Here it is from Greenpeace:

Polar Bear and Arctic oil Exploration
Dear Bob,

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, but omg we did it! After a “disappointing” first round of drilling, and in the face of “challenging” regulation, Shell’s Arctic drilling fleet has turned for home.

“Shell will now cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the forseeable future”, said the company a few hours ago. All our pressure’s only gone and bloody worked.

But the fight’s not over. Shell’s backed out for now, but there’s every chance they’ll be back next year, more determined than ever because they lost so much money this time round.

Sign the petition telling Shell to stay out of the Arctic, now and forever.

A huge high five to the millions of people around the world — from Indigenous Alaskans to Brits to Pacific Islanders to Aussies – who said #ShellNo. Together, the global Greenpeace movement and its allies put Shell under near-unbearable pressure and against all the odds, it’s worked.

Why did we kick up such a fuss? Oil drilling in the Arctic would be a catastrophe. There is no way to clean up an oil spill in the treacherous icy seas. And we simply can’t afford to burn oil from the Arctic if we want to avoid the worst climate impacts. That’s why we, the global community, need to make Shell’s pause permanent.

With a huge amount of happiness and resolve for the fights ahead,

Dom Rowe
Head of Campaigns
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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