Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson on the nature of the universe

I have reviewed Cynthia’s book Quantum Jumps, and found it so fascinating that I arranged this interview. Comments are welcome, at the bottom of the page.

BOB: What was it like to be a female Physics student at University?

CYNTHIA: I’d love to say “No big deal,” but the truth is I felt keenly aware of being one of a handful of women physics majors at UC Berkeley. I was painfully shy during my college years, so I mostly remember wishing I could just blend in, while knowing that was simply not going to be an option, when there were just five or six women physics majors total on campus. I remember having an initial sinking feeling with mostly subconscious doubts along the lines of, “Women must not be good at physics,” followed immediately by my conscious thoughts of, “Lots of women just like me are great at physics!” I’m glad I talked back to my subconscious doubts, because that gave me enough of an emotional energy boost to do my best.

BOB: I had a friend who was the only female student doing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in first year. She flew it like a banner, being a self-confident girl. Also, while doing full time Science, she was also doing a full time Music degree.

How did your training in the sciences lead to study macroscopic quantum effects? Are there really such things?

CYNTHIA: I would have loved to have had such self-confidence as a young woman! I was a highly empathic girl, so it took me a while to integrate that sensitivity with also being able to assertively step forth into the world. I grew into my self confidence gradually, and a good part of my reason for writing my young adult novel, “Karen Kimball and the Dream Weaver’s Dream” was to tell the story of a confident, courageous girl who had similarly sensitive intuition to mine. I’d really wished there was some kind of intuitive Nancy Drew young girl character I could have read stories about and learned from when I was growing up.

My fascination with macroscopic quantum effects comes from my having witnessed things such as: synchronicity, spontaneous remission from disease, teleportations of people and objects, and a host of various reality shifts in which things (and people) appear, disappear, transform and transport. I’ve seen such discontinuities in physical reality occur, and I created my website to share hundreds of first-hand reports I’ve received from around the world. What occurred to me while reviewing the types of large-scale “anomalous events” that I and others experience is how similar they are to quantum phenomena events that quantum physicists consider to be perfectly normal. And it makes a certain degree of sense that when we do come up with a Theory of Everything in physics, it will provide us with a unified view of reality, where we can expect to see evidence of quantum theory at work at all levels–not just in the quantum realm of the very, very small.

BOB: Teleportations? Tell me more.

CYNTHIA: Teleportations of people and a wide variety of objects have occurred around me, to the point that while I do not exactly consider such things to be everyday experience, I can no longer view them as impossible. I include numerous such incidents in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, including this one on pages 94-95:

“On July 29, 1998, I was shopping at the grocery store when I felt drawn to the magazine section, sensing something awaited me there. I was delighted to see a single August issue of “US” magazine, featuring a cover picture of Nicolas Cage. Being a Nicolas Cage fan, I picked up the magazine and looked around for a more pristine issue. I was sad to see no more “US” magazines; this slightly worn one would have to suffice. I noticed that this copy had curled pages on the upper right side, with some white wear spots a little more than an inch down on the left side of the binding… and indentations along its entire length.

I brought the magazine and groceries home, where two of my friends helped me unbag them. One friend later told me he saw the “US” magazine in a bag next to two frozen pizzas he unpacked, and he’d put that bag on the kitchen counter next to me. I folded it, but never saw the “US” magazine again that evening; it vanished from my house.
When my friends walked through their front door that evening and over to their bed, they saw the “US” magazine waiting on top of the bed. When my friend showed me this magazine, I saw it had the exact same identifying marks on it as the magazine I’d purchased at Lucky’s!

My friends assured me neither of them had carried the magazine home, and I certainly didn’t do that … so the only explanation seems to be that the magazine vanished from my house and appeared at theirs that same evening.”

BOB: I start when assessing anything from a position of skepticism. Then, if the evidence is good enough, I incorporate new phenomena into my worldview. This has happened regarding many of the kinds of events reported on your Reality Shifters web site. As a psychotherapist, I came across many remarkable stories I could not account for within the traditional western worldview.

However, saying they are macroscopic quantum effects is not a description, but a theoretical explanation. Granting there are subatomic quantum effects, and also there are events like on the following list, there is still the question whether one explains the other, or whether they can be considered to be instances of the same mechanisms.

Here are some events I know have occurred:

• Petrea King was dying from cancer at 32 years of age. She went to Italy, and meditated within St Francis of Assisi’s cave. She is now in her 70s, and still vigorously healthy, and doing her wonderful work with people suffering life-threatening diseases.

