Why have some US states banned plastic bags?

This was a question at Quora. When I visited, there were two ignorant, stupid answers, so I just had to do something about it. This is what I wrote.

Photo from Papa Bois Conservation

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I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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2 Responses to Why have some US states banned plastic bags?

  1. Dr Bob Rich says:

    I am afraid the photo was of a dead dolphin. I could have used many other photos, e.g., bird carcasses cut open showing insides crammed with plastic, or a fox with its head stuck in a can, or a young whale starved to death because of plastic…
    And the other two who answered had no idea.


  2. Florence Weinberg says:

    Good for you, Dr. Bob. Your answer is clear, correct, informative, true and hard-hitting. I just wonder: Did they save that dolphin or did it die of starvation? I only hope more people heed what you say!


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