get better but once you get through its amazing its not esay and some times we need help but never think less about you and i want to thank Bob rich because your words really helped me thank you for geting me out of a bad place

THANK YOU for reporting your improvement. That is just so useful to others who currently feel hopeless. We never know what’s around the corner.

And it is my pleasure and honour that my words were of service to you.

About that girl: I hope she and you have a long and close relationship. But if tomorrow it ends, you are still the same person who wrote this message, and can STILL have a good life. When I was 23, my then-girlfriend (the first one I’d ever had) said no when I asked her to marry me. I felt terrible. Six months later, I married another girl — and we are still together, 53 years later.

But the way to have the best chance of a good romance with your young lady is set out at How to have a good relationship.

Both of you should read that, and talk with each other about it.

Look over a writer’s shoulder

Editing: getting it all correct

This is the topic of Rhobin Courtright’s round robin for May, 2020. Even if you’re not a writer, you may enjoy what I said about it.

I approve of these announcements

A philosopher’s wisdom
Enjoy some piano virtuosity
Free online meditation
Sleep better without drugs


A philosopher’s wisdom

Laurent Grenier suffered a terrible experience as a young man. The silver lining is that all he has is the use of his mind. Listen to a lifetime of accumulated wisdom.

Enjoy some piano virtuosity

If you have about 7 minutes to spare, you can have my friend Alfredo entertain you. It’s like going to a concert while staying at home.

Free online meditation

Liana Taylor is an expert meditation teacher. Our connection goes back to both of us being office bearers in the Buddhism and Psychology Interest Group of the Australian Psychological Society.

To help people cope with our difficult times, she is offering a series of three opportunities for a one-hour meditation sessions via Zoom. You can register here.

Dates are choice of one of 3rd, 10th and 17th June, 7 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. If you are unfortunate enough to live elsewhere, you can calculate the time at The World Clock.

Sleep better without drugs

Dr David Morawetz’s “Sleep Better Without Drugs” 4-6 week self-help program has 83% success rate, demonstrated in 3 scientific studies. More than 20,000 copies have been sold. The program is now on download (eBook and/or mp3 audio), and it is now only $9.99 (90% off).
Three weeks ago David received an email from Sharon Chemello:

“I was given ‘Sleep Better Without Drugs’ by a counsellor over 20 years ago and it saved my life! I have been meaning to contact David for 20 years (you don’t want to rush these things…). I finally did and we are now working together to bring you ‘Sleep Better Without Drugs’ via Facebook for the first time.”

David has not been a Facebook person, but gathers that people with sleep problems are more likely to find “Sleep Better Without Drugs” if its Facebook Page has many Likes and Shares. So, please look at the “Sleep Better Without Drugs” Facebook Page, which has much information on the program, and if it seems appropriate they might Like and/or Share it. But of course don’t feel obliged!



I Will Light You on Fire by Kellman Heinz

Most people laugh out loud while reading books like “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “Catch 22,” or Spike Milligan’s “Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall.” I didn’t manage to crack even a grin while reading these and similar books, but if you love that kind of humour, you’ll enjoy Kellman Heinz’s writing.

However, the slapstick is sugarcoating for a very powerful program of self-liberation. Kellman’s exercises and recommendations are in his language, but many of them exactly mirror my practice of decades, and the teachings of sages like the Buddha (e.g., reading this book does nothing. “Absorbing ideas without acting on them is just intellectual masturbation.”) His exercises on the sense of smell parallel Jon Kabat-Zinn’s, whose famous mindfulness-based pain management program has the early exercise of taking 3 minutes to eat a raisin.

Others of his concepts and recommendations are new to me, which is great. I have honestly examined them, and put some in practice and discarded others. I am sure he will approve of such exercise of self-determination.

The theme is how to liberate yourself from the shackles of an insane global culture. In his own crazy way, he teaches the wisdom of things like less is better, money can cost more than it is worth, and freedom is in not-wanting — as I said, the teaching of the great sages.

A warning: if you find obscenities objectionable, you should look for wisdom elsewhere. Otherwise, recommended for a fun and yet wise book.

Posts during May


The planet is still on fire


Alternatives to Killing People for the Economy. Reblogged from Cynthia Kaufman


6 boys marooned for over a year: what is human nature really like?

Avaaz: 10 beautiful acts of Love


Genetics of mental disorders: one side of the coin


Support court case against Apple etc. for using cobalt from child-killing mines

Alternatives to Amazon shopping


National Sorry Day: Jarro

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