Letter to candidates

Now is the time to make a difference.

This is for Australian followers of Bobbing Around, but should be of interest to everyone.

I have just used this web page to send a letter to all candidates in my electorate.

Please do the same, using their wording, or adapt mine.


Dear Candidate,

We are now in the 6th extinction event of Earth, and Australia is more culpable than most other countries. When we unravel the web of life, humans also fall through the hole.

We must do everything to save a future, on an emergency basis.


The first major step is to KEEP CARBON IN THE GROUND:

We must phase out coal mining and use, replacing it with renewables, and even more, with energy conservation.

We must replace petrol and diesel with public transport, less travel and movement of goods, and electric cars.

We must stop oil exploration and extraction in the Gulf.

We must stop fracking and unconventional gas extraction.

We need to save birds and marine animals from the deluge of plastic.

And so on.

Any other consideration is so minor it doesn’t matter.

Bob Rich, Ph.D.

About Dr Bob Rich

I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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