For my new friends since 2017

So many new people have decided to follow Bobbing Around that I’ve decided to introduce myself, all over again. In 2017, I was busily generating advance publicity for Hit and Run. As part of this, I was guest author for 2 hours on a Facebook readers’ group run by Melissa Storm.

After the event, I reproduced my part in the discussions between me and some thousands of lovely people, many of whom are still followers or subscribers.

Hit and Run is published, so I no longer give away advance review copies, but otherwise everything is still as good as new. And the book has a great cover, thanks to Martine Jardin.

So, here is what I’d posted a couple of years ago. Enjoy.

This is about my Facebook experience at LitRingVip group.

I am most definitely not a party animal — not in real life, and not even on the internet. For many people, conversation is lubrication. For others, me included, it’s information. Normally, if I don’t have something to say, I don’t say it.

But here I was, guest author, my task being to entertain an unknown number of strangers for two hours. What’s more, I even paid real money for the privilege.

Well, it turned out to be fun, and the best publicity investment in my time as an author.

I was so busy interacting with a multiplicity of people that I only had time to post maybe half my prepared stuff. What I did post got a pleasing response. Now, two days later, the comments are still coming in for two of them, and an occasional Like for one of my pictures.

In the nature of the internet, this event will disappear into the deep well of the past, so I thought to reproduce my part of it here. Naturally, that means losing the audience contribution, but… you should have been there, shouldn’t you?

So, here are my prepared posts. Some of them may be new stuff even to long term Bobbing Around readers, but even if it’s repetition for you, I hope I’ve put it in a refreshing way.

And we can continue the various conversations here.

Then I posted:

The quickest way I can introduce myself is to ask you to visit my blog
I run my monthly newsletter Bobbing Around from there, and have many essays that may entertain, annoy, challenge or inform — but never bore.
Examples are:
Cat love and dog love
Buddhism for Christians
How to change the world
Painting as if the planet mattered
Humanity at its best
I is a paradox

I posted, or intended to post, a link to a 100 word story.

Next was the offer of two free books:

The response has been incredible. Way over 100 people have requested the books, and so far I’ve managed to send off 70. Several of these lovely people sent personal messages showing interest in my writing, and these I’ve invited to join my team of beta readers.

Hit and Run still needs a subtitle, and I’d planned to ask for a brainstorm — but forgot while in the cooking pot of bubbling, boiling messages. So, I posted this on the next day:

My ideas so far are:
A killer’s journey
A killer’s journey to light
A story of redemption
The power of one woman
One woman’s power
Saving grace
From terror to redemption

…but I don’t really like any of them.

Several visitors made suggestions. I thought these two were worth adding to the list:
Out of the dark
A return to the light

Contributions are STILL gratefully considered.

Then, being a psychotherapist, I asked a question I’ve often posed to troubled people:

Magic wand

I am sending you all a magic wand. It is loaded with one wish, and that wish cannot be selfish.

Well, what will be different in the world after you’ve waved your wand around?

I got an incredible response. Hundreds of people posted their wishes, some even days later. A few were silly or trivial, but almost all were in tune with my philosophy, showing that basic human nature is good.

Cancer concerned more wishes than any other, pointing to the unacknowledged epidemic. I did suggest to people to look at my Cancer page and my book, Cancer: A personal challenge.

Early on, I posted a little poem, and asked others to do so. No one did, but my poems got a lot of likes and positive responses.

1p-Wombat Hollow Dawn





Although my LitRing visitors didn’t post their poems, if you have one you might want to send it to me for the next Bobbing Around.

The last two items below I didn’t have the chance to post. I think they would have been of service to my visitors if I had.

Inspiring kids

I’ve got to brag about my granddaughter Arianna. In Australia, kids have to wear school uniforms. She was upset that the boys wore shorts, while she had to wear a skirt, which got in the way of activities any girl would want to do, like climbing trees, swinging on playground equipment, or even playing tennis.

So, she organized a petition. She is a very junior person, but got girls, and even many boys and many parents, to sign her request that girls should be allowed to wear shorts if they wanted to.

The result: the school council went even further, and any kid is allowed to wear any kind of authorized school uniform.

I don’t know how many boys will choose to wear a skirt, but it’s good that now they are allowed to.

I often have stories about other inspiring kids in my monthly newsletter, too.

Please share stories about kids in your acquaintance who change the world in small ways or large.


Do you meditate regularly? If not, why not? If yes, what are its benefits?

My daughter has set herself a challenge: she is stopping smoking TODAY, after 35 years. Together, we made up a guided imagery script for her, which is quite lovely. Too long to post here, but I am thinking of putting it up on my blog sometime.
If you have composed anything like that for yourself, please tell us about it.

By the way, I have a page on my psych website on how to quit smoking.

About Dr Bob Rich

I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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2 Responses to For my new friends since 2017

  1. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Thank you, Florence.
    Well, the book is out for a year and a half now, but I do like your subtitle. Maybe I’ll load it into a time capsule and send it back.

    I can’t write poems normally, only when grabbed by a suitable emotion. Pretty good with doggerel and limericks, though.

    One of my favorite poems is not there. It is the celebration of autumn (fall to you, I suppose):

    Water is wet.
    We no longer sweat.
    It’s routed the drought —
    The bushfires are out!



  2. Florence Weinberg says:

    Love your poems! Perhaps add this to your rejected titles: “Can Love truly quell murderous Hate?” It may give you a new direction for finding THE subtitle.


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