Results of the free book edit contest

Voting on my free book edit contest ended on 23rd December, 2018.

A total of 1205 votes were cast, by 510 visitors. Twelve were disqualified because my response email bounced, so 498 had their votes counted. If you’re good at arithmetic, you’ll notice that a significant minority only cast one vote. Oh well…

The winner is W for Wrestling by Keith Manos.

Keith is a teacher, and devised an excellent way of gaining publicity: he contacted teachers in various schools, who instructed and motivated their students to study the ten entries, and vote for three. Naturally, since the teacher had talked about Keith, almost invariably one of the three votes was for his entry.

Keith’s theme is the effects of bullying, and the way a combat sport (in his case, wrestling) can build self-confidence and inner strength in victims. His 1000 word sample vividly shows a victim’s internal reality. So, this is excellent education for these young people.

I’ve had comments from visitors who responded to my email to them, letting me know that they found all the entries excellent. Nan Pokerwinski made hers public: “So hard to narrow my choices down to three! Some intriguing stories and fine writers here.”

Here are the votes cast:

Glory for the Brave Georgiann Baldino 89
Looking Through Rose-colored Glasses Janet Rose 77
Summer Dreams Helen Dale 118
The Lip Reader Michael Thal 120
Trains only go one way Genya Johnson 77
W is for Wrestling Keith Manos 353
The Long Lake Journal Chris Zantow 69
A Taste for Death Dorothy Day 145
The Sleeping Ground Lynette Willoughby 73
Greenpunk Monica Friedman 84

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2 Responses to Results of the free book edit contest

  1. Joan Y. Edwards says:

    How exciting! Congratulations, Keith. I know those who didn’t win are disappointed!

    Never Give Up


    • Helen says:

      bit dissapointed – but delighted to have made the finalists with my debut novel and to come 4th feels incredible.

      Congratulations Keith and all of the other finalists.


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