2014, hottest year on record

Here is a non-sensational, accurate description of the facts of climate change.

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Well, by NOAA’s measure at least, 2014 is officially the warmest year on record for the globe.This is primarily notable because it was not an El Nino year, when new highs are normally achieved. Still, the main reason we have achieved this dubious record is because of the rising temperatures of the world’s oceans, with 7, maybe 8, consecutive new highest monthly ocean temperatures. Some may quibble about the standing of 2014 in the global record depending on which temperature series they prefer (NOAA, NASA-GIS, HAD-CRU, etc) but all will show it as very high, regardless.


It is hard to be ‘shocked’ by this new record temperature because these ‘records’ seem to fall every couple of years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. What is under-appreciated is that these records are like trying to spin whether the US deficit is larger than the…

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