• Ian Gawler can approach a crowded parking lot, and put out a wish for an empty space, just THERE. Far more often than can be expected, someone is just pulling out of a spot in the area he specified. This is remarkable because the chain of events leading to having that person leave just then will have started at a considerably earlier time.

• A client was one of twins, both girls having been sexually abused by their father. Now, they live 1000 miles apart. When the father died, both refused to attend the funeral. That evening, my client clearly heard her father say, “I’m sorry!” Shaken, she reached for the phone to call her sister. The phone rang, and the sister said, “Hey, the old bastard has just apologized to me!

• I did grief counseling for a man whose wife died in a car smash. For months afterward, any time someone put a hand on her side of the double bed, there was a warm spot. He got independent witnessed to look for trickery, and there was none.

So, yes, I believe in the occurrence of such EVENTS, but not necessarily your explanation of them. Convince me.

CYNTHIA: What you and I are now discussing could be summarized in two simple questions about how spiritual experience converges with science. You and I know when we are personally touched by spiritual experiences, since such experiences give us a feeling of meaning and connection that transcends previously perceived limitations of life, death, space, and time. We might then ask, “Is it possible to describe a science of miracles?” and, “How can we tell that we have an adequate description of a science of miracles?”

If a science of miracles exists, I feel we are most likely to find it in the way we recognize that Nature is fundamentally based upon quantum theory. This is to say that quantum theory and quantum logic comprise the encompassing larger circle in a Venn diagram in which classical logic is embraced. The Boolean logic and truth tables we are so familiar with are more accurately viewed as a subset of quantum logic, due to the fact that classical logic can be proven to simply be a special case of quantum theory and logic. In quantum theory, quantum logic gates are two-directional through time–meaning that future possibilities can be explored, before choices are made. This is something akin to using a pencil with eraser to try out paths in a maze, using the eraser as much as necessary to solve the maze each and every time. In quantum logic, a connection always exists between what is happening locally and what is happening through the entire system. To quantum theory and logic, time and space are not the barriers we might presume them to be according to the one-way-through-time classical logic of material reductionism.

Just as we could tell that we’d entered the Bronze Age when new bronze tools and technologies arrived, we can now tell we’re entering the Quantum Age thanks to a host of new quantum tools and technologies, including: quantum optics, quantum electronics, quantum nanomechanical devices, and quantum computers. What most people don’t yet realize is just how fundamentally different the logic and quantum theory is from that of material reductionist classical logic we’d assumed to be all-encompassing and fundamental. This revolution represents the biggest change in the way we think of any previous revolution in human history, as this year, for example, scientists observe Cesium atoms can exist in a superposition of states. A majority of physicists recently surveyed indicated they believe that you and I and everyone and everything else exist in a superposition of states—in a possibility field.

vennBOB: Cynthia, I understood every word. But then, like you, I’ve had scientific training and know about things like Venn diagrams and Boolean logic. Most people don’t. I’ll put side boxes into our interview, with definitions. And if some visitors are puzzled, they can ask in a comment. 🙂

There is a coincidence. Um… synchronicity. The book I’ve finished writing and am posting to my blog a chapter at a time has a couple of people who are billions of years old. This is what one of them has said about the nature of reality:

boolean“…The material part of the universe is a projection of the life energy part. One of your physicists got it right. Max Planck said, ‘I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.’ That’s as good a description as any.”

“I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself. But anyway, why is there a fixed-appearing reality? And was there a reality before sentient life?”

“Think of what I’ll say as analogy. There is only life energy. That’s what the universe is. It’s one, whole, indivisible. But also, paradoxically, your bit of life energy and my bit of life energy are separate. As a metaphor within the analogy, I’m a blood platelet, you’re a neuronal stem cell. Neither exists in isolation, but they have different jobs. The material universe is a projection of the total life energy, not of any part of it. So, the material universe is also One, and determined by the total life energy. But you’re a part of the One life energy, and can modify the projection of parts of the One material universe.”

“…The first human up here was a Tibetan monk. His trick was to lie naked in the snow, and melt it with his body heat for over a metre all around. You’ve inherited his relevant genes from both your parents. Jack Schwartz wrote that he lived for 30 years without food. He’d made public demonstrations of deliberately injuring himself, with no bleeding, pain or other negative effect. A few years ago, 200 practitioners of advanced meditation did an experiment. They spent all weekend in a room in St Louis, Missouri, broadcasting love and peace. The crime rate in St Louis dropped by a statistically significant amount, then returned to the previous level when they stopped. And, 107 of these 200 were my ‘children.’ It’s likely that some of the others also had the relevant ability, because many such people tend to gravitate to meditative practice and altruism. Then there are documented cases of people like Prahlad Jani, who’d lived without food under medical observation. Also, I’m sure you’ve heard of people who have walked on fire, lain on a bed of nails without injury, and so on.”

