Evidence for my current writing

When the world gives me time, I am immersed in my as yet unpublished Doom Healer series.

A major character is Bdud, Gog of Magog. “Gog” means emperor, and Magog is a planet with 62 billion inhabitants, in a different universe. But Bdud himself has been here on Earth for the past 10,000 years. His job is to destroy all life on this planet, with as much misery as possible.

He has revealed to me that one of his first acts on arriving on Earth was to teach humans how to domesticate animals, and farm.

Right, please read this post at TreeHugger asking, why did humans start farming when hunter-gatherers lived a far better lifestyle.

Naturally, the researchers, the author, and the commenters don’t know about Bdud yet.

Please read the article, then leave a comment here for me.

About Dr Bob Rich

I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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