With the constant growth of the human population on Earth, where do all those new souls come from, assuming that reincarnation exists?

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I don’t believe in anything, but do my best to interpret whatever evidence is available to form a tentative model of reality. This can be improved as new information comes.

People are at liberty to have any belief they manage to generate, and to write about it as if it were truth, but in fact they do much the same thing, only unknowingly. A person’s conviction is no indication of accuracy or otherwise.

With this preface, here is my tentative model of reality.

The Universe is alive. It is a Person, whom you may call God if you wish, though It is not a human-like figure in the sky. The substance of the Universe is life force. What we call a soul is a tiny bit of life force. Every living thing is a bit of life force coupled with a material body. Microbes, mosses, trees, cows, people, are all life force, with a body temporarily attached.

Only, all life force is One, whole, indivisible. My thumb is not a unit, but an indivisible component of my hand. It is different from my little finger, and has different work to do, but they are both parts of the hand. So, you and I are indivisible parts of the One, but doing different tasks.

I think of our Universe as being quite young. It is growing and developing, and for this It needs components that grow and develop. What we can sense — the universe of matter and energy, including our bodies — exists because the Universe created it through observing it.

I learn a lot from the characters in the novels I write. One wise person said, “There is no reality. There is no thing, and no nothing. There is no body, and no nobody. There is only what there is, and that isn’t. Only change is constant, and only consciousness can see it. What the consciousness sees, it sees.”

So, if I am right, we are living in the Universe’s deliberately created illusion. This illusion, the material universe, is there to provide a venue for schools for components. A component temporarily attaches a small part of itself to a material body, in order to learn lessons. Life after life it progresses, a caterpillar feeding on the green leaves of experience, until it has learned all the lessons it needs to, including the ultimate lesson of Love. Then it can graduate to being a butterfly, and no longer needs to be reborn.

The life energy of the Universe is always One. It has components that feel as if they were separate units, but this is an illusion. Therefore, the number of apparently separate components is also an illusion. There is only the One.

When a cabbage plant dies, its life force will attach itself to a newly germinating cabbage seed, or to something else at about the same level, depending on the needs of the total System.

In recent times, while there has been a population explosion of humans and of our food animals, we are also in the 6th great extinction event of Earth’s history. We are destroying nature. So, perhaps, all those fish and birds and mammals and insects we have eliminated are moving up.

But also, time and space are parts of the material universe. Since all life force is One, and the needs of the total System are accommodated, ongoing consciousnesses that have previously lived their lives in other schools of the Universe have come here.

All this explains a great many distressing things about our current world. There are huge numbers of infant souls, who have no previous experience as humans, or perhaps even as sentient beings, so lack empathy, which is the result of the ongoing spirit’s past experience in previous lives. It explains all those many people who feel like strangers to everyone, including themselves. They may have come from a very different seat of life.

See if this makes sense to you.

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I am a professional grandfather. My main motivation is to transform society to create a sustainable world in which my grandchildren and their grandchildren in perpetuity can have a life, and a life worth living. This means reversing environmental idiocy that's now threatening us with extinction, and replacing culture of greed and conflict with one of compassion and cooperation.
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