“I thought most of those have been proven to be charlatans.”

“There are charlatans of course, and also deluded people who kill themselves thinking they can live without food. But those with a certain genetic makeup are able to imagine something, and absolutely convince themselves that it’ll happen. Those with this gift can learn to intuitively modify reality. For others, there is the doubt, the unspoken knowledge that this is not possible ⎯ so, it isn’t. Mostly, humans with the skill seem to use it regarding their own bodies, but as you’ve seen here, that’s not a necessary limitation.”

So, this very wise person does agree with you. OK, tell me, when did you start collecting information about such effects on your RealityShifters web site, and how is that going?

CYNTHIA: Wow, I really love this excerpt from your book! You’re right that it’s very much on topic with this interview. I started researching on the world wide web back in the late 1990s, looking to find the phrase “reality shift,” since that seemed to best capture the feeling of instantaneous and often seemingly inexplicable changes I’d been witnessing. Upon not finding much on the rather new internet, I started the first version of my website and ezine as an early version of a blog. I conversed with people around the world in discussion lists, beginning to collect and share these stories in a monthly ezine I began publishing in October 1998. You can see all issues of this ezine online at: Reality Shifters.

I was advised in a 1999 radio interview with Elliot Stein that I needed to get a more memorable website name—something that was easier to say in a radio show, that people could remember, so that’s when was born.

Interview with Elliot Stein.

It’s now been more than sixteen years since I first reached out to ask people to share reality shift experiences, and I’ve conducted two surveys of “How Do You Shift Reality?” to help summarize the breadth and depth of the reality shift experience—the first in 2000, and the second in 2013. I’ve also gathered information about how people feel when they witness reality shifts, what types of reality shifts are noticed the most, and how often they experience them.

How Do You Shift Reality?

BOB: Cynthia, we first got in contact through a mutual review arrangement. I gave your book 5 stars, mostly because you explain very complex concepts in such a clear way. Reading the book was a pleasure, almost independently of its content. But then, the content was fascinating too. So, here is your chance to publicize the book.

By they way, I provide a little service. Any book I’ve publicly reviewed is worth 4 or 5 stars in my opinion. If I read a book and don’t think it’s worth that, then I let the author know why, and suggest improvements, but I refuse to publicly stomp on someone else’s baby. So I am offering to contact people. If you go to, you will find a long list of others who may do review swaps with you.

CYNTHIA: I share the practice of “not stomping on someone else’s baby,” which is the reason that I also don’t post reviews of books with less than four or five stars. I consider myself to be part of a loosely-knit yet spiritually tight non-corporate network of metaphysical authors, and this is my organization. Authors play such a significant role in helping to provide inspiration so people can more readily envision wonderful new worlds of possibility, and I’m so grateful to you, Bob, for providing so much support to so many authors in such a positive way!

BOB: Hey, kid, you didn’t grab the lollipop! 🙂 I was offering you a chance to say something about your book, including where people can check it out and buy it. So, this question is more explicit: tell us about your book. Make the reader of this interview want to have a look at it. Inspire! Intrigue! (Rats, I can’t think of a third appropriate I word. Things should go in threes.)

CYNTHIA: My book, Quantum Jumps, provides readers with an understanding of the science of miracles. This book gives you a feeling for how you can best surf the quantum waves of possibility in this dawning Quantum Age, where you and I and everyone else exists in a “superposition of states”—with lots of possible you’s, and lots of possible me’s. When you start becoming comfortable with such awareness, it makes sense how the placebo effect has doubled in efficacy over the past thirty years, and why the science of “faking it ‘til you make it” is becoming the hottest area of interest in the fields of embodied cognition and positive psychology. Quantum jumping simply involves learning to master three simple steps of: (1) meditating to become relaxed and energized, (2) visualizing yourself already successful in your area of interest, and (3) taking positive steps in keeping with this version of yourself. My book, Quantum Jumps, shows how to facilitate instantaneous transformation in your daily life with plenty of examples, and fun and easy exercises. This book contains dozens of laboratory-tested, scientifically proven things that can help you be smarter, stronger, happier, more confident, with less pain in better relationships, and a question and answer chapter at the end to provide additional tips and insights.

Cynthia’s web site

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