How to have a vibrant social distancing experience

Scott Kelly was in charge of the International Space Station for a year, so his advice on how to deal with social distancing is worth considering.

Here is a thing I find interesting and validating. Every one of his recommendations is on my list of first aid measures for resisting monsters like depression and anxiety. This list is the second chapter of From Depression to Contentment.

Being a lousy businessman, I have made sure that you can read it, immediately and for free.

About Dr Bob Rich

I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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2 Responses to How to have a vibrant social distancing experience

  1. acflory says:

    Sharing this on Twitter. You may be a lousy business man, but you’re a good person.-hugs-

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