Trump as God’s chosen???

Dear Faithful America member,

First, President Trump tweeted in favor of “states introducing Bible Literacy classes.” Then press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on the Christian Broadcasting Network to say that God “wanted Donald Trump to become president.”

We’ve seen this act before: When Trump’s facing a political crisis, he throws some red meat at his white evangelical base and tries to light a match under the culture wars.

This nakedly political strategy makes a mockery of Christianity and shows the need for a grassroots resistance among the millions of American Christians who are appalled by the idolatry of the Trump administration.

That’s why Faithful America’s work is so important. Together, we’ve built the largest online community of our kind — almost 200,000 of us motivated by our faith to challenge right-wing extremism and work for social justice.

But this type of organizing takes resources, and so far this year, fewer than 200 Faithful America members have made a donation, putting us behind our budget goal. Can you chip in?

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We refuse to see the Christian faith cheapened, abused, and wielded as a partisan weapon. That’s why we’re working to:

  • Demand that Christian leaders of good conscience get off the political sidelines. Too many major organizations, churches, and even denominations are quietly appalled by the hateful policies and rhetoric of this administration but are too cowardly to speak up in any meaningful way.
  • Mobilize Christians and churches to act in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and others threatened by Trump’s fear-mongering and scapegoating.
  • Confront the sins of racism, abuse, and sexism within the church. Christians cannot stand up to injustice if we continue to tolerate it within our own communities.
  • Because we don’t have any denominations of charitable tax status to protect, Faithful America is uniquely equipped to mobilize Christians quickly and in meaningful numbers.But that means we depend entirely on our grassroots support – and fewer than 1 percent of Faithful America members donating isn’t going to cut it.

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